A #brexit story with #flags, in english, with the amazing translation of @240185

🇫🇷 "We got our ass kicked badly this time. Never do this again, eh?"
🇩🇪 "Ach, Ich agree"
🇫🇷 ceases Occupation of Saarland
🇫🇷 🇩🇪 cast ECSC
🇫🇷 🇩🇪 invite 🇧🇪 🇮🇹 🇱🇺 🇳🇱
🇬🇧 "WTF, what's that shit?"
🇬🇧 "Don't care, won't work anyway"
🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇧🇪 🇮🇹 🇱🇺 🇳🇱 cast EEC and Euratom
🇬🇧 "What can I do to piss them off?"

🇬🇧 casts EFTA
🇨🇭 🇳🇴 🇩🇰 🇵🇹 🇦🇹 join EFTA
🇪🇺 casts Customs Union
🇬🇧 "May I play with y'all?"
🇫🇷 "Piss off"
🇩🇪 🇧🇪 🇮🇹 🇱🇺 🇳🇱 "Ya sure?"
🇫🇷 "I know him, he's a punk. He keeps breaking my toys since 1066. I swear to God he won't enter"
🇬🇧 "Don't care, don't want to join your shitty club anyway"
🇪🇺 casts Common Agricultural Policy
🇪🇺 forgets Customs Fees
🇪🇺 fusions with ECSC and Euratom
🇪🇺 casts Community Executive Power
🇬🇧 "Please, can I come?"
🇫🇷 "Die"
🇬🇧 "B-but…"
🇫🇷 drops Charles de Gaulle
🇬🇧 🇩🇰 🇮🇪 🇳🇴 cast Adhesion Request to 🇪🇺
🇬🇧 🇩🇰 drop EFTA
EFTA: "What?"
🇬🇧 "Punk's not dead"
🇬🇧 🇩🇰 🇮🇪 join 🇪🇺
🇪🇺 "Welcome… Hey, One's missing!"
🇳🇴 "Nah, I don't like you actually"
🇪🇺 "Whatever"
🇬🇧 casts Ill man of Europe
🇬🇧 casts Winter of Discontent
🇬🇧 "HELP!!"
🇪🇺 casts Financial help
🇬🇧 replenishes itself
🇬🇧 casts Iron Lady
Even later
🇪🇺 casts European Parliament elected by Direct Universal Suffrage
🇬🇷 slains Dictatorship of Colonels
🇵🇹 drops Salazar
🇬🇷 "May I come?"
🇬🇷 joins 🇪🇺
🇪🇸 drops Franco
🇪🇸 🇵🇹 "What about us?"
🇪🇸 🇵🇹 join 🇪🇺
🇵🇹 drops EFTA
EFTA: "Waaaah, nobody loves me :'("
🇬🇧 "You're ugly and useless"
EFTA: "Fuck you, you created me!"
🇬🇧 "I don't know who you are, madam; I never saw you"
🇬🇧 finished Healing with Financial Help
🇬🇧 "Burp."
Even laterer
🇪🇺 "Well, everyone needs to contribute to the budget so newcomers can develop and help deindustrialised regions."
🇪🇺 casts European Budget
🇬🇧 "What!? I must pay to drink here?!"
🇫🇷 "Here we go… Care to stop being annoying?"
🇬🇧 "NO!"
🇬🇧 casts Iron Mule
🇬🇧 "I want my money back"
🇪🇺 "No"
🇬🇧 sulks
🇬🇧 casts obstruction diplomacy
🇪🇺 is paralyzed!
🇪🇺 "Fuck, you're annoying"
🇬🇧 "Punk's not dead"
🇪🇺 casts British rebate
🇫🇷 "WHAT! That's unfair! #MyBallsOnAPlate"
🇪🇺 casts Common Agricultural Policy on 🇫🇷
🇫🇷 "omnomnom… What were we talking about?"
🇩🇪 "Good. How about a common currency?"
🇫🇷 "Yeah, and we would call it 'Écu'"
🇩🇪 🇧🇪 🇮🇹 🇱🇺 🇳🇱 🇬🇧 🇩🇰 🇮🇪 🇬🇷 🇪🇸 🇵🇹 "løl"
🇫🇷 "B-but…"
🇫🇷 drops Valéry Giscard d'Estaing
🇬🇧 "I don't want your shitty euro. I'm keeping my pound."
🇪🇺 "As you wish"
🇬🇧 "Don't want it"
🇪🇺 "Yeah, understood. You're not entitled to."
🇬🇧 "Really don't want it"
🇪🇺 "You're annoying."
🇬🇧 "But give me European institutions, like Banking authority, for example."
🇪🇺 "You're not even in the single currency system!"
🇬🇧 "Don't care. Gimme, or I get moody."
🇫🇷 "What did I bloody say?"
🇩🇪 🇧🇪 🇮🇹 🇱🇺 🇳🇱 🇬🇧 🇩🇰 🇮🇪 🇬🇷 🇪🇸 🇵🇹 "STFU"
Even laterererer
🇬🇧 "Everything has been liberalized, but my people is gritty. What will I say to them?"
🇬🇧 casts Europhobic press
🇬🇧 casts European diktat
🇬🇧 casts It's not me, it's Brussels
🇪🇺 "Huh? But you decided with us!"
🇬🇧 "Shut up, it's technical."
🇬🇧 gets European disinterest
🇺🇸 "Move your ass here, we're gonna get Saddam"
🇬🇧 "Why?"
🇺🇸 "Shut up, it's technical."
🇺🇸 casts Evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction
🇬🇧 undergoes Stupid war for bad reasons
🇮🇶 "¡Ay Caramba!"
🇬🇧 undergoes Discontent
🇫🇷 undergoes Freedom Fries
🇪🇺 "Fuck, this will blow up on our faces."
🇬🇧 "Nah, I handle it."
🇬🇧 casts con't care about anything
🇺🇸 casts Subprimes
🇺🇸 "We are rich!"
🇺🇸 gets lehman brothers
🇺🇸 "Uh, no, we are poor."
🇺🇸 casts Global Recession as a gift
🇪🇺 "Goddammit, can't they keep their banks clean?"
🇮🇹 🇮🇪 🇬🇷 🇪🇸 🇵🇹 "HELP! GIB MONIES!"
🇫🇷 "Fuck, it's hardcore in there"
🇫🇷 casts Temporary Nationalizations
🇪🇺 takes damage on Euro
🇪🇺 "OK, let's help everyone or we'll all get fucked"
🇫🇷 🇩🇪 "Grrr, OK."
🇬🇧 "Nope. Don't like 'em. Euro does not even concern me."
