A tiny ass crop top with more mesh that cloth and a pair of gym shorts that were DEFINITELY made for women.

His hair is spiked up and holy fuck there's a light dusting of eyeliner, highlighter and lipgloss on his face.
"What the FUCK are you doing?" He asks again.
Kirishima's cheeks turn a pretty shade of red. "Making tiktoks."
"..making... tiktoks..." Katsuki repeats lamely.

"Yeah, bro! It's good pr!"

How the fuck could that dumb ass app be good pr?

"Let me see." Katsuki bites out with a curl of his fingers.

"Eijurou. Come the fuck on. You wear crocs. This can't be any worse--" Katsuki makes to reach for the phone, but Kirishima tosses it behind him.

He doesn't seem to care as it collides into a wall and slaps against the floor.
Katsuki's eyes a out bug out of his head. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Katsuki's eyes narrow.

He doesn't like things being hidden from him.

Probably something in his past.

Yeah. No, keeping something from him is a big fucking no.

"Katsuki." Kiri parrots. "Seriously. Leave it. Please, dude."

And yeah, okay. Fine. Kirishima asked nicely. And Katsuki is a massive sucker for anything the redhead asks.

Katsuki sighs, and gives a halfhearted shrug. "Whatever, Shitty Hair. Lets go. After you."

Nope. Fucker isn't getting away from this that easily. So as Kirishima gives him a small smile and starts to walk toward the door, Katsuki pushes his palm against his (broad, huge, full of muscle) open back and shoves him forward as he dives for the phone.
Katsuki frantically swipes his thumb in the redhead's pattern passcode to unlock his phone.

Straight line down. Diagonal up, diagonal down. A K. For Kirishima, probably.
"Wait! Katsuki! Wait, okay, let me explain." Kirishima rushes out. "So fans make videos of us. It's cool! And I thought it looked fun and man fans would like it and--"

"Wait." Katsuki says, his eyes glued to the phone screen. His brow scrunches and he tchs. "This is me."
Or at least, it fucking looked like it.

Katsuki gives one glance up at Kiri before he presses the screen and the video roars to life.

A person, dressed to look like katsuki, with blonde spiky hair, mouths along to the audio he heard earlier.
The blonde gives the camera a smooth once over. As he says, "redhead." With a smirk. The audio responds and the blonde rolls his eyes back and says, "Batshit crazy." Another response before the blonde says, "Packing nine inches." With a crazy grin.

And that's...yeah.
Yeah that's definitely his fucking type.
But that's not note worthy. What's noteworthy is the other side of the screen.

Kirishima, the actual Kiri is mouthing the other half of the audio. He's dressed like he is now, like... a pretty slut.
And the end, holy fuck the END.

As the Bakugou look alike says "Packing nine inches" Kirishima grins with his stupid sharp shark grin, and pulls his waistband out to.. *look at his cock*.
Apparently, holy fuck, apparently he fit the description because he smirks, leaning over the camera, dragging his shirt up, with his tongue pressed to his bottom lip--

Katsuki inhales a shaky breath as the video replays.
"The fuck is this," he asks breathlessly, trying hard to add anger into his tone even though that's far from what he's feeling.

"Just... uh..."


"Uhhhhh..." Eiji's hand lifts to massage the back of his neck. "So. Most of my fans, and yours, are... shippers? For us?"

Kirishima blushes a deeper red. "Like they want us together."

Katsuki opens his mouth to snap that they are going pro together as soon as the semester ends but Kirishima talks over him.

"As boyfriends." He blurts. Making Katsuki shut his mouth.

Him and Kirishima.

Fuck please.
"So what you were... entertaining the idea? Making a joke of it?"

Fuck. That hurts way more that Katsuki thought it would. THIS is why he doesn't fucking tell Kirishima his fucking feelings.

It's why he's been swallowing his feelings since first year.
"No! Kat, no. I mean... kinda? They like it! And... it's... fun."

