A really important piece about the recent anti-trans movement is that on top of the prejudice and hostility toward trans people, they’ve built a conspiratorial ideology that I think makes it more analogous to anti-Semitism than racism or sexism.
Most importantly, they’ve developed a narrative that trans people are secretly powerful and have insidious control of social institutions: academia, medicine, media, government
Anti-Semitism & new anti-trans ideology both use genuine oppressive systems (capital for anti-Semitism, patriarchy for anti-transism) to get a grip on people and redirect that onto a vulnerable group that they portray as simultaneously powerful and pathetic and easily defeatable
A weird part of GC-ism is how they talk as though women’s situation is otherwise better than it actually is and we just need to defend “sex based rights” we don’t actually have from trans people, but it also kind of parallels how anti-Semitism sets up Jews as *the one thing*
that needs to be vanquished and then everything will be good. This is all very scary.
The anti-trans wave is striking in being a hate movement seemingly dominated and led by women but maybe this isn’t such a surprising time in the women’s liberation struggle to get like ~Fascism... for Her~
Also this! In both you have both a narrative that members of the targeted group are immediately identifiable, but also obvious fear of them blending in and the idea that them doing so would be a wrong to retaliate against https://twitter.com/rainicornmax/status/1177667277170319360?s=21
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