1. New thread:
the Biden/Kerry corruption nexus
Ok so we have heard a lot this week about Biden, quid pro quo, his kid, his brother...let's catch up!

1st up: Joe Biden.
What a swamp rat.

How many folks know he's run for
president many times? Not many under 40 is my guess...
3. There's something called honor code in college - & stealing someone's work is highly frowned upon. Stealing someone else's speech right down to the body gestures? Really?
Yes, that's who Joe Biden is, folks. He lied about his academic record too!!!👿 https://whiskeytangotexas.com/2019/04/29/joe-biden-2/
8. And how does he get rewarded for dropping out of being president?
He gets made Obummers running mate for VP 🙄
I swear - you cannot make this crap up folks
How does a guy no one knows get VP tap? He's a beltway insider with 34 years on the hill...

10. That's ok, he tanks a nightclub and defaults. Now his brother heads off to be a HEDGE FUND MANAGER.
Failed at that too. Getting sued for a con job in TN now

Seems like it's not a problem to drop his brothers name to enrich the family tho! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/1898670001
14. Hunter goes from working 4 one of his dad's big campaign donors, to the guy who did dad's campaign, then on to being friends with the commerce sec. to being appointed to Commerce Dept to starting his own lobby firm?That's a helluva career trajectory without some help from dad
15 . His brother Beau dies. He cheats on his wife with brothers widow, and they get together. There's crack use & other problems along with that whole time frame too. They tried to keep it under wraps but a reporter found out, so Joe & stepmom have to save face-& support it
24. No wonder the Dems are in full panic now - no one wants anyone looking too close at the beginnings of the Collusion Delusion!
I did a big thread about the start of the hoax a couple days ago too. link below
Starting to get the depths of deep state corruption? RT & spread it!
25. The ties from spying to DNC leak, Crowdstrike and the rest in my other thread is here....
Along with some other really good info shared with me at the bottom of that thread....
THIS tie between Crowdstrike is the key to unravelling this mess! https://twitter.com/WPatriot2/status/1176902044252286976?s=19
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