Twenty-three years ago today, Najibullah Ahmadzai was assassinated in Kabul. @AfghanHistorian will remember Dr. Najib because he was President of Afghanistan from 1987-1992. We hope to share more of his history in detail, including the brutal years of war in near future. Thread.
Najib rose into the ranks of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan when he was studying medicine in Kabul University. During Hafizullah Amin’s gov, Najib was Afghan Amb. to Iran. During Babrak Karmal’s gov, Najib led KHAD. More detailed history of KHAD’s cruelty in future.
Under Dr. Najib’s presidency, Soviet army withdrew from #Afghanistan. Najib faced civil war, few members of his own cabinet became his main oppositions as he put into motion his National Reconciliation Plan. Internationally, there were #Geneva Agreements (see previous tweets).
"In accordance to Islamic Sharia & our national traditions, in a free & democratic environment..the jirgas represents citizens from across the country, including farmers & workers, spiritual leaders & scholars, and tribal leaders who took pledge of membership to the #LoyaJirga."
“They say the war is over chairs & positions, from the first day when I announced reconciliation, I said war is not over chair, I am ready. I promised to the #Afghan nation that not only will I leave my position for peace, but also give my life.” Pres. #Najib resigned in 1992.
Dr. Najib was put under house arrest in #UN compound as the Afghan civil war roared on. On Sept 27, 1996, #Taliban entered Kabul. They went to UN compound, tortured #Afghanistan’s former president, and killed him & his younger brother. They then hung the bodies in Aryana Square.
“I made peace with the image,” said daughter of President Najib, @HNajibullah on Sept 27, 2019. “Let them all see what they did and what he stood for! I managed to learn to look at that photo with compassion & love! My eyes still well up when I see it, not because I am afraid 1/2
“My eyes still well up when I see it, not because I am afraid, but how even the most powerful man in my eyes is human made of flesh & blood & at this photo vulnerable & naked!” (2/2)

The poem above was written by Heela Najibullah on September 26, 2018 and shared on social media.
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