Post 9/11 thread for people to post the wildest shit they remember from 01 to 06

I'll start:

People thought Osama had an entire mountain hollowed out that he was using as his base and that's why AQ was hard to find and that somehow a group of like 30 dudes arranged this.
The speaker of the house was a pedophile wrestling coach

Men bought cases of french wine and poured them into the Chesapeake because France refusing to join OIF

We created 'freedom barricades' and 'free speech zones' to ensure racists felt safe.
We put a half dozen kids the heritage foundation didn't think were good enough to hire themselves in charge of Iraqs $16b national budget.

We had a doctor who created surgical dick lengthening procedures act as our representative to the lead religious authority in Iraq.
The CIA rehabbed Gadarfi very very fast because they needed a win and by having Gadaffi hand us a bunch of old chemical weapons we probably gave him we looked like we were doing something.
Several pallets
The CIA was both screaming at the top of their lungs that we needed to fight against domestic drug dealers while they were also organizing and running opium growing operations in the hindu kush to help fund their secret wars.
Toby Keith wrote an entire song about how we need to kill arabs.
We found out that the president interviewed dozens of military experts to find one who wouldn't be such a downer about invading Iraq.

Dick Cheney was discovered to have a map carving Iraq up with the locations of what oil companies get what chunk of the country prior to invasion
We created a Do Not Fly list with like 900k names on it.

We unironically had multiple news debate programs where a conservative would argue about the sanctity of life irt stem cell research, and then in less than 5 minutes talk about the necessity of killing muslims.
Bill Maher was taken off air for saying the one smart thing he ever uttered:

"We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That's cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, [it's] not cowardly."
Tom Clancy, a guy who's entire shtick is writing revenge fantasies about killing non-Americans, was nicer to/about muslims on 9/11/01 than most democrats were for the following decade:
A senator was caught on tape saying he wishes desegregation had never happened and not only was he never unseated, he ended up becoming the Republican minority senate leader and then quit to make some cash lobbying.
Strom Thurmond, the one mentioned above, dies @ 100 yo. Immediately his 78 year old daughter reveals that he was her father and proves it. Her mother was Thurmonds maid who he raped when she was a minor and he was in his 20’s. He ran a segregationist campaign over 20 years later
A lobbyist named Jack Abramoff is caught in one of the largest bribery scandals ever. Virtually nothing happens to any of the people named.

His idea of dressing himself so no one catches onto him was to dress like this:
The House Majority leader was caught up in this scandal and the Republican party tried to tell everyone that this was just Democrats trying to weaken our country so the terrorists can win and George Bush will then look bad.
An anti-gay Republican Senator is caught trying to get a blow job from a man in an airport bathroom. He then tried to claim it was all a misunderstanding. He claimed he was just tapping his foot, leaving out the part where he was reaching under the stall divider lol.
Scalia, a supreme court justice, cites the show 24 in regards to a Supreme court decision.
A week after 9/11 Bush calls the war against Afghanistan a crusade.

In the era of the patriot act being discussed, the Attorney General freaked out about a statue of justice having tits and draped a bedsheet over her so no one could see them sweet marble breasts.
2007: Bush’s AIDS czar, Randall Tobias, mandated that organizations oppose prostitution in order to receive American aid. It later emerged that Randy was a client of the D.C. Madam, though he claimed he only bought “massages” (presumably with a happy ending).
2005: A fake reporter named Jeff Gannon asked a softball question at a Bush press conference. He was later revealed to be a gay porn star working for a rightwing site owned by a Texas-based Republican activist.
After Democrats spent years thinking Karl Rove was a master genius, it turned out he just knew a good hacker and had been forwarding DNC emails. Magically once the hacker was caught Rove's political analysis became useless.
The guy put in charge of Iraqs economy thought the answer to dealing with widespread hunger and deprivation was the free market. He created investment firms to try and get capital to factories in a literal war zone and then got confused why no one was investing.
He then gave some money to lots of iraqis as a begrudging welfare program, but he did it through single use credit cards.

90% of Iraqs phone lines were down and accordingly no one could process payments from the cards.
The Bush administration was fucking wild, and often just deleted shredded lots of stuff the moment there was a FOIA request. They routinely framed journalists making FOIA requests as terrorist enablers.
The Vice President told a senator to "Go Fuck Yourself" on the floor of the capital after the senator apologized for having to investigate ties from the VPs office to the company he was CEO of.
The VP also shot a man in the face (and was rumored to be drunk out of his mind when he did it) and forced him to apologize for getting shot.
Something like a third of all the white house appointees were graduates of unaccredited christian colleges and many of the HR issues that resulted from that nutty af atmosphere are still sealed.
The president of the united states announced in a pre-written speech that every nation is either with america or an enemy of america.

