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A long thread about Amanda Ellingworth, granddaughter of Mountbottom, coming on ...
Lady Amanda Ellingworth is the granddaughter of the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, (uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh). Like many of those listed in Epstein's little black book, she has long been heavily involved with child protection.
Let's take a closer look ...
Ellingworth married novelist and property entrepreneur Charles Vincent Ellingworth in 1987; he is the eldest child of six in a Leicestershire Catholic family, who attended paedo-ridden Ampleforth College.
Ellingworth's directorships bring her into contact with many names I have already covered in depth.
Let's begin with Plan International where she was director until 2016. One of her fellow directors was Janet Olivia Boateng (1998 - 2008), wife of Aegis director Paul Boateng, visitor to Angell Rd. children's home.

Harriet Harman's successor as NCCL legal officer, Marie Staunton, another Plan Int'l director, openly defended their PIE affiliation in an astonishingly frank statement of September 1983, which reflected the continued hold of the sexual rights agenda. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2570675/The-Lefts-web-shame-Its-not-just-Harman-Dromey-Hewitt-As-reveal-members-Britains-ruling-liberal-elite-held-senior-posts-NCCL-closely-linked-paedophiles.html
Like so many others in the NCCL/PIE saga, Staunton, now a CBE, has gone on to have an elevated public career, enjoying spells as the British director of Amnesty International and deputy director of Unicef in the UK, and head of the international charity Plan International.
Philippa Frankl was Head of Programmes at the Prince's Trust (2006 to 2008). It was Frankl who, as its Executive Director, led the integration of Street Kids International into Plan UK.
Street Kids Int'l was founded by the paedophile Peter Dalglish. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/09/nepal-jails-canadian-former-un-official-for-sexually-abusing-boys
One of Ellingworth's co-directors at Caldecott was Ronald Waterhouse, the man the Establishment put in charge of the NW child abuse whitewash, overseen by Brittan's protégé Hague. Waterhouse was a close friend of Brittan and holidayed with him at Geoffrey Howe's place in Tuscany.
Ronald Waterhouse was a member of the Cambridge Union together with the serial paedophile Greville Janner, a man who avoided prosecution over decades according to the Crown Prosecution Service. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3041209/Labour-s-Janner-not-charged-alleged-child-abuse-Prosecutors-say-not-public-peer-86-trial-age-dementia.html
Another fellow director at Caldecott was William Utting, the first Chief Inspector of Social Services for England. In June 1996, Utting was commissioned by John Major’s Health Secretary Stephen Dorrell to review the adequacy of safeguards for children living away from home.
This came after the convictions for the abuse of children in care in north Wales. Utting’s review was commissioned at exactly the same time as the Waterhouse Inquiry and can be deemed to have had the same intention, i.e. that of covering up the truth. https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/tag/william-utting/
Sir William Utting was a friend of Brian Roycroft, the Director of Social Services for Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 1971-93. Roycroft sent scores of children in the care of his department to the Bryn Alyn Community in north Wales.
Source: Dr. Sally Baker.
Roycroft continued to send children there even after complaints of the most serious abuse were made. Former residents of Bryn Alyn remember Roycroft visiting the ‘community’ and not batting an eye lid at the conditions there.
It is alleged that Roycroft was friends with John Allen, the man involved with organised crime who owned and ran Bryn Alyn, a man with multiple convictions for child abuse. He recommended Bryn Alyn to other Directors of Social Services in the north east. https://twitter.com/ciabaudo/status/1158743976125575169?s=19
Caldecott director William Utting's colleagues make for very interesting reading:
Amanda Ellingworth, Geoffrey Epstein's Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Amanda's father Lord Brabourne were governors or directors of Gordonstoun.
How surprising that files on child sex abuse at Gordonstoun vanished into thin air!
Who would have thunk it?
Although much is known about Ellingworth's (née Knatchbull) directorships, little can be found about her time as a social worker in various London boroughs at the height of the abuse of children in care.
I wonder which boroughs employed her?
No matter which charity Amanda Ellingworth presided over as director, it was invariably beset by paedophilia and coverups.
So, too, Bernardo's, where she has been since 2010:
Just 6 months after these revelations, Prince Charles, Barnardo's Patron, received Amanda Ellingworth (Deputy Chairman) at Clarence House.
Amanda Ellingworth's mother and daughter of Kincora's Mountbatten, Lady Brabourne, was vice-president of the NSPCC, another organisation which harboured paedophiles and their protectors over the years.
For many years, Mountbatten was secretly lining Amanda up as a future queen. Prince Charles proposed to Amanda who, as granddaughter of Mountbatten was his second cousin, but was turned down. She later married the property developer Charles Ellingworth.
Ellingworth's father, Lord Brabourne, was a governor of several schools including  Gordonstoun (1964 - 94), and aide-de-camp to two paedophiles: William Slim in India and Rear-Admiral Louis Mountbatten.
Lord Brabourne, born John Ulick Knatchbull, was a leading film producer. As a director with Thames Television, he produced a number of films based on Agatha Christie's murder mysteries, including 'Murder on the Orient Express', 'Death on the Nile', and 'The Mirror Crack'd'.
Several men say they were abused as children by Sir William Slim, Chief Scout of the Commonwealth, in the 1950s at Fairbridge (sic!) Farm school in Molong, NSW.
The nature of the abuse was so serious that a road in Canberra named after him was renamed.
Interestingly, John Douglas Slim, son of the pervert Bill Slim, is a director of the Joint Arab-British Chamber of Commerce along with Jeremy Hanley, who succeeded Anthony Royle as MP for Barnes in the heyday of Elm Guest House.
It is quoted that Mountbatten claimed to have got David McNee the job of Metropolitan Commissioner. McNee was involved with the Martin Allen case, the Grunwick dispute and the Deptford fire. It is also claimed he protected Cyril Smith who abused boys at a Lambeth flat in 1981.
It runs in the family ...
A Battenberg and brother to Louis Mountbottom, Prince George Mountbatten's siblings were Princess Alice (mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to whom he was a mentor in Philip's adolescence, a role assumed after his death by his brother Louis).
George Mountbatten's two greatest accomplishments in life were a) to leave artefacts including a collection of sick pornography to the British Museum, and b) to pay for Phil the Greek to attend Gordonstoun, a bootcamp for the rich and decadent.