🇪🇺 "You took advantage and this crisis is your fault too, with your shitty Banking regulations. Come help!"
🇬🇧 "Nah."
🇬🇧 "I want an Europe à la carte anyway."
🇪🇺 "Duh?"
🇬🇧 "I wanna take what I like, leave you what I don't like, and I want to pay even less."
🇪🇺 "Are you aware this is a package?"
🇬🇧 "Yeah. So what?"
🇪🇺 "You know, treaties and all that stuff. You must contribute."
🇬🇧 "Gonna sulk…"
🇪🇺 "Stop it!"
🇪🇺 casts Massive Financial Help
🇩🇪 "Easy with my money, eh?"
🇬🇷 "Argh, you're so mean!"
🇩🇪 "What if everyone paid taxes in your country?"
🇬🇷 "B-but…"
🇬🇷 🇪🇸 🇵🇹 cast Painful Reforms
🇮🇸 drops Bankers in Jail
🇬🇧 "Let's talk about me, would ya?"
🇪🇺 "Are you in Dire Straits?"
🇬🇧 "Nah. Why?"
🇪🇺 "Well?"
🇪🇺 "Sorry, not sorry. Everything is on fire!"
🇬🇧 "I don't love you anyway. You never were my mother!"
🇪🇺 "WTF?"
🇬🇧 casts Promises of Referendum
🇫🇷 "I have a bad feeling about this"
🇩🇪 "Nah, they're not THAT dumb!"
🇫🇷 "We're actually talking about people who eat English food and enjoy it."
🇩🇪 "Nah, there are limits…"
🇬🇧 casts Referendum
🇩🇪 "Oh, no, no."
🇪🇺 "Are you going to spit on all we brought you in order to be alone?"
🇬🇧 "I am the eternal England!"
🇬🇧 "Shut up you underlings, I'm in command"
🇩🇪 "They can't be possibly doing that?"
🇫🇷 "You don't know them."
🇩🇪 "It's not rationally possible. Can you imagine the mess?"
🇬🇧 casts Vote
🇬🇧 gets Brexit
🇬🇧 "Punk's not dead"
🇩🇪 "Scheiße"
🇫🇷 "Told you so."
🇩🇪 "It's not possible to be THAT dumb!"
🇺🇸 "Hold my beer."
🇺🇸 casts Donald J. Trump
🇩🇪 "Oh."
🇬🇧 "Ha! Ha! Ha! Never felt so FREE! I can do whatever I want now!"
🇬🇧 casts Article 50
🇮🇪 "I had something called the Good Friday Agreement."
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 : "Hey."
🇬🇧 "Shut up you underlings, I'm in command"
🇪🇺 casts Michel Barnier
🇪🇺 casts European Unity
🇪🇺 casts Preparing to Negotiate
🇪🇺 "You have two years."
🇬🇧 casts Promises of Super Duper Agreement
🇬🇧 casts Big Fiesta
🇬🇧 gets Hangover
🇬🇧 drops Boris Johnson
🇬🇧 drops Nigel Farage
🇬🇧 "Where are all those nitwits who promised me all the good things?"
🇬🇧 "Well, let's do as usual: making it a mess."
🇬🇧 casts Dissension on 🇪🇺
🇪🇺 is immune
🇬🇧 "WHAT! You were supposed to be an antivaxx!"
🇫🇷 "Nah, it's me. Everyone has a dumb side."
🇬🇧 gets Lateness
🇬🇧 gets Incompetent Ministers
🇬🇧 gets Paralyzed Political Affairs
🇪🇺 "Well, let's prepare for this, eh?"
🇪🇺 casts Moving European Institutions
🇫🇷 casts Customs in Calais
🇬🇧 "Ha ha! Told you that I could sign agreements!"
🇬🇧 gets Agreement with New Zealand
🇪🇺 "Don't you have something more important to do?"
🇬🇧 "Nah."
🇪🇺 🇬🇧 negotiate
🇪🇺 🇬🇧 get Agreement
🇪🇺 "Not too bad. There's this thing with Ireland, but that will do."
🇬🇧 drops Agreement
🇪🇺 "Scrub the credit card."
🇬🇧 drops Agreement
🇪🇺 "What's your fucking problem?"
🇪🇺 "ANSWER!"
🇬🇧 drops Agreement
🇨🇭 "I don't know how you can keep cool. Even I would have kicked his ass, and I am a pacifist."
🇪🇺 "You're not helping."
🇺🇸 "EU sucks, Brexit rocks!"
🇪🇺 "Is it the party for annoying people?"
🇫🇷 "Told you s…"
🇪🇺 "Say it and I will Article 50 your face."
🇬🇧 casts Whining for delay
🇪🇺 "OK, but work seriously this time."
🇬🇧 casts Wanking
🇪🇺 "I'm gonna kill him"
🇬🇧 "I want to say a thing."
🇪🇺 "Fuck at last."
🇬🇧 "I want out."
🇪🇺 "OK, I didn't want it in first place, but now, please do."
🇬🇧 "What will you give me to get out?"
🇪🇺 "Huh? Are you fucking kidding me?"
🇫🇷 "I have this idea of an European army…"
🇪🇺 "Don't tempt me, this is not the time. But keep this idea, just in case."
🇬🇧 "If you don't give me something, I'll sulk."
🇪🇺 "Can I hit him?"
🇬🇧 casts Whining for a last delay
🇪🇺 "This is the last, and now work really seriously now."
🇬🇧 casts Boris Johnson
🇪🇺 "Now I know what depression means."
🇺🇸 "Hey buddy! *fart*"
🇬🇧 "Hey my friend! *fart*"
🇬🇧 🇺🇸 "*farts and lol and trade agreement*"
🇪🇺 "Do you mind?"
🇺🇸 casts Tariffs on 🇪🇺
🇬🇧 "Well done lol."
🇪🇺 "You're affected too."
🇬🇧 "HahaWHAT"
🇺🇸 "Punk's not dead"
🇬🇧 "Well, you won't give me anything. Hey, Ireland, it's bullshit. Drop the good friday Agreement."
🇮🇪 "HEY!"
🇪🇺 "Not in your dreams."
🇬🇧 "It's your fault if we don't have an agreement. Not mine."
🇪🇺 "I'm not paid enough."
🇪🇺 "I'm warning you, on the 31st of October, it's O-VER."
🇬🇧 "You can't say what I have to do. If I'm doing a No-Deal, I'm free to do it!"
🇬🇧 "Hello, I'm the Parliament and I don't agree with what he said."
🇩🇪 "Is it Inside Out?"
🇬🇧 "Nah, it's nothing. Nobody. You want no deal, you'll get it."
🇪🇺 "I actually heard someone."
