In this thread, I have documented the violence against Muslims in India after 1950. Since there is a lot of whataboutery on the violence during the partition, I have collected the data AFTER the partition and the implementation of the Indian constitution.


As Arundhati Roy has said, Hindu Rashtra is already there since 1947. After 1950, Muslims families have been brutally massacred, jailed, tortured, raped, displaced and properties destroyed. In many cases, it is done with the direct or indirect support of the State.

For an in-depth analysis, there are many research papers and books available. It is also not possible to cover all the pogroms here because of the sheer numbers, so I have recorded only the major ones.

Rumors of cow slaughter, or rape/kidnapping/eve-teasing, or desecration of a temple, or disturbances in religious processions, etc. are the triggers which start these genocides. The objective of this thread is to raise awareness and call for a reform in the society.

The anti-Muslim pogroms during the 50s were less, the number of lives lost during this decade was 316. Maybe the Muslim massacres during 1947 had quenched the thirst for a few years. From the 60s, communal riots appear to be systematically engineered.

1961 Jabalpur - 55 Muslims killed, 158 injured, many houses burnt. Hindutva mob locked 14 Muslims in a house, including some children, and set fire to the house and burnt all of them alive.

1964 Calcutta - Between 400-500 Muslims killed. 70,000 Muslims fled their homes. Muslims in Calcutta became more ghettoized than ever in the aftermath of this pogrom.

1964 Rourkela, Jamshedpur, etc. - 2000 Muslims killed in different parts of Bihar, Orissa and MP. Hindutva mobs were given a free hand by the administration. Due to the involvement of RSS, M.S. Golwalkar was arrested.

1967 Ranchi-Hatia riots- Urdu was proposed to be 2nd language, it was opposed by Jan Sangh and its leader Deen Dayal Upadhyay. This dispute led to anti-Muslim violence in Ranchi where 184 Muslims were killed. 195 shops looted and burnt, three mosques desecrated.

1968 Aurangabad – Rumor (fake news!) of injury to a cow by a Muslim. Loot and arson by RSS - Jan Sangh and *Congress* workers. Since the Congress candidate in Aurangabad was a Muslim, Jan Sangh approached the masses on a purely communal platform.

1968 Karimganj, Assam - Again a cow. 41 Muslims killed. Hindu traders of the region resented the fact that the Muslim traders had an edge over them, due to their relations with the Muslim population in East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

1969 Gujarat riots - Again involves some Sadhus and Cows. Around 500 - 600 Muslims were killed. Muslims lost approx. 32 million worth of property. 6071 properties destroyed. More than 100 mosques, dargah, etc. damaged and destroyed.

1970 Bhiwandi - 59 Muslims killed. Abusive slogans were shouted against Muslims in Shiv Jayanti processions, violence started, and a Muslim genocide was conducted. Remember "Action ka Reaction"? It is not something new.

1970 Jalgaon - 42 Muslims Killed. Properties worth 3.4 Million Rs. destroyed of Muslims. It later spread to other areas like Thane and Kalyan. Majority of people killed were Muslims and almost all properties destroyed belonged to the Muslims.

1972 Ferozabad and Banaras - Agitation by Hindu groups to end the minority status of AMU. The agitation turned into violence against Muslims, 23 Muslims killed, arson and looting of Muslim properties.

1976 Delhi - Turkman Gate demolition and the ensuing murders of Muslims. Around 15 Muslims killed by the Police.

1977 Varanasi – First some Hindu students and Muslim weavers clashed. Police went to the Muslim locality and beat up the weavers. In another incident, a Durga Puja procession forcefully entered a Muslim locality. 5 Muslims killed, loot and arson by Police and Hindu mob.

1978 Aligarh - 30 Muslims killed due to a rumor (Fake News!) that the Muslims had killed one Hindu.

One of the reasons behind this was the jealousy around the huge and famous lock industry in Aligarh where Muslims were doing fairly well.

