Do all lines of investigation lead to Jeffrey Epstein?
Here are a few facts about Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle's pole dancer Jennifer Arcuri ...
For a dismal failure of a businesswoman, Jennifer Arcuri sure won the hearts of BoJo's fawning acolytes ...
Lessig, Hardwicke and the proctor, some things never change: the culpability of the victim in the eyes of the perpetrator:
But who is is the Lawrence Lessig who championed the cause of John Hardwicke?
Well, he is none other than the cousin of Jennifer Arcuri:
Lessig, the King of Cyberlaw, defended Hardwick against his own alma mater, the American Boychoir School in Princeton. His motivation was almost certainly the fact that Lessig himself had been abused by the very same music teacher as Hardwicke.
Given the abuse Lessig suffered at school, his essay in defence of acceptance of donations to the M.I.T. Media Lab from the financier and pervert Jeffrey Epstein by his friend Joichi Ito is truly shocking:
One of Jennifer Arcuri's companies was Title X Technology Limited. The only other company director listed was Tom Alexander William Hayes, the trader for UBS and Citigroup convicted for his role in the LIBOR scandal. Fancy that!
There is certainly no arguing that LIBOR rigging is a disruptive technology, Boris!
BoJo's girlfriend Arcuri does seem to gravitate towards criminals!
Not only was she in business with LIBOR rigger Hayes, her associate at Hacker House, another of her companies, was Lauri Love, a computer hacker whole stole large amounts of data from US government agencies ...
It is worth noting how Arcuri's Hacker House had the endorsement of Epstein's sleazy buddy Randy Andy: Hacker House advises organisations on cyber-security, teaches youngsters online skills and has the backing of the Duke of York for its scheme awarding cyber badges to children.
While BoJo's pole dancer was offering Randy Andy endorsed cyber-security, her cousin Lawrence Lessing was a trustee of the Internet Society, a position held, albeit at different times, by Ghislaine Maxwell's sister Christine.
Christine Maxwell was CEO and President of Chilead Inc., the company providing the FBI with its counterterrorism database.
She was also steering committee organiser for 'Remembering for the future' whose list of patrons resembles a carbon copy of Epstein's list:
Hang on, isn't that guest speaker at Arcuri's InnoTech Summit with BoJo our dear friend Alexander 'Lord' Carlile? The man who rushed to the defence of the paedophile Greville Janner and shared an office with Cyril Smith?
... and when Alexander Carlile is not serving as Boris Johnson's support act at Jennifer Arcuri's InnoTech summit, his role is eagerly assumed by Bannon's willing far-right helper Milo Yiannopoulos.
So Yiannopoulos, banned by Facebook and Twitter, was billed at Arcuri's InnoTech conference as keynote speaker, second only to Boris Johnson, who yesterday traduced the memory of Jo Cox, murdered by another right-wing fanatic!
Oh, and here's Milo with Jennifer Arcuri's cousin, Lawrence Lessing, the man who so vehemently defended his friend's acceptance of donations from Jeffrey Epstein.
Do I see some sort of pattern emerging ...?
Always good for a selfie: Here is pole-dancer Arcuri with Boris Johnson's brother Max, the vulture capitalist who plans to take advantage of Sterling's weakness to make a buck out of bro's Brexit.
Pole-dancing Jenny seems well connected: here's Rohan Silva, Senior Policy Adviser to David Cameron (2010-13), Chairman of Downing Street’s Tech City Advisory Group and co-founder of the collaborative workspace 'Second Home'.
What every self-respecting pole-dancer needs is a selfie with Grant Shapps to show to friends. You know, the Grant Shapps whose Welwyn/Hatfield Tories supported Alan Franey, Savile's buddy.
The Pole-Dancer's Pedigree: Lawrence Lessig, Arcuri's cousin, became a lawyer to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, Jennifer's granddad. Richard Cates was heavily involved in the impeachment of Richard Nixon, working together with Hillary Clinton.
Former FBI director James Comey worked for Grandfather Cates and wrote about him in his autobiography. Comey's eldest daughter Maurene graduated from Harvard in 2013 and became lead prosecutor in the case against Jeffery Epstein.
Creepy: Randy Andy, close friend of Epstein's pimp Ghislaine Maxwell, hosts Code Club at Bucks Palace, awarding pole-dancing BoJo friend for developing 'Jim'll fix it-type' cyberbadges for kids.
Please tell me I'm making this up!
Oh dear, the plot thickens: Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle puts his pole-dancing Spinning Jenny in touch with Lynton Crosby, election campaign manager for right-wing parties in several countries.
BoJo not smart enough: Johnson wasn't the first old man Jennifer Arcuri had a crush on. In the mid-2000s, she had a 3-year affair with the actor Joe Yukich, known for 'The Wright Stuff' in which Arcuri starred. Yukich has now come to Arcuri's defence.
It was Yukich, too, who revealed Arcuri had another powerful and wealthy friend, the Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. He claims her conversations with Zuckerberg led to her moving to London.
Zuckerberg met Jeffrey Epstein at a Silicon Valley dinner.
