The earth is hollow and expanding.

Fight me.
Climate change isn't because of humans.

It's because the earth is growing.
Apparently a Nazi submarine, U-209, found a passage to the center of the earth.

U-209 was last seen in 1943 between Greenland and Iceland. The letter is dated 1947, but the author, "Karl Unger," mentions that they are trapped but knows the letter will reach it's destination.
The letter also mentions the captain, a "Heinrich Brodda," which it turns out was actually the captain of the ill-fated U-209.

The authenticity of the letter has never been verified as everyone in the chain of custody is now missing or dead.
On the other end of the earth things get a little weirder.

Everyone knows the Nazi's had a forward submarine base in Antarctica.
Lesser known is that in relatively close proximity was, apparently, a gateway inside the planet.

According to legend it was partially mapped, with two continents identified: "Asgard" and "Liberia".
Those Nazis chasing Indiana Jones all over the world?

They were real. They were called the Ahnenerbe, a division of the SS.

Hitler wasn't too big on Tibet... but the Ahnenerbe was.

The man behind most of esoteric Nazism is a guy named Karl Haushofer.
Anime fans might recognize ol' Karl who makes an appearance in Full Metal Alchemist.
Without digressing too far into Nazi conspiracy theories, no other nation on earth devoted as much resources towards research and exploration of the theory of a hollow earth.

Scientists have gone back and forth on the theory for over 100 years.
The other odd detail about the Unger letter: he's aware that Hitler is dead.

Somehow the Nazis underground were able to exchange information in two directions with the surface, if the theory is to be believed.
Why mention Tibet?

TIbetan Buddhism also holds the the earth is hollow, containing a land called "Agharti."

Some Nazi maps regarding the "inner earth" refer to an "Aghartha."
Now... here's how to un-fuck your brain from various other "inner earth" and Nazi super-weapon conspiracy theories.
The "vril" and the "thule" were sci-fi inventions of two late 19th century authors, Edward Bulwer-Lytton (British) and Louis Jacolliot (French).

Things get weird when a brilliant member of a turn of the 20th century Indian (Hindu) independence leader takes over the meme.
The West was was fascinated by India in the late 19th century, and independence leader Bal Gangadhar Tilak took advantage of this and wrote "The Arctic Home of the Vedas" which linked the mythical "Thuleans" to ... the Aryans of ancient India.
Tilak was dead 15 years by the time the inner circle of the embryonic Nazi movement took his fictions literally.

And thus, the Nazi desire to find their ancestors at the center of the earth was born from a fucking meme.
As a personal note, being a Buddhist the "hollow earth" is one of my favorite conspiracy theories which is why I know all of this. It's old research.
The Ahnenerbe visited Tibet because of the legend of "Shambhala."

Shambhala is a kingdom where the next Buddha is kicking it before coming back to Earth.

Shambhala and Agartha are apparently separate kingdoms.

Alleged Nazi maps of the inner earth confirm two continents.
All sorts of Western weirdos have descended on the Himalayas looking for Shambhala, and in more recent times the Chinese.

The Chinese?

Yup. Shambhala exists in Tibetan, Hindu, AND Chinese esoteric histories.
In the 1920s a Polish scientist named Ferdinand Ossendowski traveled the Gobi desert where he heard tales of a lost entrance to a subterranean word of ... "Agharti."

His book "Beasts, Men, and Gods" is available online for free.
Smart people: "Bryce, it's 2019. We live in the time of Google Maps."

Assuming that you could find the entrance from satellite photos, most of these places are illegal to enter without cutting miles of red tape.
Can you visit Neuschwabenland?


It's currently under control of Norway.

If you're a conspiracy theory fan, you'll note the Norway is one of the last monarchies in Europe.

It does not grant tourist visas to Antarctica.
We live in a world of information available instantly at the touch of a button.

Having access to information isn't what makes you smart, it's what you do with it.
Post script:

The Nazis called one of the inner earth continents "Asgard"... which is, of course, the home of the gods in Norse mythology.

Norse mythology originating as it did... from ancient Norway... who currently controls the old Nazi settlements in Antarctica.
Just in case you're not that great at geography, here's a map of the region where U-209 disappeared.
Why does Norway, of all places, own a huge chunk of Antarctica in the first place?
Digression now fully complete, the point of the thread was not just that the earth was hollow, but that it expands.

Why does it expand?

The Joule–Thomson effect is what describes the change in temperature of a gas or solid when it's forced through a vent.
All gases except hydrogen, helium, and neon cool upon expansion after being forced through a vent.

Most liquids will heat. It is this back and forth process which has not only expanded the earth, but keeps portions of the crust liquid.
Over billions of years, this process has slowed down and become less dramatic as the volume within the Earth has stabilized.

For as odd as this theory sounds, plate tectonics - with all our modern measuring devices - has never been proved to be true.
However if one makes the simple assumption that vast portions of the Earth are hollow (as most igneous formations are) and allow the free exchange of gases, the Joules-Thomson effect suddenly can explain the entire process with the final resulting mineral composition of granite.
When we are kids we are shown this silly cutaways of the Earth where it's all completely solid with these various zones ending in a nickel-iron core.

None of that has been proved true by any means or measure. It's all guesses.

Shame on you, @NASA.
First, we don't really know how anything happened that long ago. There's not much direct evidence.

In fact the equilibrium process in this theory could have been started by pressure of gases trapped by the Earth's gravity which created the atmosphere.
The reason such a process of planetary expansion is evidenced only on Earth is because....

*drum roll*

It's the only planet we know of with a liquid water ecosystem.

Water in both gas and liquid form obeys the Joules-Thomson effect.

It's how espresso is made.
Why is there water trapped underground near oil deposits, under hundreds of feet of granite?

This is where abiogenic petroleum comes from.

That's oil not made from dead dinosaurs, but by planetary forces.

Didn't you know some oil is renewable?
You'll notice in the diagram that for the process of abiogenic hydrocarbons to function it requires both chambers within the crust and the Joules-Thomson effect.
One may then theorize that eventually chambers become "depleted," some thousands of miles across.

And perhaps... just maybe, the Nazis really did find one in Antarctica and maybe... just maybe... someone already lived there.
The earth is hollow and expanding.

For all of the fun things I’ve posted in 2019, this was my best thread.
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