#BREAKING: Miami Commissioner "Pay 2 Play" @KeonHardemon reschedules vote to screw over residents and help rich owners of new private school that opened illegally right after they give him $10,000 because Miami https://www.crespogramnews.com/sept-11th---how-easy-it-is-to-buy-politicians-in-miami.html
This was straight up graft, quid pro quo, as corrupt as it gets. It's how business gets done here. A fast, simple transaction. Easy as 1-2-3:

1. You have an issue in @CityofMiami
2. Pay @KeonHardemon
3. Keon works for you, residents be damned

I'll break it down...
1. July 18th: Miami residents appeal the city's zoning exception to allow Centner Academy, a $24,000-a-year for-profit preschool in District 5 where @KeonHardemon is commissioner. A hearing is scheduled for September 26th.
2. July 29th: Academy co-founders David and Leila Centner make 10 separate $1,000 "donations" from their various entities to @KeonHardemon's campaign for Miami-Dade County commissioner.
3. August 15th: @KeonHardemon personally intervenes to move up hearing to 9/12, giving residents less time to prepare and burying the item in regular commission meeting instead of Planning & Zoning where it belongs. Residents request extension, usually granted, and it's declined.
Six days later, the Centner Academy opened illegally without a Certificate of Occupancy and the owners hired @MiamiMayor's law firm to lobby the city for them, an illegal and unethical conflict of interest because Miami: https://www.law.com/dailybusinessreview/2019/08/30/ethics-question-shrouds-miami-preschools-hiring-of-attorney-at-mayors-law-firm/
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