Katsuki narrows his eyes. "Fun?"
Katsuki tosses Kirishima his phone. The redhead wasn't expecting it and scrambles not to drop it.

"Die." Katsuki says hollowly. He has homework to do anyway. No point in wasting his time in Kirishima's room anyway.
"Hey. No." Kirishima whispers, his fingers latching on to Katsuki's wrist. "You haven't said that to me in three years. I hurt your feelings. I'm sorry."

Fuck Kirishima. And fuck his thumb, swiping soothing circles on Katsuki's wrist.
"It's fun for me to pretend."

So soft. So fucking soft that Katsuki has to strain to here, especially with Kirishima looking down at the floor, talking into his skimpy shirt. "Because I like you."
Katsuki's Alpha purrs in his head. The damn thing is usually quiet. It should be. After he spent his early teenage years trying to beat it into submission.

But shit. He is definitely purring now.

Kirishima looks up under his lashes, "okay?"

Katsuki shrugs, pretending he doesn't hear the *Take, claim, breed* chant in his head. "Yep. We're good."

He steps away, patting Kirishima's shoulder. "You still wanna grab food? Let me change real quick."
It takes exactly four seconds for Katsuki to leave Ei's room.

Two more to get his door open.

One to get it closed.



Oh shit, Katsuki has never been so hard in his life.

But hell, nothing has sounded so fucking good as Eiji's voice saying the three words he's dreamed about since he saw the Omega's picture displayed on the Entrance Exam score board.
Okay. The SECOND most dreamed about string of three words.

Because fucking obviously he's dreamed about Kiri saying "Please knot me." Way more.
Deep breath in.

It's fine. Time to reign in his fucking Alpha.

It's okay.

He needs to get changed. And atop thinking about that TINY ASS PAIR OF SHORTS.
Katsuki has to splash water on his face and stick his hands under the running faucet before he thinks he's got his shit under control enough to see his Ome-- *Kirishima.*
He raps his knuckles against the wood of Kirishima's door.

The Omega smiles when he opens the door, but Katsuki's not a fucking idiot.

He smells off.
Luckily he did change out of his Katsuki killer outfit.

He's wearing an oversized sweatshirt, the sleeves frayed and coming past his fingertips.

He's in a slightly longer pair of shorts. Or maybe the legs are just pulled down more, because Katsuki can no longer see his ass.
His face makeup is smeared and he's looking down at his feet. "I'm not very hungry, brOH"

"Doesn't matter, come on." Katsuki says with a well placed smack to Kirishima's plush ass.
And yeah, maybe Katsuki let out a tiny *tiny* hint of his commanding Alpha scent. Not enough to influence but enough to fill the air.

"O-okay," Kirishima squeaks, not at all supressing a shiver.
Much better.

His scent is less like rain and more like dirt now.

Katsuki knows (Because his Alpha is screaming at him) that the natural smell is entirely Kirishima's slick.

He's smelt it once or twice before. During training. Or class. Or that once at the pools.
But it smells sweeter now. Because Katsuki knows for a fact that it's for him.
"You wanna go out?" He knows that half the class already had. To hot pot. "Or you wanna grab something in the kitchen and watch a movie?"

Kirishima shrugs. "Movie is fine."
Fucking good.

That's what Kat wanted anyway.
Ramen is fast and easy. And it doesn't clog up the kitchen too much scent wise. So Katsuki makes enough for them both, slices an egg to put inside and drags Kirishima behind him to the couch.

He sits first and just as Kirishima is about to sit down beside him he yanks his arm.
Dragging Kiri into his lap.
The ramen spills a little and lands on Katsuki's leg, but he's used to hot and it's a small price to pay to have those thicc cheeks pillowing his cock.
"Katsuki," Eiji says, his face turned toward the Alpha with heavy lidded eyes. "I don't think I should sit here."

