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🔹Special Week

Born in Hokkaido, she moved to Tokyo. Special Week is well known for her bright character and positive thinking. She tries hard in everything she does and has an invincible fighting spirit. Despite getting frustrated sometimes, she never gives up.
🔸Silence Suzuka

A beautiful girl with a mysterious clarity who always seems to be in sorrow. She doesn’t show interest in anything except racing. However, as soon as she gets on the track, it’s made clear that running is what she was born to do.
🔹Tokai Teio

She has an unmatched enthusiasm for racing, and may often come off as prideful or cheeky. She works towards impressing the student council president, Symboli Rudolf, and winning the triple crown. Her one-of-a-kind dance, the Teio Step is famous throughout Tracen.
🔸 Vodka

A horse girl with a boyish disposition who despises being patronized or treated like a child. She may come off as naive or rebellious, but she actually has a pure heart. Her goal in life is to be recognized as a mature girl, which is why she may act rebellious.
🔹 Air Groove

Also known as “The Empress” for her track record being at the top of her class, as well as her grades. Her pride is well-fitting for her abilities, which may result in her coming off as arrogant. However, that’s due to her immense respect for racing.
🔸 El Condor Pasa

An American horse girl who may mix English into her sentences. She’s a lively and cheerful girl who possesses a hot fighting spirit. El’s goal is to be the strongest horse girl in the world. She plays the flamenco guitar and keeps her pet condor in her dorm.
🔹Oguri Cap

A country horse girl with a huge appetite. Despite her serious nature, she is quite naive, honest, and she often isn’t paying attention to the atmosphere around her. Her dedication is strong when it comes to both food and races.
🔸Grass Wonder

Grass Wonder is a mindful and softspoken girl. Although she was born in an American family, she is fluent in Japanese. She is well known as a good counselor who helps everyone carefully and cares deeply for others.
🔹Gold Ship

Contrary to her appearance, she is an ill-mannered, coarse and easygoing horse girl. She is quite stubborn and has a violently sharp tongue. She often jests around and rarely takes races or training seriously, and can usually be found pranking her fellow horse girls.
🔸Symboli Rudolf

The student council president, also known as “The Emperor”. She possesses a wise and calm demeanor. Despite her strict stance, she cares for the newly enrolled students and has a strong desire to protect them, as well as the school’s image.
🔹Taiki Shuttle

Taiki Shuttle is a joyful and bright fun-lover who often mixes English phrases into her words. She doesn't like to think about difficult things and mostly acts intuitively. Unrivaled in long distance races, Taiki is proud of her abilities.
🔸Daiwa Scarlet

She is an idol recognized by everyone, as her bright and gentle personality warms up others. But what is truly inside is a competitive and prideful perfectionist that hates losing. She’s concerned about her appearance, and has a rivalry with her roommate, Vodka.
🔹T.M. Opera O

Self-proclaimed as the "fastest, strongest, and most beautiful, genius horse girl in the world." T.M. Opera O is a narcissistic, tomboyish girl who always takes pride in her skills. Her charming, princely character makes her a favorite among the other horse girls.
🔸Narita Brian

Tough and stubborn, Narita Brian is a lone-wolf girl that rarely expresses any emotions. Due to her nature, other horse girls find her difficult to approach. On the inside, she is an ordinary, pure girl who adores cute, girly things and dislikes scary stories.
🔹Hishi Amazon

Despite her feral appearance, she has astounding running abilities. She protects the weak and crush their oppressors, just like a heroic delinquent. Other than her coarse and ferocious behavior, she is caring and trusting, truly just a pure-hearted girl.
🔹Fuji Kiseki

Fuji Kiseki is known to be quite suave in her mannerisms, and is said to be quite handsome. She is a dependable and straightforward horse girl, but often makes harmless jokes with people. She refers her female admirers as 'Pony-chan'.

Bright and beautiful, she’s a lovely ‘big sister’ that everyone admires. She possesses both the overwhelming speed and mesmerizing beauty of a “Supercar”. In accordance with that nickname, her hobby is driving circuits in her own favorite supercar.
🔹Mejiro McQueen

As one of the Mejiro family's pedigrees, she has a strong sense of pride though she is quite gullible and easily convinced. She may initially seem as a blunt and cold person, but she actually cares about others and will offer help when needed.
🔸Seiun Sky

She is a drowsy horse girl who rarely gets serious in most situations. Despite her seeming easygoing personality, she is capable of displaying astounding ability once she gets motivated. Covertly, she is a born trickster, able to trick rival racers during races.
🔹Yukino Bijin

A rustic girl who came to Tokyo from far in the countryside. With a resilient heart, she's a hard worker who perseveres to follow through on everything no matter what. Though she can speak standard Japanese, sometimes her hometown dialect slips out.
🔸Winning Ticket

