To be clear, Kamala's criminal justice reform plan shows she will approach the issue the SAME way she has for decades. I have demonstrated this point MANY times and will do so once again.
Do y'all know how many times I see people revert to the "tough on crime" trope although Kamala literally wrote the book "smart on crime" to explicitly reject "tough on crime"? An in depth study of her record reveals the consistency in these convictions.
I have read through every AG press release, read the biennial reports, watched every AG press conference, watched countless interviews, read sponsored legislation, read countless articles. Kamala was ahead of her time and she has done far more than she gets credit for, period!
Here are 50 things #Kamala has done for #CriminalJusticeReform as a prosecutor, District Attorney, Attorney General, and US Senator. It is impossible to capture how arduous these things were in a bullet point but for decades #KamalaHarris has been in this fight, period.
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