The convicted millionaire sex offender Charles Howeson, friend of BigEars and defended in court by Daniel Janner, son of paedophile Greville Janner, was chairman of Southwest Pathology Services. ...

But what has the pervert Howeson to do with Ellingworth?
Well, Louis Mountbatten's granddaughter, Amanda Ellingworth, was a former chair of Southwest Pathology Services.
It's a small world, ain't it?
When the Epstein story broke in 2011, the Queen sought to shore up Randy Andy's reputation with business engagements: Visits to companies making parts for bombs and fighter aircraft ... and lunch with a paedophile sailor who served on the Royal Britannia.
GOSH, ain't that a coincidence: Amanda Ellingworth is a Trust Board member at GOSH, Great Ormond Street Hospital. As we know, it was Amanda's grandpa who introduced Archpaedophile Savile to the Royals.
Do I see a pattern emerging? https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/brexit-fantasies-crumbling-on-contact-with-hard-reality-1.4022596?mode=amp#.XYNSAez9RUU.twitter
Ellingworth's mother was VP of the NSPCC, an organisation which harboured paedophiles over the years. Her NSPCC colleague, Rosamund Hollande-Martin, née Hornby, was NSPCC chairman for nearly 20 years. Charles Hornby, close friend of BigEars and Playland convict, was her nephew.
Rosamund Holland-Martin's son Ben is now carrying on the family business with the children's charity NSPCC. Ben, also an Epstein contact, is the fourth generation of the Holland-Martin family to own Bell’s Castle.
Three paedos in a pod:
Who is Sir Claude Auchinleck, pictured with paedophiles Mountbatten and William Slim?
Well, historian Ronald Hyam claimed that Auchinleck was 'let off with a high-level warning' over his relationship with Indian boys!
But back to Ellingworth and Howeson, the pervert convicted of 10 counts of indecent assault: What does @briangukc have to say about Howeson? After all, they were on the boards of three companies together ...
And Ellingworth's co-director Commander Howeson was also co-director with Phillip Schofield at Radio Plymouth. Both Howeson and Schofield were close to Prince Charles, the latter via the Prince's trust.
Let's return to Ellingworth's brother Lord Brabourne: He was on the board of 3 companies together with MP Chris Chataway, Roger Bannister's running mate. According to today's @InquiryCSA Westminster report, it transpires that Chataway engaged in sexual activities with children.
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