A thread showing that all that Amber Heard is saying is just PR and so fake! How can she says those things when she actually acts the opposite regularly? cause for her all is about her image not about being genuine or defending people but using them #FakeActivism
about ethical & moral human beings
"We are never been more powerful" , strange i thought she was silenced and controlled by rich white privileged men 🤔
So here when she speaks abt Time's up & Me Too & the way her issue was handled, it's not abt her issue of DV right? Not abt Johnny Depp either cause you know she never speaks abt it 🙄
i forgot to say this is from Social Good Summit Sept 2018.
Amber Heard at One Young World 2018 summit at The Hague. Oct 2018
🤣🤣in which she leapt at the opportunity to be involved as she always does!
"even a child understand basic injustice,right from wrong!" Yes a child does but not all grown-ups woman like her does!
About the importance of social media to watch government and individuals to be watched and held accountable. ( She should love what we are doing very much then unless it doesn't count when it comes to herself).
i put the Giffoni thread link here cause there are so much nonsense and fake behaviors in those videos : https://twitter.com/FairyNaa10/status/1160579257208385536
Pride & Prejudice The economist March 24,2017.
About how difficult it was for her to have come out as bisexual actress as no one as done it before 🙄, yes of course Amber!
oh so she is bringing data abt LGBT representation in movies but not to the court , how's that?
Here i think Hollywood needs to thanks Amber for her advises, what would they do without her, i mean 🤷‍♀️
So in Amber's world there are only 5 actresses in the world having leading roles after 45 years old... ready to drop names guys...geez she's ridiculous!

UN Human Rights YouTube channel Nov. 30 2018
Don't tell me she again doesn't use her false allegations to be able to be seen as a victim of DV speaking for others victims in here, nope don't buy it!

UN Human Rights YouTube channel Jul. 25 2018
How the UN can still let her speaks so much ... about rights?
The 2018 Global Citizen Festival in New York City Sept 2018
What a role model totally wasted & hear the crowd saying Johnny 's name in the end.
SO now let go back to the recent events AH attended ,well it seems she is starting to be disturbing some people cause all you will find abt it on #WEMovement , #RiseNowUS is one picture of her speech, she is not even in collective pictures, these are their pages or stories
and this is Amber Heard pages or stories abt it about it
And here some part of her speech on some of her stans pages, so as @JanaLesemotte pointed out to me earlier the events she attends to do her PR stunt are less & less important,but above all they don't share her speeches on their pages anymore
i hope this means that they are starting to see she is the worse advocate for their cause...
ok here i want to add the thread i made abt her clearly defaming Johnny Depp even his name is not cited because everyone knows who she speaks abt and what issues she allegedly faced in 2016 right? https://twitter.com/FairyNaa10/status/1171572181748375554
but same night after the Gala..🤔
Let's not forget to talk about Amber own drink/drugs uses cause you can't reproach that to others when you are doing it yourself right? https://twitter.com/FairyNaa10/status/1185647792162852864
and what about her agressive or violent behavior?
Just a gif right but what victim of DV feels the need to do that?
or that!
i thought it was interesting to add that here: https://twitter.com/AnDy63231461/status/1191808077495967744
back to this thread, now let's show the hypocrisy of Heard, here's a snippet from Hague talks , the title of the vid is 'Why Be a Human Rights Activist?' (October 2018), you can see here Amber explaining she was raised among immigrants and considered them part of her family...
just a few months before she tweeted that, and was called a racist for doing so, so i guess it's not totally a coincidence that a few months after she needed to tell this story at The Hague ...
Another event she attended,Heard spoke at the Women's March on January 2020 i'll try to put some part of her speech here but first you need to hear her when a paparazzi asked her what happened to her foot that was injured she answered"you should see her"
I mean really joking about having a fight with some other girl and her being more injured than you are? what kind of DV victim is doing that and even more when she's about to make a speech about violence toward women?
oh first of all pay attention to the way she is limping on the stage and how fake this is.. again!
even more when you are comparing this with this video posted on her IG (yeah sorry i know it burns the eyes!)
So let's go back to that speech (i still wonder why she's still invited to talk in those events by the way mocking and using victims of DV as she did for years now.) By the way she talks a lot for someone being silenced!!
"full equality", i thought that meant a woman has to be judged by the media and the people for her bad behavior as a man would be.. not really the case so far..
At her "private battle" again, and playing the victim again... i'll spare you the rest of that speech ,just wanted to point out that despite the fact she is sued for defamation & the amount of proofs that she lied she still has the nerve to speak in the name of victims of abuse.
that's all for now, i'll keep adding content to this thread when i will find interesting stuff, hope all those videos helped you seeing through her. #AmberHeardisfake
I'm back at it (yeah already) Don't you think this is funny how she eluded his question here when he tried to make her speak about her personal challenges? Um.. Amber speaks out only when it suits her 🤔
She was much more talkative abt herself when she did that spot for GirlGaze founded by her friend Amanda De Cadenet , this vid is even more disgusting now we know she was the abuser, she's putting a whole show here with fake crying voice.. this is just an insult to victim of DV.
