My take from Imran Khan’s speech at #UNGA

~We beseech the UN to instruct India to accept our terrorist attacks.
We have been doing this since nearly three decades & more.

I want to know why have they made Kashmir inaccessible to us ?
They have no right to deprive us of our killing fields.

We miss the Congress so much!
They never complained or retaliated.
We simply exchanged dossiers ....

They understood our blood lust.

That’s why we were plugging for Rahul during their elections.
We are true soul mates - coke, weed & all. But that story is for another day.....
50 mins ticktock ticktock*

However, these Hindutva & RSS sort are most intolerant !! Bloody fascists, Nazis !

They won’t accept a few soldiers killed here & there !
Those wonderful days when we bumped off civilians in trains & busy market places are now almost forgotten.

Don’t get me started on how they closed down our counterfeit currency enterprise !

President Modi doesn’t seem to understand that our army has to be kept busy
& in business expansion mode.
(Or it could be my neck) sob*

So I warn you we will take the lazy way out & press The Button. Yes The Button !!

Not to worry one of those guys with the crazy eyes & short pyjamas will figure out the codes....!

So it’s up to you to stop us !
We will not only destroy India La Illah Illah Allah but even the entire world will have to bear the consequences.

I shall get my Hoors but what about you poor sods ?!

So think about it.
I warn you again.
Let us get back to what we do best - terrorism.
Or pay for it !

You bloody Islamophobes !
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