🇮🇪 "Me too."
🇬🇧 "We don't agree with No Deal."
🇪🇺 "Then you will sign an agreement with a backstop?"
🇬🇧 "No. Why?"
🇪🇺 "What do you want???"
🇫🇷 weeps
🇪🇺 casts Prevention plan for CVAs
🇬🇧 casts Prorogating the Parliament
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 "Ahem."
🇬🇧 "What?"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿"That's illegal."
🇬🇧 "Do you want me to shove Mary Stuart more deeply in your face?"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿casts Declaration of illegality
🇬🇧 "He can do that?"
EFTA casts psychotherapy
EFTA "That fucking bastard, he said I'm ugly and useless, after all I did for him"
EFTA "Are you listening ?"
🇮🇸🇱🇮🇳🇴🇨🇭 "Can you stop complaining ? We can't follow the hearings at the Supreme Court"
🇫🇮 "Well, you are asked to return your proposals by the end of September."
🇬🇧 "I got a plan."
🇪🇺 "Are you kidding me?"
🇫🇮 "Gives then."
🇬🇧 "Nah"
🇪🇺 "All is well, I'm fine ..."
🇫🇮 "But why?"
🇬🇧 "Because it's secret."
🇪🇺 "I ..."
🇫🇮 "Why did I take over the presidency ?"
🇪🇺 "Why are you all green?"
🇬🇧 "I'm disguised as Hulk, it's cool, huh"
🇪🇺 "Okaaayyyyy, is there a reason?"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, Hulk is super crazy and super strong."
🇱🇺 "And how is it helping us ?"
🇬🇧 "I can't hear you"
🇪🇺 "Giving UE contribution to the NHS, not that stupid eventually"
"Aaah, the ruling of Supreme Court, you're gonna see who was right, you pussies, and I..."
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 "Guess what ?"
🇬🇧 "We won!"
🇬🇧 "Non, we lost!"
🇪🇺 "He was already a pain in the arse alone, if he gets a multiple personality disorder..."
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿"Can you stop that nonsense!"
🇬🇧 "Nah, I'm going to end this, don't move any closer !"
🇸🇪 "We onnly want the best for you, come on"
🇩🇪 "What does he want, again ?"
🇫🇷 "He wants to commit suicide after the decision."
🇩🇪 "We must stop him !"
🇫🇷 "Aaah, really we have to?"
🇬🇧 "I'm warning you, I've a weapon, one more step and it will be over!"
🇧🇪 "He looks pretty serious"
🇫🇷 "Why are you even caring?"
🇳🇱 "Fuck, you really have no compassion!"
🇫🇷 "Oh yeah? he's trying to commit suicide by eating a pudding dish ..."
🇬🇧 "Ok, you get it, Parliament is back in the game"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, come here, your're gonna be sooo screwed after what you did!"
🇬🇧 "Oh yeah, well, I'm going to follow the rulling, but I still think the Supreme Court is a bunch of douchebags!"
🇬🇧 "Oh, Shocking!"
🇬🇧 "And muppets, too!"
Meanwhile, in New York, meeting of the Democracy Therapy Group
🇸🇪 "Well, remember, we listen to each other without being judgmental."
🇵🇱 "Well, it's not pretty, but I try to break the knees of my judges to make them obey, well, there is 🇪🇺 who hits me hard"
🇭🇺 "Ahaha, it's a joke, I've smashed the constitutional court, we're corrupted to the core and I control the press, well, 🇪🇺 is yelling at me, strong."
🇺🇸 "You sissies, I had an Allied country to investigate my Democratic opponent to crush him during the campaign"
🇭🇺 "It reminds me of a story that starts with Watersomething."
🇺🇸 "Well, I have an impeachment procedure upon my head"
🇬🇧 "Bunch of pussies ... I suspended Parliament for 3 weeks, with the approval of the Queen"
🇵🇱🇭🇺🇺🇸 "Waaaaahh, groovy"
🇬🇧 "Well, the Supreme Court smashed me up, but luckily I have the most stupid opposition in the world."
🇸🇪 "Have you understood the purpose of this group?"
🇬🇧 "That's it, I have a plan for the Irish border"
🇫🇮 "Are you kidding?"
🇬🇧 "And a good plan, a great plan, plan from a genius"
🇮🇪 "Hold-on, show us before"
🇬🇧 "And the solution is ... no border;"
🇫🇮 "Fuck, wake up,🇪🇺 he saw the light."
🇪🇺 "Hey, what, wait, get me a coffee."
🇪🇺 "Who saw the light?"
🇫🇮 "Guess who ! 🇬🇧, he has a solution!"
🇪🇺 chews the coffee beans directly
🇪🇺 "A solution not totally wacky?"
🇫🇮 "Yeah!"
🇪🇺 "Are they taking the backstop then?"
🇫🇮 "He said no border"
🇪🇺 "Really, he said those words ?"
🇬🇧 "Yes"
🇪🇺 "Fuck, I'm gonna burn the annual Portugal's out of candles to the glory of St. Rita"
🇫🇮 "We were so right to believe until the very end"
🇬🇧 "We will just put custom processing centres within 10-15 km of the border"
🇫🇮 "Basically, a border, with chekpoints, but at 10-15 km"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, that's it"
🇫🇮 "And each fucking time, I get caught, can't believe how stupid I am"
🇪🇺 "Going back to bed, huh!"
🇬🇧 "But, what did I say wrong ? My idea of ​​border not at the border is great, isn't it ?
🇫🇮 "Really, I can't punch him in the face?"
🇫🇷 "So, did you show your plan?"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, the best I have, anyway, the only one who would be accepted at Home"
🇫🇷 "Not sure the European Parliament will accept it, they did not look enthusiastic"
🇬🇧 "At least I will have tried, seriously, for once."
🇫🇷 "Are you really going to leave?"
🇬🇧 "There's no other choice"
🇫🇷 "You will have bothered us from the start, anyway"
🇬🇧 "Both of us, it's a long story"
🇫🇷 "Yeah, 1066?"
🇬🇧 "You see, you started it"
🇫🇷 "As if you had never returned the compliment"
🇬🇧 "Sure, the hundred years war, the Americas, that let some scars"
🇫🇷 "Do you remember fighting side by side during the Crusades?"
Ça "It did not last long, your Philippe Auguste fucked me so much and I lost Richard Coeur de Lion to one of yours crossbowmen"
🇫🇷 "Makes us even, you took me one of only two decent emperors I ever had"
🇬🇧 "Napoleon III? ... no I'm kidding, please don't hit me, nevertheless, it brought us closer, at the very end"
🇫🇷 "In the trenches ... yeah and even after, you did not let me down"
🇬🇧 "Well, we are fighting, plundering, killing, murdering and we end up with tight bonds."