1978 Muradabad - A Hindu religious procession led to anti-Muslim violence. 15 Muslims were killed, 100+ shops were destroyed.

Muradabad is a major industrial hub too.

The systemic targetting of the cities where Muslims had a stronghold in the business is noteworthy.

1979 Jamshedpur - A Ramnavmi procession was organized by the RSS, and it persuaded the administration to let them pass through a Muslim area. The Muslims agreed, and when the procession of 15,000 passed, violence erupted and 120 people were killed, mostly Muslims.

The gov inquiry concluded that the RSS did meticulous planning for this genocide. Recently Hinduised Adivasis took an active part in attacking the economically well-off Muslims of Jamshedpur. ‘The Hindu’ called it a Holocaust.

1980 Muradabad – Est. as high as 2500 Muslim killed. A Muslim-Police conflict turned into a genocide. A pig entered an Eidgah during Eid prayers, Muslims and PAC had an altercation, PAC attacked the Muslims, many including children died in a stampede at the Eidgah.

The PAC played a major role in this genocide, and in one particular incident, 15 Muslims were killed by the PAC. Riots in Moradabad were followed by Biharsharif, Merrut, Rampur, Aligarh, Bareilly, Baroda, Bhiwandi, Pune and Sholapur.

1981 Biharsharif - Yadavs and Muslims had a conflict about Qabristan land. RSS utilized this conflict and further increased the violence. 150-200 Muslims killed, 12 houses burnt down. Few senior RSS leaders arrested.

Just a side note: Almost every year during this time, communal clashes are going on in Godhra, Gujarat.
1982 Meerut - In the elections in 1980, a Muslim MLA Manzoor Ahmad of INC was elected, displacing the BJP candidate Mohan Lal Kapoor, and Mohsina Kidwai was elected as the MP. RSS Chief B.S. Deoras visited Meerut in January 1982.

After his visit, a dispute over a Shiv temple and a Mazaar started becoming serious. Soon after, the pogroms broke out. Around 100 Muslims killed (42 killed in police firing).126 Muslim houses and 3 mosques damaged.

1982 Baroda, Gujarat - 19 riots occurred in the city in a short span of 10 months. 17 Muslims killed. The competition between Hindu and Muslims illicit liquor traders aggravated the jealousy and resulted in the organized brutality against the Muslims.

1983 Nellie massacre, Assam - Due to Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s instigation, 4000-5000 Bengali speaking Muslims were killed. The state dismissed all the cases against the killers and not a single person was prosecuted after Rajiv Gandhi signed the Assam Accord.

Nellie massacre has many connections to the current Assam NRC. The ethnic hatred towards the Bengali speaking Muslims lead to the demands of their disenfranchisement. The politics being played to keep Assam happy come at a cost of Muslims which are the scapegoats.

1983 Malegaon - The bursting of crackers before the Jama Masjid to celebrate the victory of the Indian Cricket Team in the World Cup led to the anti-Muslim violence. 4 Muslims killed.

1983 Hyderabad - The anti-Muslim violence started with the desecration of a mosque on the incitement of BJP, VHP and Arya Samaj, followed by the call for a bandh by MIM party. Total 115 Muslims killed.

1984 Bhiwandi - Placement of Saffron flag on top of mosque, Bal Thackrey's alleged comments on Prophet Mohammad, jealousy from the success of Muslims in Powerloom industry some of the reasons. 278 Muslims killed, 500 houses burnt, loss of property worth Rs. 2000 million.

1985 Ahmedabad – Approx. 275 Muslims killed in Anti-Muslim violence. Anti-Muslim slogans chanted during Jagannath Rath Yatra. Muslims did not participate in anti-reservation protests going on at that time, which did not go well with many.

1986 – Congress persuaded the Opening of Babri Masjid for Hindu prayers and rituals, and this event started a new phase of communal hatred, violence, and pogroms. Below is the link for this:


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