In response to the #trudeaubrownface scandal, I've decided to curate a twitter thread of People of Colour who regularly talk about Canadian issues.

I believe we need to be listening to more diverse voices, and this is at least one way I can help do that. #cdnpoli #poc #elxn43
I'm sorry that this had to be reposted but I added someone to this list that I was just informed was problematic towards the Indigenous Community on twitter, and have since removed them and unfollowed them.

I apologize if any harm was caused.
More Cdn or Indigenous People of Colour that you should be following 2/10:

@mak95101 @Piguttuit @RogersShelagh @minsooklee @AnthonyNMorgan @AshCourchene @WillowBlasizzo @amybeatrice @beatlhunter @MatthewGreenNDP @MumilaaqQaqqaq @beyrima @sroshhassan @jessewente #elxn43
Lots of Canadian/Indigenous People of Colour that you should be following 9/10:

@KSwampyNDP @ZoeSTodd @samantabasin @DirkaProut @JayOdjick @MelaynaWilliams @GracihernanC @BrittanyAmofah @tagaq @OnElectionDay @SaraSinghMPP @Hayden_King @KingsleyKwok @tinayoh @tiyana_maharaj
I apologize in advance if I missed anyone. I follow over 3000 people and I only had a couple of days to make this list.

Also feel free to recommend any other Indigenous or People of Colour who talk about Canadian issues on twitter. I'd be interested in following more. :)
You can follow @allthecdnpoli.
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