Katsuki wraps his arm around Ei's waist to keep him still. He's not letting his omega get an inch away. "Why the fuck not? Afraid someone will see?"
"Hardly," Kirishima snorts, pushing his chopsticks in the broth. "But I'm going to soak your sweats if I stay here."
Katsuki chokes on his noodles. Fuck. Who the fuck knew Kiri had a dirty fucking mouth.

Katsuki's hand clenches down on his hipbone. But otherwise he doesn't show that he's heard Kirishima.

He can't. If he does then they won't make it back upstairs. Katsuki will take him here.
"Watch your fucking shows," Katsuki says, going back to his noodles.

He can practically hear Kirishima's pout. He slumps against Katsuki, bottom lip poking out. That rain scent is mixing with dirt.

He'll be okay though. He's strong. And he can fucking wait.
Katsuki is still trying to figure out how far they're going tonight.

He knows that they aren't sleeping in seperate beds. Not ever again.

He also knows that he sleeps better after he's knotted something. Eiji probably would like to cum too.
And even if he doesn't, Katsuki doubts there's no earthly force that could prevent him from licking Kirishima's slick and cum like a fucking candy cane.
Sure, yeah, he's never done it.

But he's watched porn. (One.) And he can tie a cherry stem in his mouth so he's probably gonna be good at giving head, too.
"I'm not hungry anymore, Kat." Kirishima mumbles, putting down his half eaten bowl of ramen.

"Not for noodles anyway," he side whispers.

Fucking cheeky Omega. Katsuki rolls his eyes.
Katsuki ignores him.

He has to because he's dangerously close to popping a knot. And it only gets harder to contain as Kiri starts panting and squirming on his lap.
Katsuki finishes his food, and puts the empty bowls on the end table beside them. Kiri is barely stifling his little whimpers as he scissors his legs together.
"What?" Katsuki says, settling into the back of the couch. "You don't like this show?"

Eiji lifts a shoulder in a half shrug. "I do... I just--"

Katsuki's fingers curl around the inseam of Ei's upper thigh. VERY close to his cock. "Then why you whining, you baby?"
Kirishima's eyes narrow.

Good. Let the little Omega get attitude.
"I'm not a baby," Kirishima spits.

"Sure do sound like one." Katsuki says casually, fingers ghosting over the buldge in Ei's pants. "Or a slut."
Kirishima bristles in his lap. "'M not that either." He grouses.

He turns to Katsuki with big owl eyes and grins. "I've never had a knot, Alpha. I wonder what those are like." He leans forward, breath ghosting against Katsuki's chin. "Bet they're /fun/."

Katsuki leans forward and rubs his face against Eiji's.

The Omega is warm. He smells good too. How far off is his heat? A week? He smells so fucking good.
Katsuki knows the scent between their shared walls is definitely going to be enough to send him into rut.
With a hum, Katsuki licks the Omega's cheek.


During his heat, during Kat's rut. Now. Forever.
Doesn't mean he can't play with him a little tho.
Katsuki hums, pretending that Eijirou isn't pressing all his fucking buttons.

"MAYBE," Ei stresses. "I should... /try/ one out."
Yeah, /mine/.

"You could ask the extras. Bet they know a good knotting dildo company." Katsuki says, while reaching over for the remote.
Eiji hmphs. He knows he's getting played with now.

"Okay. Maybe I will. Maybe I'll go upstairs right now and--"
"And what?" Katsuki asks evenly. "Make more tiktoks?"

"Maybe!" Kirishima says defensively, crossing his arma over his chest.

Katsuki smirks.

Oh. /Oh./
"Fuckin' fine. Let's go." Katsuki stands up, forcing Kirishima to his feet or to spill onto the floor.

He wasn't joking earlier. There is a wet spot on Katsuki's lap. Katsuki swallows a growl. He can't wait to take those off and lick over the seam.
His filthy fucking Omega.
"Are we... gonna hang out?" Kirishima wonders curiously. He hopes so. He's only practically begging Katsuki to knot him.