An honest, straightforward horse girl who’s full of energy. She possesses an indomitable spirit and will stand back up more times than a persistent weed. She has a chronic disease in which she will break out in hives when under great stress or nervousness.
🔹Tamamo Cross

This horse girl’s small stature belies her proud, hungry soul. Her nickname is “White Lightning.” Quick to get into a fight, she’s apt to bite at anything (in the verbal and physical way). She crawled her way out of poverty, gaining street smarts.
🔸Seeking the Pearl

A bilingual American horse girl who calls herself the “True Pearl Princess.” She possesses great confidence in her good looks, nice figure, and ability. Her goal is to reach the international level: “I’m not like some ship that only stops in domestic waters!”
🔹Manhattan Café

At first she may seems a bit eerie and ghostlike, but the truth is that trainers greatly appreciate her earnest disposition. She wants nothing more than to have fun participating in the race. She's also an active actress.
🔸Tosen Jordan

A trendy, metropolitan horse girl whose past time is nail care. She often behaves indifferently and doesn’t bother making friends with trainers. Though at first she may seem superficial, the truth is that she has a fiery, competitive personality and hates losing.
🔹Haru Urara

This energetic horse girl has an unending optimism and fighting spirit despite never winning a single race. She may not have a lot of skill or talent, but she still brightens up the everyday life in the academy.
🔸Kawakami Princess

A beautiful horse girl who left her hometown to become a true princess. She normally has a pragmatic personality, but is a romanticist at heart and has earnestly wished she could run away with a knight ever since she was young.
🔹Mejiro Ryan

She possesses a wholesome mind and is capable of converting the frustration of a loss into motivation for the next race. Her favorite pasttime is muscle training. Though you might not expect it, she’s one of the daughters from the prestigious Mejiro family.

An eccentric horse girl who loves supernatural things. She believes that luck is the most important factor in a race, and seems to display astounding ability on lucky holidays (perhaps it’s just her mindset?) She has a wholesome, good-natured personality.
🔹Fine Motion

A horse girl from a distinguished family of top-class ladies, and an exchange student from Ireland. Because she was very sheltered growing up, she has a naive fascination with ordinary things. She likes to take initiative and is always up for a challenge.
🔸Smart Falcon

A twinkling, cute, self-proclaimed “umadol” (Uma Musume + Idol). She’s exceedingly adorable, and undoubtedly has the cheery demeanor of an idol, though when it comes to the reason for her career she’s unbelievably motivated. She has a dreamlike aura about her.
🔹Narita Taishin

A small-statured, but strong-hearted girl. Her attitude towards trainers is more than just hostile, she vocally rejects them outright, and considers all of them annoying. She seems cold and sarcastic, but she hides a burning passion for running in her heart.
🔸Air Shakur

An eccentric horse girl in both personality and appearance. The trainer coaching her is decided upon by a lottery, perhaps because they’re afraid of her ferocity. The truth is that she’s exceedingly intelligent, her specialty being computer hacking.
🔹Gold City

A gorgeous girl who used to be a famous child actress, and is currently considered the “cutest horse girl of the century”. However, she’s not perfect. She’s late to practice almost every day because she gets morning hypotension that makes her a bit unsteady.
🔸Super Creek

A gentle, carefree, and motherly sister figure. She dotes on others, and is full of patience. But in contrast to her healing power, in a race she can overwhelm all adversaries with her endless stamina. Her hobby is helping promising new trainers.
🔹Inari One

A plucky horse girl who is a true child of Edo, though she actually comes from the countryside. She’s small, but possesses infinite power and stamina. Her strength was unmatched in her local series, and she was known as the “Downtown Superstar.”
🔸Nishino Flower

A genius who shows matchless strength at short distances despite being so young. Her skills as a horse girl were graded so highly that she skipped several grades from elementary school to Tracen Academy. Her dream is to grow up to be a responsible adult.
🔹Biko Pegasus

A rascal horse girl who hates losing. Though she’s small in stature, she’s gutsy by nature and will challenge anyone to a race. She loves anime and tokusatsu, and someday hopes to become a hero herself, so that she can give her own fans hopes and dreams.
🔸Hishi Akebono

A large horse girl in both size and heart. She’s always smiling cheerfully and has a cheerful disposition. She considers her physique to be a wonderful defining characteristic for herself. She makes the best of her non-standard running physique in races.
🔹Bamboo Memory

A horse girl with hot-blooded fighting spirit. She’s feared as the “Demon Chairman of the Public Morals Committee.” She loves running, but doesn’t use tricks or foul tactics, and her creed is to only defeat others in fair and direct head-to-head confrontations.
🔸Marvelous Sunday