🇫🇷 "It would have been easier to let me down, perhaps, for you"
🇬🇧 "Don't know, it did not seem fair to me, and I was not going to let the mustache worm crush Europe under his boot."
🇫🇷 "You have been my best enemy and my worst ally, or maybe the other way , but the story goes on, so, next time, my friend?"
🇬🇧 "See you next time, brother."
🇬🇧 "Well, law doesn't matters, I'll not ask for a delay"
🇱🇺 "You're sure ? because your plan is somewhat bullshit and it'll not pass"
🇬🇧 "I don't give a damn, I'm a stable genius, you want the no-deal, you're going to get it, no delay"
🇵🇹 "Seriously, you're harming yourself"
🇪🇸 "We've been getting ready since the beginning, it's going to be itchy for us, but that's all, and you do not seem to be ready"
🇬🇧 "Listen to me, you virgin goats, I do not want a delay, or a postpone, nothing !"
🇪🇺"Guys, let it be, he wants to go out, so be it"
🇫🇷 At least, he is able to stand firm on something "
🇩🇪 "Well, if he does not want a delay, we'll have to accept it"
🇬🇧 "You .. you agree to my wish?"
🇪🇺 "Yeah, if that's what you want"
🇬🇧 "So, I want a delay"
🇸🇪 hits 🇬🇧
🇪🇺 casts hearings of new commissioners
🇬🇧 "May I know WHY I don't have one?
🇪🇺 "I gave you MPs, you sent me your best shit bags, I will not get you a commissioner"
🇬🇧 "Come on, the French candidate is a rotten one".
🇪🇺 rejects Sylvie Goulard
🇫🇷 "Heeeeyyy and the presumption of innocence?"
🇪🇺 "No, but I ... but WHAT DO YOU WANT ??? !!"
🇬🇧 "So, can I have the seat?"
🇪🇺 "But you're leaving at the end of the month !!"
🇬🇧 "So what?"
🇪🇺 "Fuck, he pisses me off"
🇮🇹 "If you want, I can help?
🇪🇺 "What do you mean by help?"
🇮🇹 "You know, I will make him an offer he can't refuse"
🇪🇺 "Wait, you're talking about ..."
🇮🇹 "I'm not superstitious, but if an unfortunate accident should happen to him ..."
🇪🇺 "I ... no"
🇮🇹 "You hesitated"
👑🇬🇧 "My Government's priority has always been to secure the departure of the United Kingdom's from the European Union on the 31 of October."
🇬🇧 "Perfect, the Queen said, you bunch of old cows. So, who is the Boss?"
🇮🇪 "And you really have that secure thing?"
🇬🇧 "Yeah!"
🇪🇺"I expect your worst"
🇫🇮 casts Leave me alone, I commit suicide with Salmiakki Kossu
🇬🇧 "I'm giving you to Northern Ireland"
🇪🇺 "Duh?"
🇧🇪 "Wait, what did he say?"
ULSTER "Wait? What? Bring your sorry ass here!"
🇬🇧 "I have my Queen card, I have immunity"
🇬🇧 "Anyway, you cost me too much and you're only a pain in the ass"
ULSTER "I remind you that I got your government by the balls !!"
🇬🇧 "I do not care, I will buy others, the French justice asseses their value to 6.700 €, even with inflation, I can afford two"
🇩🇪 "Shouldn't we intervene?"
🇫🇷 casts Popcorn
🇪🇺 "Go ahead, please"
🇩🇪 "It's a disaster!"
🇨🇿 "Well, go!"
🇩🇪 "You, there, you're neutral, you know how to calm them, right?"
🇧🇪 "Oh yeah, my management of the Walloons and Flemings was soooo commendable"
🇩🇪 "🇨🇭 then"
🇨🇭 "K, I take one to hit the other?"
🇩🇪 "Aren't you neutral?"
🇨🇭 "It's not synonymous with patsy!"
🇮🇪 "And you're not in 🇪🇺"
🇩🇪 "You, can't you help?
🇮🇪 "Certainly not, he ruined my life for 600 years, I'm not dealing with it"
🇫🇷 "I drink to that"
🇩🇪 "But ... but ..."
🇱🇻 "Drink, you'll feel better"
🇸🇮 "Yeah, there's 🇫🇮 who brought something nasty, well, it dissolves the glass, but it wakes you up"
🇫🇮 vomit
🇩🇪 "My shoes!!!"
🇪🇺 "That's it !!! We have this agreement, wasn't expecting really"
🇵🇱 "For real?"
🇫🇮"Flmblbl se on ihan mulkku jätkä."
🇵🇱 "What does he say?"
🇪🇺 "Don't pay attention, the last months were a bit harsh when you are the had of the Union. Ah, there you are 🇬🇧congratulations !!"
🇬🇧 "Shut up!"
🇪🇺 "Why?"
🇬🇧 "You'll wake them up !!!"
🇪🇺 "But who?"
🇬🇧 "Them !!"
🇪🇺 "Wait, I don't understand"
🇬🇧 "Too late!"
🇪🇺 "Who are you?"
🇬🇧 "I am the Commons!"
🇪🇺 "You must be happy then, we have an agreement that avoids a hard brexit, you even took a law to avoid it"
🇬🇧 "No, I made a law to annoy BoJo, I have no intention to accept that peculiar agreement"
🇪🇺"I thought you wanted an exit agreement"
🇬🇧 "Yes, but not that one!"
🇪🇺 "And which one do you want?"
🇬🇧 "No idea"
🇪🇺 "Among the Labor, is there someone constructive?"
🇬🇧 "We, in the Labor, we want an agreement, but only if BoJo gets out"
🇪🇺 "Constructive, huh?"
🇪🇺 "And the Lib Dem?"
🇬🇧 "We want an agreement, but only if we stay in the Union AND BoJo gets out"
🇪🇺 "If I summarize your points, I've made that for nothing?"
🇬🇧 "Oh no, I'm going to have general elections that will ruin Labor and I will stay prime minister"
🇪🇺"Actually, you had planned everything from the beginning, hand't you?"
🇬🇧 "It's a possibility"
🇸🇪 "Run, I'm holding him back"
🇬🇧 "Punk is not dead"
🇪🇺 "Is 🇫🇮 fine?"
🇵🇹 "Yeah, I locked him up with a double dose of an horse aenestesia drug"
🇪🇺 "You mean a dose for an horse ?"
🇵🇹 "nope.. and what's that?"
🇪🇺 "A letter from 🇬🇧"
🇵🇹 "What does he say?"