"Nah," Katsuki answers, shoving his hands in his sweats. "But you are coming into my room."
He can smell the rush of slick.

Eijirou nods, his red hair falling in his face. He's blushing, but he looks fucking excited. "Finally!" He snags Katsuki's wrist and forces their fingers together. "Let's go Alpha!"
Katsuki lets Kirishima drag him up the stairs. He lets him fish out the key and let's him shut the door.

But as soon as the room goes dark, Katsuki takes control.
He shoves Kirishima down onto the mattress. He loves the breathy, "oh" that escapes Eiji's parted lips as he arches up into Katsuki's chest as he crawls on top of him.
But the Omega is about to be dissapointed.

Because Katsuki is only reaching for the lamp over his bed.
As soft golden light illuminates Kirishima under him, Katsuki can't help but to growl. The Omega's hair is spread out all over his pillow and he looks so fucking soft in that giant hoodie.

Good enough to eat.
Katsuki shuffles off Eiji and sits criss cross up against the headboard next to Eijirou's prone body. He drags a finger up the side of that beautiful face...

Fuck he can't wait to see it wrecked.
"Kat..." Kirishima moans, rolling over and propping himself up on his elbows. "I wanna... do /stuff/. Like.... I mean, only if you want to... but I lo-/like/ you. And you like me too, I can smell it. So I want to.. maybe, uh... maybe we can kiss a little?"
"Hm." Katsuki hums. "Is that so? You want to /kiss/ a little?"

Kiri's eyes get darker red. "Yes please, Alpha."

Katsuki leans in and presses the barest hint of a kiss to his pouted lips. His heart is beating out of his chest. He KISSED Eijirou.

"Do you think you deserve it?"
Kirishima whines. "I /WANT/ it."

"Yes, Eijirou. But do you /deserve/ it? You were making fun of me on tiktoks."

Kirishima pushes himself up to a sitting position. "I wasn't! I wasn--"
Katsuki slaps a hand over his mouth. Not hard, just enough to shut the Omega up. "You owe me an apology."
Kirishima nods. His mouth is still covered, so Katsuki removes his hand. Eiji immediately blurts, "Okay! And then we can kiss?"

Katsuki laughs. "Sure. If it's a /really/ good apology, Eiji." His smile turns cruel. "And I have a really good idea."
"Then it better be a /really/ good kiss, Suki."

"Oh, it will be." Katsuki's hand goes down to nestle between Kirishima's legs. He presses down with the heel of his hand, hoping that Ei gets his point without him screaming I WANNA EAT YOU OUT.

"I'll even use tongue."
A full body shiver moves through Eijirou. "Ohhhhhh. I'll do whatever you want!"

"Good," Katsuki purrs. "Are you wet for me, Omega? You better be. You aren't going to be able to take my cock if you're not."

Kirishima's never been good with money. He can't help that he's impulsive. And he likes a lot of stuff!

So yeah, he's never been above blowing his allowance on stupid shit or way too much of something (no matter the price) just because it makes him happy.
But Kirishima isn't blind to a good deal.
And the one that Katsuki just gave him is clearly the mother of all deals.
Kirishima is purring, settled into Katsuki's lap, his ass plush against his Alpha's crossed legs, as the blonde traces a finger over his soaked hole.

He lets out a whimper and tries to angle his hips up to get Bakugou to actually /insert/ that finger, but he keeps teasing.
Kirishima is pretty sure Katsuki is about to fuck him. Split him open on his fat cock and ram into him until he cums and sees stars.

His skin is all shivery. He's fucking /giddy/.

/This./ This is what he's wanted for so long.
"Please, kat. Put it inside~"

Katsuki hums. "Put what inside?" He asks softly.
How is he keeping it so together?!

Ei is about to tackle him down and sit on that cock himself, just to get SOME RELIEF.
"Alpha!" Kirishima whines, his fingers yanking hard on his soon to be mate's hair.