The president didn't clear this with the state department at all and we lost TONS of allies in ways that took over a decade to recover from.
The vetting process for people running the iraq war was based entirely on how optimistic they were. Several people, including die hard military hawks like Jim Webb, were ignored roundly because they accurately stated any war with Iraq would be a moronic boondoggle.
We ran the most expensive military exercise ever to show the world that the US could annihilate Iran. In the exercise the US military leader who role played Iran absolutely destroyed billions of dollars worth of military hardware and 20,000 troops
The game was then shut off, relaunched, but with new rules that rigged the game to show that we're number one.

Oh also, the entire goal with Iraq was to take it over as a staging ground for Iran. Iraq wasn't even the fucking entree.
It turned out years later that the intelligence reports used by both the UK and US to invade Iraq were not only bogus, but many of them were sources literally just explaining a scene from the hit movie The Rock and pretending they were real.
The largest international protest ever at that point was the protest against invading Iraq. I was part of it. The news pretended it was much much smaller than it was and said there couldn't be that many unpatriotic Americans.
Several house members engaged in counter protesting including lots of Democrats.

Chelsea Clinton notoriously marched against protesters while she was in Oxford and was making fun of them. She later kept lying about her role in this and to my knowledge has refused to acknowledge
Narrator: "They weren't connected"
After telling people that the US could topple any moment and that we were more fragile than ever, the president choked on a pretzel while eating alone and passed out.
Oh yeah, a football star left a career full of money on the table to serve his country. He immediately found out the war was total bullshit, and after he started making a ruckus about it a US soldier shot him in the back of the head 'by mistake' ala Webb
POTUS office was asked why he was pulled over for drunk driving in the 70s. His people said it was because he was 'driving too slow'.

Everyone who heard this thought it was such bullshit that someone researched it and the answer is that he drove into a hedge and passed out.
POTUS accidentally confirmed that he loved cocaine.

When asked if when he signed paperwork for the TX governorship that said he hadn't done any illegal drugs in 10 years was he lying, he said "Absolutely not".
A smart reporter asked "What if you had been asked to sign it ten years earlier?" he said he wouldn't dignify that question with a response.
Oh yeah, the president stole the election.

FL was polling like D+3 days before the election. Bush's brother purged black names from the polls as well as 'like sounding names' and then once the recount began dudes in nice suits literally just walked in and shut down the recount
btw, the guy who coordinated and was doing the brunt of the work to shut down the recount?

You've seen him before:
btw, this is why you punish corruption and you don't do Obama's bullshit "The past is the past" nonsense.

Not only does it destroy what little standard of truth exists, but all the players you don't punish will be institutionally rewarded by your opposition.
Steve Mnuchin 100% exists as a thing because Harris didn't prosecute him.

Regardless of whether it was because of a campaign finance payment, it's honestly irrelevant, the bigger issue is not moving forward on high profile white collar crimes.
Doug Stanhope pissed off Fox News with a bit about how Al Qaeda clearly doesn't hate us for our freedoms because there's nations in Europe that are much freer and they go un-9/11'd

Patrice O'Neal got a fox crew to burst out laughing mid segment while talking about free speech.
Fun fact: I thought my dad died on 9/11.

Bush's people kept insisting that Al Qaeda wanted John Kerry to win
Seriously, despite Bush failing to stop 9/11 the entire Republican theme was "Kerry is weak and going to get us 9/11'd"
In 2004 Dems became OBSESSED with electability and getting W out of office. Instead of choosing the candidate who had the most grassroots support and the most active and enthusiastic base, they instead chose the 'reasonable electable' one.
They chose Kerry because he was a highly decorated war hero.

So Republicans immediately just denied that he had ever earned any of his commendations, some even denying he was IN vietnam, and then made fun of his purple hearts by wearing bandages and saying "Aww he got a boo boo"
This ad lol
Oh yeah, The NYT just straight up published completely unsubstantiated facts. They also published a TON of fake stories from Jayson Blair. When other media caught wind, NYT blamed it on racial quotas lol.
You know what else was created in 2003? The Department of Homeland Security and it's baby agency, ICE.

ICE was immediately used to terrorize undocumented immigrants nationwide and has continued to this day.

If you got this far, consider supporting @RAICESTEXAS and @MALDEF
Also, support people doing great grassroots advocacy work! @MOVE_texas @JoltAction @alliance4youth @DSAHouston
If you're bored enough to get down here, here's a thread about the roving gangs of white supremacists that went around hunting black people in Katrina that the media largely ignored:
Couple more: @NamedomRan reminded me of this:
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