🇪🇺 "He wants a delay"
🇵🇹 "Fuucckk, well, it was expected"
🇪🇺 "Yeah, but"
🇵🇹 "But ?"
🇪🇺 "No signature on it "
🇵🇹"Oh, that's weird, even for him"
🇪🇸 "We received a letter from 🇬🇧"
🇪🇺 "It must be the corrected version, what does it say?"
🇪🇸 "That he sent the first because he is obliged by law"
🇪🇺 "Okay, I understand better"
🇷🇴 "We received a letter from 🇬🇧"
🇪🇺 "Welllll, what does it say?"
🇷🇴 "We can go to hell like the turds we are and he will not ask for a delay"
🇪🇺 "Oh, this one, at least we know it's from the hand of BoJo"
🇷🇴 "What do we do now?"
🇫🇷 "Tell me, it's totally normal if I just saw 🇫🇮 in a rowing boat with a knife between the teeth, grumbling about bringing back a blond scalp ? I did not understand everything due to the insults"
🇪🇺 "But but, but, you didn't stop him ??"
🇫🇷 "If it relieves him, it suits me"
🇬🇧 "We must vote this schedule for examining the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement"
🇬🇧 "No"
🇬🇧 "Die"
🇬🇧 "Kiss my arse"
🇬🇧 "But for fuck's sake, how do you want me to get a delay if I have not, at least, that?"
🇬🇧 "Donn't give a shit"
🇬🇧 "What do you want ?"
🇬🇧 "Brexit"
🇬🇧 "Staying in 🇪🇺"
🇬🇧 "To make your life miserable"
🇬🇧 "I ... why are you laughing?"
🇪🇺 "Don't know, maybe a feeling of déjà vu"
🇬🇧 "It's ugly, very uglywhat youre doing, you should be ashamed"
🇪🇺 "Shame is sweet"
🇪🇺 "It 's hard to admit it, but we will have to postpone Brexit again"
🇫🇮 "Can't we invade them instead?"
🇪🇺 "No, the troops don't want to be fed with English food once there, they threatened to mutiny"
🇩🇪 "And Bojo?"
🇪🇺 "One day, it's yes, another, it's no, probably cosplaying Two-Face,
🇨🇵 "And how do you get out of that shit? No, 🇫🇮 put down the flamethrower."
🇧🇪 "I find you really conciliatory."
🇨🇵 "No, it's the smell of burnt meat, can't stand it since Joan of Arc"
🇩🇪"We can't abandon them!"
🇮🇹 "Stop it, everyone knows you don't care, you're just scared not selling your big sedans"
🇩🇪 "But noo! I'm for mediation, have always been"
🇦🇹 "Anschluss"
🇨🇵 "Bless you!"
🇲🇨 dies laughting
🇩🇪 "You are just mean"
🇪🇺 "Does not help, what do we do?"
🇧🇪 "We give him a delay, no choice, no deal exist is a non sense and I will not make this gift to that moron"
🇨🇵 "Yeah, but we give him no dates, so he sweats a little "
🇦🇹 "Vicious"
🇨🇵 "Yes and?"
🇬🇧 "But it's clear though!"
🇪🇺 "Yeah, Guinness is more transparent than your words, tell me that again"
🇫🇮 "Zgbbluuf?"
Et "And if anyone can find 🇫🇮s dried frog pills, his nerves are put to the test.
🇬🇧 "Very simple, I'm going to hold general elections to have a majority in Parliament and adopt the brexit plan."
🇪🇺 "Okay, no worries, but I've some trouble with the process, you told me that your request for a general election will be rejected."
🇪🇺 "And you do not see the problem?"
🇬🇧 "No"
🇫🇮 sobs in a corner
🇬🇧 "The Parliament will also make a request for a general election ... after rejecting mine"
🇪🇺 "Let's admit, does that mean they will vote for general elections?"
🇬🇧 "Oh no"
🇪🇺 "What do you mean, oh no?"
🇬🇧 "The last time I wanted to turn them upside down, I got bawled, so, now I respect the freedom of Parliament"
🇪🇺 "Okay, but what are they going to vote?"
🇬🇧 "Well, they don't really know!"
🇪🇺 "And, who will be elected?"
🇬🇧 "Probably douchebags"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 "Can I say something?"
🇪🇺 "Honestly, I like you, very much but it's not really the best idea"
🇪🇸 "Yeah, it would be nice if we did not talk about provincial independence too much, huh? Stop exporting your shit !!!"
🇪🇺 "Listen 🇫🇮, it's not possible, you'll never hold until December 31st!"
🇫🇮 "But let me stop this meatbag, I promise, I'll clean the red juice that comes out of it"
🇪🇺 "Do not call him meatbag"
🇫🇮 "Have you looked at him?"
🇪🇺 "How am I going to have a brexit if you kill him, what do we get ?"
🇫🇮 "A fleeting but salutary relief?"
🇪🇺 "We could have worse than BoJo in his place!"
🇫🇮 "Do you mean we could have a chance to bury Farage?"
🇪🇺 "December 31st seems sooooo far"
🇬🇧"Yo 🇺🇸"
🇺🇸 "How are you doing?"
🇬🇧 "Everything's perfect, I have an agreement, I have scheduled general elections, as I want and we will go out properly"
🇺🇸 "Oh yeah nice, but if you have an agreement with 🇪🇺, no deal with me"
🇬🇧 "How could you say that, you gave me your word ... a trade deal that would surpass all that 🇪🇺 could offer me"
🇺🇸 "There is nothing written"
🇬🇧 "You said Brexit was the best opportunity ever"
🇺🇸 "I never said who would be the payee!"
🇬🇧 "But ..."
🇺🇸 "Oh ! You thought I'd care about you ?"
🇬🇧 "But, our special relationship?"
🇺🇸 "I have no friends, I only have debtors and creditors, the ones I got by the balls and the ones I'm going to destroy, Which one do you think you are ?"
🇬🇧 "I sacrificed everything, I spit in 🇪🇺's face "
🇺🇸 "Your choice, not mine, you were free"
🇺🇸 "But no-deal is a greater handicap for 🇪🇺, and it's better for me, she tries to have a voice in this world and I can't stand woman with opinion"
🇬🇧 "I ..."
🇺🇸 "See ya, got a campaign."
🇩🇪 "I hear grumbling."
🇦🇹 "It's 🇫🇮 who disguises himself for Halloween as a pirate"
🇩🇪 "Well, change from his homicidal delusions."
🇦🇹 "Yeah, 🇨🇵 who helps him with finishes"
🇩🇪 "🇨🇵? Helping?"