The rough pull has Katsuki's eyes slitting, and his teeth clacking together. "Watch yourself," he growls.
No! NO. Kirishima doesn't want to watch himself he wants to be KNOTTED.

"Now please!" He shouts, flinging his hand backwards to try to unzip Bakugou's jeans.
Katsuki had stripped every inch of clothing off his body, but hadn't removed much of his. Ei finds that there is no zipper-- yes, yes, he's just in underwear now-- and tries to claw at the waistband so he can line them up.
"Fuck~" Katsuki says, mouth pressed into Kirishima's temple. "Okay, fuck, okay. Yeah. Yeah, you can have it."

Yes! Kirishima melts like liquid against his Alpha's chest. "Please..."
Katsuki shimmys out of his underwear and Kirishima doesn't pay attention to where they are thrown. Hopefully Kat will let him keep them for his nest, though. That would be so nice--

"OH!" Kirishima moans when he's suddenly lifted up and spun so he's facing the wall.
His Omega gives a grumble. He doesn't know if he likes it. On one hand l, he can feel the heat of his mate's hot chest press against his back, he can feel the whisper of his soft growls on his shoulder, but he wants to look at his Alpha as they do this.
But /oh/ it's starting to not matter as he feels the wet tip of Katsuki's cock slide between his cheeks.

"Fuccccck, Eiji. So fucking wet for me."

Kirishima's head falls back as he lets out a slutty moan. Yesyesyes.
The tip is lined up...

He just has to sit down--

Katsuki's hands land on his hips.

"Eiji.... where's your phone..."

What.... why.. what.

Kirishima tries to blink himself into understanding.

His... phone?
"Who fucking cares," he sighs, as he tries to fight against Bakugou's iron grip.

But apparently Kiri fucking cares because suddenly Katsuki's Alpha voice is demanding, "Find it, Omega. Now."
Kirishima's hand slaps against the bedsheets in search of his phone. He doesn't want to move off Katsuki, and he doesn't think the Alpha is gonna let him anyway seeing as he's rocking Kirishima back and forth on the tip of his dick with little chuffs.
Kirishima lets out a chirp of happiness when his fingers wrap around his cold phone case. "Okay," he pants. "Got it, come on."

He feels the nod agaist his skin. "Okay. Fuck, Omega. Okay. Open tiktok."
Kirishima tries to look over his shoulder. The request cutting through his sex haze. "Huh??"
Katsuki'svoice slurrs with the apperance of his Alpha canines. Shit, Kiri wants them in his neck.

"You want me to lick your pretty hole, don't you? Open tiktok. Come on, hurry. Before I knot you."
Of course he wants it!

His Omega groans, unsatsified.


Scrambling with heavy ladden arms, Kirishima opens the app.

"Okay," Katsuki rubs his cheek against Kirishima scent gland. "Go live."
"Now?!! You want me to go live now?! But Katsu-"

Kiri's sentence ends in a squeak as Katsuki's palm lands hard on the side of his ass.

"Go live, Eiji." He says, falling back into the pillows, but keeping Kiri spread over his lap. "Tell them your sorry for making videos of me."
Kirishima shakes his head. His thighs are quivering from staying open. Slick is drenching Bakugou's fat cock, liquid pooling around his heavy balls and wetting the sheets.

He wants to though. He wants to get caught with his mate. Show them all that he's taken.
"Not a choice, Omega. Pick it up, turn it on and say, 'I'm sorry for making videos'," the tip starts to press inside. "'with'" Ei gasps as Katsuki groans. "'Shitty extras.'"

Oh fuck. Eiji's gonna cum. The head of Bakugou's dick hasn't even gotten inside but it doesn't matter--
Kirishima lifts up the phone, mouth open, spine arching---

"Just you, pretty omega." Katsuki purrs. "Just point it at you."
If his Alpha wants it....

And if it'll finally get him filled...