The Ultimate Positive-Thinking girl. Though she’s cheerful, she sometimes toys with trainers with her mysteriously positive outlook and overly optimistic predictions. She hopes to win the championship so that she can get all the sweets she could ever want.
🔹Mihono Bourbon

A genius at hard work, stoically breaking down overwhelmingly large quantities of practice. She is one of the most skilled students in the academy who doesn’t mind helping others. Many students seem to think she’s a cyborg due to her constant stoic nature.
🔸Sweep Tosho

A horse girl who is a self-styled witch. She crosses her arms when she doesn’t get her way, and she’ll even stay that way for 30 minutes without moving. Her favorite anime is called “Mahou Shoujo Sweepy” and she’s always wanted to become a magical girl like Sweepy.
🔹Ines Fujin

“Eat well, run well!” is this bishoujo horse girl’s motto. She’s the main pillar of her family and provides for her little sister. She’s a fantastic, reliable sister who does all the chores for her family. She loves eating, and is always carrying portable snacks.
🔸Biwa Hayahide

A cool, intelligent, and talented horse girl with beautiful silver hair. She analyzes the best way to achieve victory in a race by using calculation and logic. She’s the polar opposite of her younger sister, the uncouth and brusque Narita Brian.
🔹Sakura Bakushin O

A horse girl with a strong passion for justice. She’s a class representative at Tracen Academy who cares deeply about keeping trouble off of the campus. Her wreckless and impatient tendencies often don’t end well, but she has good intentions in her actions.
🔸Shinko Windy

A horse girl known to bite others during races. She believes that “where there’s a will, there’s a way” when it comes to sports, and tries to do everything with fighting spirit, hard work, and guts. She loves playing pranks (specifically on trainers).
🔹Agnes Tachyon

A horse girl labelled as “the smartest of her time”. No one has seen her maximum abilities, thus her true skills are still unknown. Her personality is logical, intelligent, and eccentric. She’s not at all malicious, and in fact has a jovial, playful disposition.
🔸Zenno Rob Roy

A quiet girl predisposed towards reading literature. She loves reading books about everything from biographies to historical fantasy. She has an introverted disposition, but rises to the occasion at critical moments, surprising everyone with her courageous side.
🔹Meisho Doto

Though she has skill, she’s a shy, negative-thinking horse girl who is quite mild-mannered. She’s always shivering out of fear. Because of this, despite her skill, she doesn’t win races too often, defeated by her own low self-confidence.
🔸Rice Shower

Also known as the “Record-Breaking Black Assassin.” She’s become a villain due to her unfortunate childhood. Despite that, her personality is honest and pure. Though destiny has played a cruel joke on her, she’s a beautiful girl who fights with all of her strength.
🔹Admire Vega

A horse girl who was predicted to have great skill from a young age. She seems unusually indifferent towards racing, but doesn’t go a day without practicing. She holds great hostility towards not only trainers, but all officials in the Twinkle Series.
🔸Curren Chan

An exceedingly precocious and modern girl. She’s so casual with trainers that she’s liable to just refer to them as “bro.” Though she’s a bit naive, she shows incredible ability once flattered. She’s unmatched when it comes to running short distances.
🔹Agnes Digital

Also known as an “Uma Musume Otaku,” she has an obsession with other horse girls. However, she can’t stick to one hobby, always getting in over her head in every kind of pastime, making her kind of an oddball. Her personality is oblivious, but optimistic.
🔸Eishin Flash

A horse girl who was born and raised in Germany. She has quite a diligent and methodical personality, and adheres to her schedule down to the second. Also, she has a strong sense of moral obligation, always returns favors, and will keep a promise until death.
🔹Nakayama Festa

A horse girl who possesses a unique, lone wolf personality. She loves solitude, and is a hard-boiled risk taker who finds fierce races to be her reason for existing. She may have a cold exterior, but her hobby is horticulture and she grows violets at her house.
🔸Mayano Top Gun

A genius girl who commands all styles of running, changing it up at will. She’s quite a rambunctious troublemaker. In any case, she runs based on how she’s feeling, and has an inconsistent race record (though it seems she doesn’t care about that at all).
🔹Mejiro Dober

A horse girl from the high-class Mejiro family. At first glance, she seems like a cold, stern, and difficult-to-approach girl, however she’s just extremely shy. She’s especially closed off to men, and will leave the room if one is around.
🔸Nice Nature

Having had a long streak of losses, she’s a horse girl with very bad luck. Though she would normally not qualify to attend Tracen Academy, she has outstanding skill and has amazing common sense. She is only held back by her persistent unluckiness.
🔹King Halo

A prideful and resilient horse girl whose motto is “I won’t give up!” She’s a top-class and egotistical lady with fine taste whose jealously often gets the better of her. She holds true to her motto and gives her all whenever she steps foot on the track.
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