🇦🇹 "Yes, he brought back a hook, a sword, a cannon"
🇩🇪 "It's ... considerate"
🇦🇹 "You look worried"
🇩🇪 "Call it precognition"
🇲🇨 "Is it okay if 🇫🇮 just got on a boat with 🇨🇵 wishing him godspeed ?"
🇩🇪 "Oh the old bastard, I knew it. ALARM! 🇫🇮 is escaping!"
🇫🇮 "My little chainsaw and I are about to have tea with Mr. BoJo, that's all"
🇧🇬"Fuuuu, can you hear that silence?"
🇬🇷"You bet, since October 31, nothing, nothing about Brexit, nothing form Bor ..."
🇪🇺 "Wopopop, we do not pronounce his name"
🇧🇬 "Yes, all right, he's a pain in the arse, but it's not a reason for ..."
🇪🇺 shows 🇫🇮
🇧🇬 "Oh fuck, sorry"
🇬🇷 "Any improvement?"
🇪🇺 "Tough, last time, we caught him right in front of Downing Street, disguised as Theresa May"
🇬🇷 "Oh ..."
🇪🇺 "The minigun betrayed him anyway"
🇧🇬 "Can we do something?"
🇪🇺 "We have forbidden 🇫🇷 from approaching him, so getting better"
🇪🇺 ""🇩🇪 yelled at 🇫🇷 and threatened him to appoint Melenchon as commissioner for happiness among the peoples of Europe "
🇬🇷 "Outch, going far"
🇪🇺 "No choice, things get out of hand, finally, 🇫🇷 asked for pardon and sent a doll to 🇫🇮 to be forgiven"
🇧🇬 "A doll?"
🇬🇷 "Strange gift"
🇪🇺 "It really calms 🇫🇮, look, he's playing quietly with it, singing"
🇫🇮 "Ota se! Ota se!"
🇬🇷 "Wait a minute, what's in his hand?"
🇪🇺 "Knitting needles, it seems knitting has a relaxing effect"
🇧🇬 "He's stabbing the doll with the needles, isn't it ?"
🇬🇷 "Wait, let me see ... but ... the doll look like BoJo !?"
🇪🇺 "Oh motherfucker! He sent a voodoo doll !! I'm going to kill him, 🇫🇷 you bastard!!!!"
🇭🇷 "I DO not want to go !!!"
🇪🇺 "No choice, it's the rules, it's the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, six months each of us, and I think 🇫🇮 is a bit worn out"
🇭🇷 "But it was supposed to be over by October 31st !!"
🇪🇺 "It annoys me as much as you, believe me!"
🇪🇺 "I'm gong to fine you for not appointing a commissioner"
🇬🇧 "WHAT?"
🇪🇺 "Yeah, infringement procedure after your ass, when we vote the last delay, I told you to appoint one"
🇬🇧 "I did not ask for delay!"
🇪🇺 "Sorry?"
🇬🇧 "No, you forced me take the report"
🇬🇧 "That's product tying, it's your fault!"
🇫🇮 "I ..."
🇪🇺 "No, no, no, you go back to sleep, stab your doll, do something, we don't need more nonsense!"
🇪🇺 "Anyway, you say that everything is my fault since 1973, nothing changes ... then this commissioner?"
🇬🇧 "I'm going to appoint Jeremy Corbyn!"
🇪🇺 "Beg your pardon, Jeremy Corbyn, Labor leader ?"
🇬🇧 "Yes, he's against and for brexit, noone understand what he is saying, he will be perfect!"
🇪🇺 "Ah ... I'm surprised and when did he accept ?"
🇬🇧 "What, I need him to be agree ?"
🇫🇷 "Hey, hey, me, I have a commissioner!"
🇪🇺 "Let me guess, this one, he's going to jail, he's assaulted children, wait, it's Patrick Balkany, right?"
🇫🇷 "Buuuuuuut ... no, it's Thierry Breton"
🇪🇺 "Fuck, you found a normal one, can't believe you succeed"
🇭🇺 "I've decided to make my hunxit"
🇪🇺 "Your what?"
🇭🇺 "Same shit as 🇬🇧"
🇪🇺 "Wait a sec, I don't understand everything, you're leaving ?"
🇭🇺 "Yes"
🇪🇺 "And there is a reason?"
🇭🇺 "Yes, you are too gay!"
🇪🇺 "WTF ??"
🇭🇺 "You keep electing girls in dress with beards, I'm confused"
"🇩🇪 ? Did Ursula Von Der Leien grow a beard ? "
🇩🇪 "Not the last time I looked, she wears dress, yeah, but, it's 🇫🇷 that forbids women from wearing pants"
🇫🇷 "Oh, please, I repealed that shitty law a few years ago"
🇪🇺 "It does not help in any way, did you activate section 50?"
🇭🇺 "No, why?"
🇪🇺 "You said you wanted to leave."
🇭🇺 "Ah, you're not in charge of Eurovision?"
🇪🇸 "Are you sure we can't exclude a country whose leaders are overly too stupid?"
🇬🇧 "If there is something that I will not regret, it's these moralists of judges of the ECHR."
🇬🇧 "No more convictions for inhuman treatment, for torture, for wrongful imprisonment, I am free fucking"
🇬🇧 "You bring end to the dictates of the Strasbourg judges!"
🇩🇪 "Aren't we telling him that 🇪🇺 has nothing to do with the ECHR and the Strasbourg judges?"
🇨🇵 "Why, he looks so happy!"
🇧🇪 "And I can't wait to see his face when he's going to be sentenced again after brexit, soo sweet"
🇨🇵 "Please, you're making me horny."
⚑ "Let's evaluate our latest terrorist operation in 🇬🇧"
⚑ "We're not supposed to do a ceremony, call our deity bawling prayers?"
⚑ "Why are you seeing a camera?"
⚑"Well ... no"
⚑ "So, why are you messing with us?"
⚑ "Well, dunno, but we stick Allah everywhere so I thought ..."
⚑ "Are you retarded? In our branch, religion is a product, not a believing, it's not up to us to believe, it's the job of those morons we are sending to die for our sole enrichment"
⚑ "Not even a little something?"
⚑ "Listen, we are in the business of terrorism, we do not mix feelings with the cash, so you stop bothering us with your book"
⚑ "The Koran!"
⚑ "What?"
⚑ "It's not the book, it's the Koran, show some respect at least"
⚑ "It's getting on my nerves, will you stop?"
⚑ "But ..."
⚑ "Have you read it?"
⚑ "Eeerrr ... no?"
Bah "So what !!!! Come on, we have a job, so, assessment of our last operation on the unfaithful English segment , by our marketing director, Atlantic region"
⚑ "We make an operation we already did, which worked well in the past, with knives and a false belt of explosives"
⚑ "Yeah, I remember, it made their lifes miserable?"