Kirishima presses the + button.
Immediately his own face is staring back at him. His eyes are huge, the pupils completely blown. He's got a red flush across his cheeks and the tip of his nose that makes him look hot and sweaty.(He is)

And fuck, why can't he close his mouth or find the engery to wipe drool off?
"H-hi, guys," He says, shifting back to try to get comfortable and try to /not/ look like he's getting fucked.

At least no one can see the hands on his hips or Katsuki under him.

He is shirtless though, but he's went live like that before. So maybe no one will notice.
"I j-just," he clears his throat. "Just wanted to say sorry for making tiktoks about me and GZ. They're OH--" Kirishima's eyes widen as Katsuki hand sneaks around to fist his hard cock. "FOR FUN. We're friends. Ground Zero is-- FUCK, KATSUKI!"
Holy FUCK.


Eijirou drops the phone. He can't help it. It slips completely from his fingers as Katsuki grips his thighs and slams his cock fully inside Kirishima's ass.

On Live. He was live oh shit--

Kirishima has no control over his body as he cums hard enough to black out. He hears his back pop with how fast he arches his spine.

Holy hell Katsuki was so LONG and fucking THICK, and it burns, shit it burns so good...
"Good Omega," Katsuki purrs, his hips pistoning up inside, all the slick Kiri produced soaking their connection. It's spread to his thighs so every slam upwards makes a slapping sound and Kiri can't think, he can't breathe properly--
"K-kat," The Omega moans, tears gathering in his eyes. Everything is... a lot. He's overwelmed.

The room flooded with the scent of their mating, Katsuki's huge cock splitting him open. He can see the tip push against his stomach, and his cock is somehow just as hard as before.
"Hey," Katsuki suddenly whispers, directly in his ear. His nose presses into his scent gland and the smell of fire, of comfort, invades his senses. "Hey, don't cry, Omega."
Katsuki's thrusts have slowed down, and Eiji can tell he's about to stop out of concern for his Omega. But that's not what we wants, that's the farthest thing he wants, he just wants /more/. He wants to fill Katsuki's cum, he wants his bite, he wants to have his pups..
"M-more, Alpha." Kiri pleads, choking on a sob. /please don't stop. It's so good. The best!/

Katsuki doesn't seem to be listening. "Hey, Kiri, I'm sorry. Hang on, I'm gonna pull out--"
No! NO!

Kirishima's Omega SCREECHES.




They need the knot!
Kirishima reaches down between his legs and digs his nails into Katsuki's thighs.

His fingers are hardened.

He didn't mean to, but he's not sorry. Not if it keeps his Alpha in him. Not if it keeps his prize.

His. His Alpha. No leaving.

Just knotting.
Katsuki bucks into the pain, a hiss leaving his lips. "Fuck!"

That beautiful cock of his jabs directly into Eijirou's prostate, and oh yeah, he's definitely close to cumming, his stomach ripples, his cock twitching against his stomach--
Ei helps as much as he can. Slamming back onto that beautiful cock with all his weight. His mouth opens each time it buries deep in his stomach, and he whines each time Katsuki drawls his hips back.

The Alpha is getting faster, his hips erratic.
His knot is pressing against his cheeks and it almost slips inside. Kirishima is very tight, but so embarrassingly wet.

He knows Katsuki is fighting the urge to knot him now, because he's not yet there, but Kiri NEEDS it. He HAS TO HAVE IT.
So on the next slide out Kirishima holds himself up on his knees and SITS directly down on the tip of the monster inside him.

Katsuki's entire length fills him, the knot squeezes in and locks in place and they're both screaming.
"FUCK. Dirty fucking Omega," Katsuki praises, his hands sweaty against Eiji's throat. "Down," he rasps, as he pulls Kiri until his back is flush against his Alpha's chest.

"Good boy," he groans, lips searching out his scent gland. "Now, ha, tell me, f--, you, shit, l-love me."
Kirishima's eyes flutter closed.

