Many UNDERESTIMATE how rich the rich are.

This simple calculation estimates the RANGE between an Amazon minimum pay worker, and the Amazon boss ... to be at least ~100k:
"Pen's Parade" #PensParade

Nice illustration of wealth difference, and inequality distribution in one picture.

Wikipedia: English page not as good:
Taxes sorted by income group 1950-2018
Nice image:

5000$ *365.24 *(2019-1492)= 0.96 billion
think about it
Visualisation of scale from US median to top
#shamefulinequality ( #TheRich thread)
TJ: 1,000,000,000 ?
SS: 60,000 !
TJ: 1,000,000,000 ?
SS: 60,000 !
... Hahaha, lol:
"The emissions are massively skewed to the lifestyles of relatively few people" [ #TheRich]
@KevinClimate talk at #ExtinctionRebellion
video snippets:
Distribute €100k to 100 people - how?
(thread #theRich)
#TheRich thread
Grains of RICE, to visualize #CapitalAccumulation that an unfettered capitalist amassed in < 1 generation:
25 rich families in Germany
What is the #DSM6 code for this mental illness that endangers ecosphere & humanity?
Richest 1% of EU households 41% of emission is ... plane travel. Incredible 55 tons of CO2eq per 1 person and year. #TheRich #Reiche

Interesting thread, in German:
98.6%. Countdown until this crosses 100% ?
VERY interesting THREAD: New data on #WealthInequality in Germany - example tweet = broken / neofeudal tax system:
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