Let's return to Tom Hayes, Arcuri's co-director at Title X Technology and LIBOR convict. It is said BoJo dropped Jenny 'like a stone' after she defended Hayes.
Is Boris lying? Surely he read Arcuri's 2013 claims long before he severed contact with her!
BoJen: Just how much power did Jennifer Arcuri wield over her Alexander the Great? And what were her motives in targeting him in the first place? And, more, importantly, does she still have him by the short and curlies?
Randy Andy: 'A real cutie'.
After Boris arranged for her to be put on the guest list for a party attended by royalty, senior politicians, digiterati and tech startups, Jenny made a bee-line for the Duke of York ...
So Arcuri went from having to borrow clobber for a palace function in late 2014 to renting a £1m mansion House in upmarket Cheshire together with Matthew Hickey and driving an expensive Beemer.
This really begs the question as to where all that money was coming from ...
Whizz kid: According to her LinkedIn details, Jennifer Arcuri was born in 1985. The same profile tells us that she then gained a Law Certificate from Columbia University in 2001.
Let me think: 2001 - 1985 = ???
Doesn't exactly engender trust in the rest of her profile, does it?
In 2013, Arcuri rushed to the defence of BoJo after he had been mauled in battle by @eddiemair.
In a spat with Newsnight, she tweeted he is ‘an amazing leader’ whose personal life is ‘not 4 public to judge’, saying ‘those Q's were asked maliciously’.
Taking back control:
The third director of http://Hacker.House  was Gary Mieliefsky, founding Member of the US Department of Homeland Security and the National Information Security Group, who worked as an advisor to Clinton.
Cyber-Security expert Mieliefsky had numerous contacts to both Trump and Bannon, and advised Ivanka Trump.
... but why am I telling you this? Surely Boris Johnson's staff will have researched every detail on Arcuri before approving grants and loans!
Not satisfied with meddling in Spaffwaffle's bid to become mayor for a second term, Jennifer Arcuri had to fix it for Alba, ensuring those recalcitrant Scots didn't put up a Trumpian pre-fab wall along Hadrian's Roman defences.
Isn't it ironic that Matthew Hickey, Arcuri's partner since she split with Boris, is a staunch remainer?
He even claimed to have left UK because of Brexit, complained about the £££ tanking and urged folk to vote remain on Referendum Day.
Just 8 months after Arcuri's InnoTech was set up in 02/2013, Julia Streets tweeted about the InnoTech Summit. On the 02/2014 annual return, Streets shows up as a shareholder of InnoTech along with 'BoJen' Arcuri.
Julia links to some interesting bods ...
On April 1, 2018, Julia Streets became a trustee of the children's charity Street Child, the same month it merged with Children in Crisis, founded by Sarah Ferguson who borrowed £15k from Jeffrey Epstein to pay her debts.
On the same day (1/4/18), Anthony Wallersteiner also became director of Street Child and Chair of Trustees.
Wally is an old friend of Ghislaine Maxwell; his dad was a business associate of Robert Maxwell. Both were the subject of an FBI search warrant.
It's hard to imagine that BoJo was oblivious to Arcuri's links to the Alt Right and the manipulative likes of Thomas Borwick, ties which would compromise him - not least as Thomas's mother, Lady Borwick, was previously Spaffwaffle's own deputy.
I wonder what John Whittingdale, the lapdancers' friend, Vote Leave campaign committee member and culture secretary until 2016, has to say about his former department granting funds to BoJo, the pole-dancer's lover?
At what point in the Arcuri synopsis of events did Boris, the political equivalent of a flip flop switch, come to prefer being 'dead in a ditch' to staying in the EU? Where was the tipping point? And did Jen and her alt right friends help facilitate that change? https://eu-rope
Jennifer Arcuri's InnoTech 2014 Summit partnered with PositionDial, a data processing, market research, AI and opinion polling company run by Mariam Cook.
Imagine my surprise when I clicked on PositionDial's 'About' page only to find the only comment there was by the convicted fraudster Sabine O'Neill, close associate of ex-MP John Hemming!
Milo blows leave Boris bruised:
Arcuri's friend and far-right provocateur Yiannopoulos puts paid to BoJen's lies that they never had an intimate relationship:
But back to Arcuri cousin Lawrence Lessig: it escaped my attention earlier in this thread that Lessig actually ran for US president. And his platform was? Campaign finance reform, the involvement of (Russian) money in political campaigning.
Boris will be pleased!
Is a man who is unable to learn from past mistakes and so beholden to his masculine urges fit to run a country?
In a string of interviews, Jennifer Arcuri nudges ever closer to admitting a full-blown affair with Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle.

Will we finally arrive before Election Day?
Millions of Brits die of asphyxiation as they hold their breath ahead of @metpoliceuk's announcement of absolution for Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle in their inquiry into the Arcuri's affair.
When Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle rolled out of Jennifer Arcuri's bed onto Carrie Symond's mattress, he was running straight from one woman with strong Russian connections into the arms of another.
So there was an affair, then!
Boris spaffed 'an avalanche of passion'.
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