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You really want to dance this dance?

"Ostensibly, Carbyne supplies tools for use by emergency services, such as geolocation devices and equipment for live video feeds, but much of this material doubles very effectively as surveillance technologies. The company was founded by the former Israeli general and-"

"-politician Ehud Barak; its investors and board members are a who’s who of the private security world, and include Peter Thiel and his Palantir co-founder, Trae Stephens, Pinchas Buchris, Michael Chertoff, and, of course, Erik Prince." https://www.nybooks.com/daily/2019/08/27/the-oligarch-threat/

"Carbyne is a plug-in for 911 call centers and an app for consumers. It provides unprecedented access to a caller’s camera and GPS, providing the dispatcher with a live video feed."

"The system also automatically cross-references your identity with criminal or other records added to the database. At least two U.S. counties have implemented Carbyne, with many others considering it." https://narativ.org/2019/07/27/building-big-brother/

"Trump soon deepened his interactions with Sullivan, who turned out to be an FBI informant, and cultivated a friendship with one of the FBI agents, a young investigator named Walt Stowe, who was one of Sullivan’s handlers at the agency."
"Over the next few years, Trump, Sullivan and Stowe forged a triangle of mutually beneficial interests as Trump sought to grow a casino and real estate empire.

The story of the entrepreneur, the informant and the FBI offers new insights into the man who would be president."

“It tells people he’s a tough, tough, tough businessman,” said Stowe, long retired from the FBI, who recently sat for two days of interviews with a Washington Post reporter at his vacation home in Utah. “New York was so totally corrupt and so controlled by the mob in-"

“-the ’80s that in order to be a successful businessman, you had to have some way to work that world.

He entered into a land deal with Sullivan and an organized crime figure who was later targeted for a hit. He agreed to finance Sullivan’s purchase of a company under FBI-"

"-investigation for racketeering.

And he collaborated on a plan with Stowe and other FBI agents to allow an undercover operation at his first casino.

In an earlier interview with The Post, Trump said he continued working with Sullivan only after Stowe and another agent-"
"-vouched for him as “100 percent clean.” “You know, that solves a lot of problems for me,” Trump told(.) “I mean, it’s hard to say, ‘Gee whiz, you shouldn’t have been working with him.”- FBI reports at the time along with recent statements by Stowe contradict that assertion".

"A report from Sept. 22, 1981, said that agents “have repeatedly told TRUMP that they were not references for [Sullivan] and cannot speak for source’s business dealings.”

Though Sullivan once described Trump as “an old friend,” the two had a falling-out in the mid-1980s."

"The paths of Sullivan and Trump crossed in 1979, when Sullivan worked as the chief labor negotiator on the construction site of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The hotel project was a partnership between Trump and the Hyatt Corporation."
"Trump, then 33, was a brash, wealthy scion of a family real estate empire based in New York’s outer boroughs.(..) intent on making a name for himself as a developer in Manhattan. One of the challenges facing him was the mob’s stranglehold on the city’s construction unions."

"But Sullivan had a shady side. He was arrested on weapons and assault charges and served time for larceny, court records show. Behind the police record were ominous rumors, some fueled by Sullivan himself. He told stories about his early career as a truck driver and-"
"-union activist, working on the docks of New York. One day after a milk delivery man declined to follow union rules, an irate Sullivan decided to send a message. He drove the man’s truck into the river. Sullivan earned dark renown as the last person to see a labor lawyer-"

"-named Abraham Bauman before he disappeared off the streets of New York in 1966.

Sullivan declined to cooperate with police in the sweeping investigation that followed, according to a 1967 account in the New York Times. Later, he openly discussed his ties to Teamsters-"

"-president Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared in 1975. He told friends he knew where Hoffa was buried.

One day in late 1979 or early 1980, while working on Trump’s Hyatt project, Sullivan visited Theodore Maritas, president of the District Council of Carpenters, a union that-"

"-represented some 25,000 laborers in the New York region.

At the time, Maritas and the owners of drywall companies across in the region were under investigation by the FBI for racketeering, including bid-rigging and extortion.

As part of the investigation, the FBI had-"
Your best buddy and lawyer literally sent the entirety of the O.G La Cosa Nostra to jail as a retirement present. And handed their turf to Russian's, African Americans, Latin Americans & Neo Nazis. 🤫 https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1172242953265471490?s=19
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And basically effed up money for everyone everywhere. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1174415908355432449?s=19
Oh and you got your sister disbarred as a Federal Judge because you forced her to write a letter to get your coke connection out of jail.
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Trump broke money. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1096242752696799232?s=19
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You really heard it here first. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/945426859038212096?s=19
No they heard it here first too. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1130828680727605248?s=19
They just effed it all up. https://twitter.com/Ryan_Browne_/status/1141308561257115650?s=19
I mean they did great work creating "5000 individual data points" about your political affinities. Didn't they? https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1107075163483504645?s=20
Didn't they? https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1096594295673503745?s=20
Didn't they? https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1168291061208408069?s=20
Didn't they... https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1173307672415866880?s=19
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Just great...