⚑ "Well ..."
⚑ "What?"
⚑ "It's a bit embarrassing ... they stopped him, he did not go far"
⚑ "It's not a big deal, we do not expect to get back those morons home. The cops took it down, that's good for the staff, martyr of faith, all that shit"
⚑ "Well ..."
⚑ "WHAT ?!
⚑ "Civilians who got him, not the cops"
⚑ "With firearms, even better, like 🇺🇸, the more guns, the merrier"
⚑ "Well ..."
⚑ "SPIT IT ! Or you're gonna regret not being religious"
⚑ "Well they stopped him with a fire extinguisher and a narwhal horn!"
⚑ "..."
⚑ "Do you see the mess?"
⚑ "Everyone is gonna laugh at us, months of preparation and this piece of shit is pinned by an amateur firefighter and a fisherman with a fish tooth ... But what is this shitty country, what are these people. Won't they kneel ?"
🇬🇧 "Punk is not dead"
🇪🇺 "Yeah, yeah, yeah ..."
🇫🇷 "Even line 13 of the Paris metro is faster than Brexit"
🇩🇪 "Even 🇨🇭 is faster than that!"
🇨🇭 "Hey, I heard that!"
🇧🇪 "Even we manage to make a government faster"
🇮🇹 "Even we build bridges better than brexit."
🇬🇧 "Will you please SHUT UP ! I said I will do it, there's no need to remind me every 6 months!"
🇪🇺 "You know, I still have to thank you!"
🇬🇧 "Duh?"
🇪🇺 "You've done more for the unity of the Union than any advertising campaigns in the past 50 years, really thank you"
🇬🇧 "'Hate U"
🇫🇷 "Hey, psst 🇬🇧, hey"
🇬🇧 "What, what do you want ? Making fun of me, as usual ?"
🇫🇷 "No, I need a service"
🇬🇧 "Oh ???"
🇫🇷 "It seems that you have at home a great guy who makes public opinion swallowing quite a few bitter pills, Cumin or something like that."
🇬🇧 "Cumin ?? You mean Cummings !! ??
🇫🇷 "Yes, that's it, there was a documentary on BBC, but I didn't understand everything, is he really good?"
🇬🇧 "This guy is awesome, he made all my underlings believe that if they voted for leave, we would pour the EU contribution in the NHS"
🇫🇷 "The NHS?
🇬🇧 "Social Security, it runs so well that sometimes it would be better to be treated by a veterinarian"
🇫🇷 "And how many abstainers did he bring back like that?"
🇬🇧 "One million"
🇫🇷 "Ah put ...."
🇬🇧 "See ?!"
🇫🇷 "How did he do that? because that was all bullshit that story of £ 350 million a week in the NHS."
🇬🇧 "You just need to remember, the bigger it is, the more it goes"
🇫🇷 "What if the others prove that it is false?
🇬🇧 "You say they are part of the system"
🇫🇷 "Just that?"
🇬🇧 "It's magic, look, back home, you have a party that says as much nonsense as the UKIP here."
🇫🇷 "You will have to specify, it suits with my whole political class"
🇬🇧 "Those who don't like the not white"
🇫🇷 "Ah yeah, the Rassemblement National"
🇬🇧 "They have been accused of having embezzled European funds and French public funds and a whole lot of other things, what did they say as a defense?"
🇫🇷 "That it is political and the system wants to silence them ... oh shit !"
🇬🇧 "See what I mean?"
🇬🇧 "It's magic, it works for everything, you hired your wife at the expense of the State? It's the system! Did you shake roughly the cops during a search? It's the system! You have raped your collaborators? It's the system! "
🇬🇧 "If you knew what people are ready to believe!"
🇫🇷 "And, could you lend it to me?"
🇬🇧 "As you wish, it comes with a free communication pack, what do you prefer: the state lies to you or divide to rule?"
🇫🇷 "Both"
🇬🇧 "This is for?"
🇫🇷 "A small pension reform to pass, nothing serious"
🇫🇮 "Damn it, YES! YES!"
🇫🇷 "Finally, not too early"
🇵🇱 "We will be able to do something other than taking care of 🇬🇧"
🇩🇪 "Even the markets are happy and the pound is rising"
🇪🇺 "Come on, champagne!"
🇧🇪 "Wait, he is coming ! Hide everything!"
🇬🇧 "So, loosers ? You all shut your mouths now?"
🇩🇪🇵🇱🇧🇪🇫🇮🇫🇷🇪🇺 "Ah yeah, well done"
🇪🇺 "We are sad that you are leaving"
🇬🇧 "Well too late, bye loosers"
🇪🇦 "Good ? Did he leave?"
🇬🇷 "Yeah!"
🇫🇮 "BRING ME THE BITCHES AND THE COKE! It's going to be the feast of the century."
🇺🇸 "It's done?"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, an absolute majority, I fucked the DUP and Labor properly. At the same time, I was campaigning against Corbyn"
🇺🇸 "And 🇪🇺?"
🇬🇧 "DE-VAS-TA-TED they were"
🇩🇪🇷🇴🇨🇮 "Come on !! 🇬🇷 on the bench, stark naked!"
🇫🇷 "Open bar guys!"
🇺🇸 "Yeah, devastated"
🇳🇴 "You don't seem ok, 🇬🇧"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, I'm in deep shit"
🇳🇴 "Why, because of Brexit?"
🇬🇧 "Hell yeah, you can't imagine!"
🇳🇴 "Please, it's not going to be the apocalypse, it's about your money?"
🇬🇧 "No, don't care about that, it goes up, it goes down, no ..."
🇳🇴 "Relationship with 🇪🇺?"
🇬🇧 "I've been pissing on it since 1973, I make him cuckold as soon and as much as I can, it can only go towards the best"
🇳🇴 "Ah, I know, are you going to have trouble keeping your promises on the NHS?"
🇬🇧 "Not even, it's so complex that people don't try to understand and believe everything I say"
🇳🇴 "So you've been lying for years and changing your mind every morning and they don't see that?"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, it's magic, we were right to smash public education"
🇳🇴 "So, what bothers you?"
🇬🇧 "Well, two things"
🇬🇧 "First, since 2016 we have only talked about Brexit, Brexit, Brexit and that I manage."
🇳🇴 "And?"
🇬🇧 "I can't do anything else, can't govern a country, I haven't done it since 2016, I forgot how to"
🇳🇴 "It's like cycling, you can't forget and then there are countries that are doing very well without government"
🇧🇪 "Fuck you!"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, but you wallow a bunch of times before ... nevertheless, not the most serious yet"
🇳🇴 "Is there something really serious?"