Tell me now she's not rude to people and doesn't have anger issues, this is from a 2013 interview (thanks to @SuperBitchToYou for remind me of that and to @IDK_Birdie for finding it back)
correction ti was published in 2013 where Birdie found it but it's a 2008 interview.
ok let's go on with bad behavior, here is an event from 2011, it's abt a very serious topic, teen suicide, to add some context they are both telling a story abt a suicidal teen but during her speech a phone rang, so funny right? that's totally appropriate in her world i guess
" i like it when your character kinda looks like one thing and is the total opposite on the inside, that's something abt it that i relate to". That we already knew but interesting to hear her saying it
Rude with journalists Amber.. no not her.. (she probably wanted him to talk about how bad acting is kinda like good acting here 🙄) thanks to @Maria_FeFer for sharing the link.
Amber Heard and James Franco abt keeping their privacy, the irony of that! Note the date of this interview.
As you can see in this post from @TheInfamousOne6 she is also irresponsible toward the Covid pandemic (why i'm not even surprised?!), maybe rather than to raise her glass of wine, she could help people to raise funds for the hospitals but nope! https://twitter.com/TheInfamousOne6/status/1264009444058226688
Ok back to the shame thread. So here we have Heard doing a prank (yeah she likes pranks we know) to Liam Hemsworth & speaking abt it. If it was an actor doing that to an actress how do you think she will call that? Sexual harassment maybe? Yikes!
Remember, in Amber's world women are supposed to stand for each others except in moments like this, ignoring Sofia Richie sitting right next to her. to be fair she's not the only one ignoring her here idk why but look at Amber superior attitude when sitting next to her,rude again
Let's go back to this thread with THE video, you know the one on James Corden Show where she has 2 black eyes, a broken nose & a split lip! All i can see here is someone with bags under her eyes from partying too much the day before maybe.. THAT'S ALL certainly not black eyes.
Cannes 2018: Amber Heard on using star power for social activism. The irony of this right?! Should i remember that she used the story of sexual assault of Kate James her former assistant to tell it to the court as if that was her own story! Shame!
(thanks @Fringey for sending this to me) apart from basically have her own house on fire & blaming someone else for it. It's still James Corden Show but 2018. Why does she still have the clownish red lipstick? Something to cover, again? https://twitter.com/Fringey/status/1286551294992416769
Just when you thought Amber Heard couldn't be more pathetic... #amberheardisafraud https://twitter.com/ThatBrianFella/status/1288150067686395907
This one could look just like an anecdote, but come on, who wants to read when suspended in the air between takes unless you're such a diva that finally the crew made a bag especially for that ? Answer : No one except Amber Heard
Once a diva always a diva ( well until you are back in the shadow again i guess) https://www.novafm.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/amber-heards-bizarre-diva-behaviour-causes-scene-event/
Another really bad PR stunt so bad she deleted the pic from her IG thanks @silence_exile for keeping it and sharing this. https://twitter.com/silence_exile/status/1294742671458742277 #FakeAmber
Also kinda ironic to see her wasted so many time with a glass of wine in the hand when her lawyer dissected JD's alcohol or drug use during the whole UK trial as "proof" of him being violent... @SimplyBradCom https://twitter.com/SimplyBradCom/status/1298108739694649345
Amber Heard has a problem with the representation of women in movies. She doesn't want to be seen as the damsel in distress. Well,to get interesting roles you need to be good, good actresses get interesting parts https://twitter.com/brittannia_a/status/1304890968659775488
In movies she doesn't want to be seen as a victim , but in real life, she spend her entire life playing that role every time cameras are around, mocking real victims and even here her acting is still bad. By the way who makes a press conference in front of a courthouse?
Back to this thread with this podcast from May 2019, Heard repeats herself a lot but i wanted to share some parts here (thanks to @AnotherHumanB10 for the link.) so sorry for your ears but listen to the PR machine at work. Part1.
OK so wait here did she just said that "either if you are a male survivor you need to speak out"?? She doesn't seem to like that much when they do though! #JusticeForJohnnyDepp
And now she's back again at having suffered "the full force of the wrath of our culture" for speaking out, well if she spoke the truth she wouldn't have suffered anything and what about Johnny Depp,seems to me he suffered much from it than she did.
Oh didn't she say it was JD that tends to break stuff and phones?we probably misunderstood that too. #AmberHeardIsALiar https://twitter.com/RoraimaC/status/1326603313937256448
On what was based most of her team's defense again? Oh yeah JD alcohol and substances uses.. what about Amber's then? https://twitter.com/dreamsunwind966/status/1331360386403229696
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