The wife of the CEO of Knowink gave $$$ to @GaSecofState who then chose Knowink’s reportedly awful e-poll books. h/t @FairGovGA

I wonder if this also happened in PA w/ @DeeleyforPhilly & @Commish_Schmidt.
cc: @RebeccaRhynhart @PAAuditorGen 1/ 2/ 3/
5/ Mitchell Milleville is the product developer for Knowink. h/t @rbchessi Per his LinkedIn, he was in College Republicans.
8/ Mitchell Milleville of Knowink (electronic poll book maker and supplier) used to campaign for Missouri Republican Ed Martin who is president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles.
9/ Schlafly was an American constitutional lawyer who supported anti-feminism, opposed abortion, and successfully campaigned against ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution.
10/ Sime Twitter posts from electronic poll book developer (for Knowink) Mitch Milleville:
11/ Electronic poll book developer Republican Mitch Milleville (of Knowink) is also the registered owner of this Christian tee-shirt company (h/t @saill):
Knowink electronic poll book developer Mitch Milleville previously worked on MO Republican Ed Martin’s campaign. Ed Martin is President of the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, which opposes the Equal Rights Amendment. 13/ 
Seems that Knowink has now gone international. #FFS 14/
Knowink e-poll books, used to activate new BMDs, failed all over LA county in March.
“‘It was beyond a disgrace!’ shouted one commenter. ‘This is undermining our democracy,’ said another. A 3rd put it...more bluntly: ‘Dude, you fucked up.’” 15/
This is the same type of reckless (too big to fail) set up that election officials in other jurisdictions—like Shelby County, TN—are rushing to put in place at polling places 4 November. What cld go wrong, other than everything? #BackupPaperVoterLists #HandMarkedPaperBallots 16/
Hand marked paper ballots don’t need to be activated. 17/
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