Interestingly, John Douglas Slim, son of the pervert Bill Slim, is a director of the Joint Arab-British Chamber of Commerce along with Jeremy Hanley, who succeeded Anthony Royle as MP for Barnes in the heyday of Elm Guest House.
It is quoted that Mountbatten claimed to have got David McNee the job of Metropolitan Commissioner. McNee was involved with the Martin Allen case, the Grunwick dispute and the Deptford fire. It is also claimed he protected Cyril Smith who abused boys at a Lambeth flat in 1981.
It runs in the family ...
A Battenberg and brother to Louis Mountbottom, Prince George Mountbatten's siblings were Princess Alice (mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to whom he was a mentor in Philip's adolescence, a role assumed after his death by his brother Louis).
George Mountbatten's two greatest accomplishments in life were a) to leave artefacts including a collection of sick pornography to the British Museum, and b) to pay for Phil the Greek to attend Gordonstoun, a bootcamp for the rich and decadent.
The convicted millionaire sex offender Charles Howeson, friend of BigEars and defended in court by Daniel Janner, son of paedophile Greville Janner, was chairman of Southwest Pathology Services. ...
But what has the pervert Howeson to do with Ellingworth?
Well, Louis Mountbatten's granddaughter, Amanda Ellingworth, was a former chair of Southwest Pathology Services.
It's a small world, ain't it?
When the Epstein story broke in 2011, the Queen sought to shore up Randy Andy's reputation with business engagements: Visits to companies making parts for bombs and fighter aircraft ... and lunch with a paedophile sailor who served on the Royal Britannia.
GOSH, ain't that a coincidence: Amanda Ellingworth is a Trust Board member at GOSH, Great Ormond Street Hospital. As we know, it was Amanda's grandpa who introduced Archpaedophile Savile to the Royals.
Do I see a pattern emerging?
Ellingworth's mother was VP of the NSPCC, an organisation which harboured paedophiles over the years. Her NSPCC colleague, Rosamund Hollande-Martin, née Hornby, was NSPCC chairman for nearly 20 years. Charles Hornby, close friend of BigEars and Playland convict, was her nephew.
Rosamund Holland-Martin's son Ben is now carrying on the family business with the children's charity NSPCC. Ben, also an Epstein contact, is the fourth generation of the Holland-Martin family to own Bell’s Castle.
Three paedos in a pod:
Who is Sir Claude Auchinleck, pictured with paedophiles Mountbatten and William Slim?
Well, historian Ronald Hyam claimed that Auchinleck was 'let off with a high-level warning' over his relationship with Indian boys!
But back to Ellingworth and Howeson, the pervert convicted of 10 counts of indecent assault: What does @briangukc have to say about Howeson? After all, they were on the boards of three companies together ...
And Ellingworth's co-director Commander Howeson was also co-director with Phillip Schofield at Radio Plymouth. Both Howeson and Schofield were close to Prince Charles, the latter via the Prince's trust.
Let's return to Ellingworth's brother Lord Brabourne: He was on the board of 3 companies together with MP Chris Chataway, Roger Bannister's running mate. According to today's @InquiryCSA Westminster report, it transpires that Chataway engaged in sexual activities with children.
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