🇬🇧 "Deep shit"
🇳🇴 "So ?"
🇬🇧 "Well, with the postponement, we had elected european MEPs"
🇳🇴 "Yeah and?"
🇬🇧 "After Brexit, they will return back"
🇳🇴 "I don't understand!"
🇬🇧 "I HAVE TO TAKE BACK FARAGE HOME, Bwahahahahahaha"
🇳🇴 "Ah yeah ..."
🇬🇧 "It's awful ... it's a disgrace"
🇪🇺 "What?"
🇬🇧 "This departure is monstrous for the English"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 "Hey!"
🇬🇧 "You see, I don't even have the heart to told them to fuck off, while I love it for real, but what did I do? what can I do to fix it?"
🇭🇷 "Do you think he has second thoughts?"
🇪🇺 "Wait, there is something, can't be that reasonable"
🇬🇧 "I know it divided my underlings..."
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 "Hey!"
🇬🇧 "Silence Slaves!"
🇪🇺 "See, got it back"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, but it's not the same, I've no longer same juice"
🇭🇷"That's it, he regrets, he voted yesterday for Brexit and bazinga, he regrets now, he understood"
🇪🇺 "Wait, 🇬🇧, are you really sorry?"
🇬🇧 "Can't imagine, I know we've been discussing this for a long time, but when it becomes real, concrete, I ... I hadn't imagined."
🇬🇧 "If I could do something to go back on it... I will do it, right away."
🇭🇷 "By the Tavelic's Holy Gonads , that's it !!"
🇪🇺 "I tell you, there is a scam"
🇭🇷 "Everything is fine, it's forgotten, let's continue as before, as if nothing happened"
🇬🇧 "What's that nonsense?"
🇭🇷 "Well, Brexit, you regret leaving us, right?"
🇬🇧 "WHAT ! NEVER! Don't care about your used-to-be virgins' asses!"
🇭🇷 "What are you talking about then?
🇬🇧 "Abut #Megxit, Harry and Meghan are leaving for 🇨🇦, worst thing that has happened to me since 1973, at best"
🇭🇷 "But I ..."
🇪🇺 "Welcome to my life of the last three years"
🇭🇷 "I'm not going to bear that, in any way, can't !, bwaaaaaaa"
🇪🇺 "Don't you have better things to do than having a damn clock ringing?"
🇬🇧 "No, why?"
🇭🇷 "Is it going to be like this for 6 months?"
🇪🇺 "If we are lucky"
🇩🇪 "Well, by the way, how is it going to be?"
🇬🇧 "What's wrong McFly ? Chicken !"
🇩🇪 "No, I'm far-sighted, it's German, you can't understand"
🇬🇧 "Cotcotcotcotcot"
🇪🇺 "But are you going to shut up? In fact, on January 31, that retarded is normally outside, but ..."
🇭🇷 "But what?"
🇬🇧 "You will not get rid of me like that, na-na-na-na"
🇬🇧 launches pain ins arse, director's cut
🇪🇺 "They have ratified the withdrawal agreement, but after that, EU law will not cease to apply until 1 January.
🇩🇪 "2021?"
🇪🇺 "Hell yeah!"
🇪🇺 "There is a transition period, just to avoid a hard and brutal exit"
🇩🇪 "Wait, if I'm not wrong, we will have to negotiate with him before December 31, 2020 to find an agreement?"
🇪🇺 "Yeah"
🇩🇪 "With this retarded who took 3 and a half years just to decide how coming out?"
🇪🇺 "Yeah"
🇭🇷🇩🇪 "Nooooooo"
🇬🇧 "And you know what? I can ask for an extension ! one to two years more with me!"
🇵🇹🇸🇮🇫🇷🇨🇿 "NOOOO!!"
🇭🇷 "And what happens if we sign nothing?"
🇪🇺 "We apply the WTO rules"
🇭🇷 "Sorry ?
🇪🇺 "Customs taxes, fishing zones, access to the EU market all that"
🇬🇧 "Don't care!"
🇩🇪 "Don't you have a big financial center that needs some access to the EU market for your business?"
🇬🇧 "Don't care! Brexit means brexit"
🇫🇷 "You'll piss us off until the end, right?"
🇬🇧 "Until you weep tears of blood!"
🇪🇺 "And our 3.5 million nationals, on your soil ? do you remember that they must be able to stay, live with the same rights as your citizens?"
🇬🇧 "Don't know, maybe , if I want"
🇪🇺 "You promised ! That they would be granted "settled status".
🇬🇧 "Yeah, and?"
🇪🇺 And you granted them with the statutes "pre settled"
🇩🇪 "What does it change?"
🇪🇺 "Pre settled have to obtain the stelled statutes after, so risk of not getting it and being expelled"
🇬🇧 "It will depends if you are nice to me"
🇭🇷 "Blackmailer!"
🇬🇧 "No, trader"
🇬🇧 "Ah fuck, forgot that I had to pass the Brexit agreement in the redneck parliaments"
🇭🇷 "What?"
🇬🇧 "Well, my peons, my dodgers, my assholes, all those over whom eternal England reigns without weakening"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 "HEY !!"
🇬🇧 "Here, I present them to you, the stupid in dresses, the redheaded assholes and ... why are you silent?"
🇬🇧 "Ah, there you are, alcoholic terrorists"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿"What were you doing?"
ULSTER "WHAT IS IT! It's been 3 years without working assembly worked, we are rusty"
🇭🇷 "Uh, hi!"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿"I want to come with you, adopt me, this bastard has been abusing me for centuries, I can't bear it any more, help me"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 "Me not, but if I can piss off 🇬🇧!"
ULSTER "..."
🇬🇧 "Enough underlings, well, there you go, the Brexit agreement, you sign, that's all"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 "Uh, we want to read the stuff"
🇬🇧 "Why ?"
ULSTER "I don't know, as long as I don't join 🇮🇪"
🇭🇷 "Ah yes, he is a bit slow"
🇬🇧 "This is the last one, we are not sure he's not retarded"
ULSTER "I want to read the agreement"
🇬🇧 "You can't read!"
ULSTER "HEY !! Don't call me retarded!!"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 "I don't care, I vote against"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿"Me too"
🇭🇷 "Damn ... here we go again"
🇬🇧 "No, I have to ask them for opinion, but in reality, I simply don't care"
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 "You tyrant oppressor!"
🇬🇧 "It's good to have such a stable relationship for centuries"
🇬🇧 "Yeah, yeah, sweetheart"
🇭🇷 "I'm not going to survive"
🇪🇺 "You know, usually, I don't endorse alcoholism, but there''s circumstances!"
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