"-will involve former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), who was minority whip, as well as the Heritage Foundation, the right-wing think tank. Kyl, along with the lobbying firm he joined after leaving the Senate, Covington and Burling-" https://thinkprogress.org/facebook-conservative-bias-study-with-only-conservatives-03beb607e1f2/
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@INTERPOL_Cyber this is clear evidence the US are manipulating social media post and hiding evidence related to US #TrumpRussia conspirators in Big tech. @UN @UNODC https://twitter.com/threader_app/status/1177918685446594560?s=19

"The elaborate surveillance arrangement is consistent with a pattern: BuzzFeed News previously reported that in his bedroom at his Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump had a switchboard that allowed him to eavesdrop on any landline there, according to people who-"

"-worked at the estate. Unlike at Mar-a-Lago, there is no allegation of phone eavesdropping capabilities at Trump’s golf operations near the nation’s capital.

As a candidate, Trump has called for surveillance of mosques and has supported reauthorizing the Patriot Act,-"

"-including the NSA’s bulk collection of data on telephone calls, emails, and other digital communication. "I tend to err on the side of security,” he told radio host Hugh Hewitt in June. Politicians believed Trump’s home was “a safe place to go.”

On some occasions,-"

"-Trump’s home in Virginia has also been used by special guests, two sources said. There were “politicians that would stay there,” said one former club worker, who claimed to have seen them. This person recalled Trump saying, “Anything they need, make sure they have.”-"

"-Sometimes, this person said, the guests “would come there for a safe haven.

Three sources said the cameras in Trump’s home are constantly monitored by Trump Organization security officials back in New York City, rather than by security at the next-door club. The sources-"
"In Lost Tycoon, the 1993 biography of Trump, author Harry Hurt III describes a scene where Trump calls to Calamari from the back of his limousine, playfully testing his loyalty.
“You’d do anything for me, wouldn’t you, Matty?” Donald called out from the rear of the limousine.
    “Yes, sir, Mr. Trump,” Calamari assured him.

   “Anything at all?”

   “Yes, sir, Mr. Trump.”

   “Would you kill for me, Matty?” Donald pressed.

   “Yes, sir.”

  “Would you kill for me, Matty?” Donald repeated, as if he were a cheerleader inciting a crowd to riot.

    “Yes, sir, Mr. Trump!”

    “Would you kill for me, Matty?” Donald said again in an even louder voice.

    “Yes, sir, Mr. Trump!”

    “See.” Donald grinned, turning back toward Fitzsimmons. “Matty would kill for me.”

"One major surveillance equipment contractor for the Trump Organization is AISG — American Integrated Security Group — which has touted its work on a separate Trump golf course, the Trump National Doral course in Florida. In a four-page case study it posted online,-"

"-AISG writes that it dealt with both Matt Calamari Sr. and Jr.

The company also describes 360-degree “low profile cameras that look like smoke detectors” and an internet server system for storing and monitoring video. It says the “first phase” of its contract involved-"

"-installing over 100 cameras, and it continued later with even more video surveillance.

Overseeing Trump’s surveillance operations is Matthew Calamari, a powerful behind-the scenes figure who has been in Trump’s world for 35 years. Calamari reportedly came to Trump’s-"

"-attention when he tackled hecklers at a tennis match. According to one Trump biography, the large and imposing Calamari, a former college linebacker, said he would be willing to kill for his boss.

Trump is seeking the presidency when surveillance — and concern about it—"
"— is more pervasive in American life than ever before. Just this month, the Oliver Stone film Snowden opened, depicting Edward Snowden’s revelations of how the NSA collects huge amounts of data on all Americans, and FBI director James Comey said it would be “sensible” for-"
"most people to cover their laptop cameras. Meanwhile, the FBI and other federal agencies are filming Americans from the skies, and surveillance cameras have become ubiquitous in airports, stores, and many city streets. In workplaces, employers track more and more of their-"

"But telephone eavesdropping and video surveillance have indeed long taken place at Trump properties — it’s just that they were conducted by Trump’s own team. At his private club at Mar-a Lago, as BuzzFeed News revealed last June,-"

"Trump listened in on employee phone calls using a special switchboard that was installed in his bedroom and was connected to every phone line in the estate.

At Mar-a-Lago, one former employee told BuzzFeed News of an incident when a staff member was on the phone with a-"

"-club member. During the phone call, Trump called the staff member on another line to weigh in on the very issue that was being discussed. “There is no other way you could know what that conversation was about unless you were eavesdropping,” this source said."

"Trump himself has claimed that he possesses information on the personal lives of his hotel guests. In a little-noticed passage in his 2000 book The America We Deserve, Trump wrote that he knew of at least one conservative senator who had “spent more than a few nights with-"

"his twenty-something girlfriend at a hotel I own.” He also wrote that a married conservative columnist “brought his girlfriend to my resorts for the weekend."

At Trump’s hotel in New York, collecting information about guests was routine, said two former managers there-"

"-who asked not to be identified, because they had signed strict nondisclosure agreements. Both said the hotel maintained two computer files on guests. “There is a guest preference file,” one said, “and there is a guest incident file.”

The guest incident file was very-"
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