VERIFIABLE CLINTON PEDO LINKS, researched and ready for MSM to do a comprehensive report...

1) "Epstein...helped president Bill Clinton devise the Clinton Global Initiative, according to a letter his attorneys sent to federal prosecutors in 2007."
2) NXIVM founders / major players Salzman and Bronfmans were invite-only CGI members

Raniere abused underage girls (keep in mind NXIVM also ran a global daycare company):
3) Bill flew on Lolita Express (sometimes ditching his Secret Service detail) at least 26 times
4) Despite even CNN admitting it would be improper, Clintons intervened for Silsby—who’d taken Haitian children FROM PARENTS to go to orphanage that didn’t exist. They got her charges for conspiracy & child abduction reduced to “arranging improper travel”
5) NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Pedophile Ring At State Department (2013)

Started with "Some serious allegations..." and they ended with “more to come on this for sure, Chuck Todd.” and then never reported on it again.
7) 'John of God' faith healer 'kept teenagers as sex slaves and sold their babies for up to £40,000 before shipping them from Brazil to Europe'

Also happened to treat Bill Clinton...

How many pedophile/perv links does it take to become mainstream news?
This counts as a "pedophile link" too, IMO.

Listen to this audio recording where @HillaryClinton laughs about getting 2-month sentence for a man who raped & beat a 12yo girl into a 5 day coma:
P.S. Bill Gates hung out w/ Epstein. Gates co-owns the Four Seasons (top floors of the Vegas massacre hotel) along with Al-Waleed bin Talal, whose ex-wife details child trafficking: 

Bin Talal is a huge Clinton donor:
I never once mentioned #Pizzagate or #Pedogate or #Frazzledrip “conspiracies” in the above thread. Only sourced, verifiable Clinton links to pedophile groups—media refuse to dissect.

This FBI release MUST make you wonder— is ALL OF IT true?
What are the odds?
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