Alright, lemme do a lil rewriting here on this @FT puffpiece...

First off, they buried the lede 25 graphs down, second to last:

“Late last year Deutsche’s headquarters was raided by police looking for evidence of suspected money laundering.” @FT
3/ Then there’s the super secret hedge fund RenTech that gave Robert Mercer all that dough to buy Trump into office with stolen data and mind hack pubs, now pulling its money outta Deutsche Bank. You know, cuz oversight when you’re sketchy is inconvenient.
8/ The new head of its wealth management division studied at MIT, which took hundreds of millions from an oligarch, but I digress.
10/ There’s only so much room in a 27 graph story but playing “hide the transnational crime syndicate corruption” is simply shitty journalism.

Oh well. What’s new.
11/ 🤷‍♀️“Three execs from Deutsche Bank were implicated civilly, including the wealth mngt dir.. Gambino moved to the white-shoe law firm Skadden Arps before taking the position at Deutsche..all 3 men worked for, or did business with, Deutsche Bank.” @nypost
12/ See #11 and note: if Skadden Arps rang a bell, blame Manafort—Trump’s imprisoned campaign director.

“Skadden Arps was paid more than $4.6 million via both the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice and offshore accounts controlled by Manafort.” @JewishVoice
16/ #15 con.
“The bank concluded Trump's campaign rhetoric made him a risky borrower..They also weighed risks the bank might have to seize a president's assets..Deutsche Bank's shares have fallen close to 50% over the last 12 months—spurred by two bank raids—reaching record lows”
22/ CODA:

Dear @FT

I realize you’re under new ownership and the Deutsche Bank story is complex, but do let’s leave the puffpieces up to the corporate hacks and the PR wires.

Democracy is counting on you.


A concerned citizen, truth activist and veteran journalist
23/ On the Record: I forgot #14 so here’s a pull-quote from #18:

“There was cultural of criminality,” said a former analyst. “Deutsche Bank was structurally designed by mngt to allow corrupt individuals to commit fraud.” @just_security from the @NewYorker
24/ APPENDICKS: Go back to #13 and then review this.

Barr so sus.
25/ Mitt’s got some history with money-laundering bank, too.

“A Deutsche Bank document from 2000 reported that Bain's first five private equity funds had returned a sizzling 88% per year from 1984 through the end of 1999.” @wsj 2012 archives
26/ The thick plottens.
27/ Ruh roh.
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