Its not an alpha command but it doesn't matter. He can't stop the words. Not with Katsuki inside him, his knot pulsing.

"I love you," he says softly.
Katsuki's grin presses into his scent gland right before his teeth skin into his neck.

Cum erupts from Kirishima's cock and paints white lines across his eyebrow and right eye. He's screaming again, he knows it, but he's deaf and blind, and all he can hear is Katsuki groan.
Alpha doesn't let go of his neck as he also cums, each jet from his cock making his bite harder.

He rocks his hips as much as he can, fucking his cum deep into his mate's hole. Eijis so greedy that it feels like he's milking every bit of it. It's enough to make Kat's eyes roll.
Kirishima is dead.

He actually died.

That has to be the reason his arms and legs aren't working and why he's so peaceful.

This has to be heaven.
He can feel Katsuki's cock give weak twitches inside him, his big giant knot not letting any of his cum escape.

He's limp. Wore out. His cock is so overused he's probably never going to be able to get hard again.
Well, no, he thinks as he clenches down on the knot inside of him hard enough to make Katsuki purr. He's definitely able to go again. And soon.
He feels fucking fantastic.

Perfect, even.

Claimed. Bred--

He sits up so fast, he actually almost does pass out, black spots winking cross his vision and making it even harder to locate his phone.

He tries to lean forward but Katsuki yelps at the tug on his knot, and Kirishima cries out, scared for a second that he almost untied them.
With a little help, Katsuki shifts so that he can lean forward enough to get his phone.

Thank the gods that it had fallen face down. So it had recorded nothing. Just blackness.

Hopefully the audio wasn't toonloud, it didn't feel like they were loud--
They were loud.

And holyshit the comments.

Thousands of people saying things from "I KNEW IT" to "IS THIS A PRANK" and "We'Re JuSt FrIeNdS." and "DID KIRISHIMA SAY I LOVE YOU?! WHO ELSE HEARD IT?!"

He did..

He totally did say that.
"Hey... you okay?" Katsuki asks from behind him.

He nods. Sure.

He's fine.

His bottom lip wobbles.
"No," he spits pathetically, wiping his eyes.

It takes a lot of maneuvering but Katsuki manages to pull Kirishima down and turn them on their sides. He presses soft kisses to Kirishima face and scents him hard, trying to comfort.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Kiri." Bakugou exhales, his hands rubbing over Ei's back. "It was too much. I'm sorry. What do you want me to do? I'll fucking do it."
A sob bursts out of Kirishima's mouth and he can't stop another one from sounding.

He doesn't want to cry but hello he just got claimed by his first true love and his knot wrecked him so good--

It's his Omega, okay. Not him.

He's just so HAPPY.
It takes a good ten minutes of all out crying for him to calm down.

He knows his Alpha is terrified. But Kirishima just needs a minute to cry it out and regulate his hormones and then he can soothe his big dumb mate for worrying.
"What can I do? Fuck I'm sorry--"

Kirishima manages a shuttery breath. "You w-wanna make it up t-to me?"
"Yes! Yes, Eiji, anything. I'm so fucking sor--"

Eijirou sniffs. "You could eat me out like you promised," he says with a hiccup and a watery smile.
Katsuki freezes. "You're... fucking okay, or whatever?"

"Better than okay."

"Fuck," Katsuki breathes. "Gave me a fucking heart attack. Why'd you cry then?"
Kirishima shrugs. "Don't know." He says, stifling a yawn. "Just did."

They're silent for a minute and Kiri is almost asleep before he remembers.

"Hey, Katsu?"

"Yeah, Ei?"

"Tell me you love me."
Katsuki laughs against his fresh bite mark.

"Of course I fucking do." He kisses the claim. "Love you, Eiji."

Kirishima grins. "You better." He closes his eyes. "Oh. And Alpha? You're the one responding to all the messages. Not me."
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