The 1771 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is an odd book. For example, it shows Muscovite Tartaria as the biggest, most populace nation on Earth. Bet you never learned that in school. (Tip: full screen and zoom, S's look like f)
Note that Peter the Great, the Romanov that erased much of Tartarian history, moved the capital from Moscow to Petersburg in 1712. Moscow only became capital again in 1917 after the Communists took over.
I have a contrary theory than most Tartarian researchers. I don't believe Tartary was a "good place" and was likely erased for a reason. If all the autocratic world history is actually reflections of THEIR past, then THEY'RE the monarchs #WeThePeople have always been against!
My theory on Communism, funded originally by Aristocrats, is that it's an economic policy designed to CRUSH Capitalism, then it can fail itself, and we'll be hungering for Kings and Queens to rule us once more.
If that's reasonable, then isn't it fascinating that the first places that went FULL BLOWN COMMIE are the forgotten lands of Tartaria?
Wild idea: The Tartarians never lost power, embedded themselves all over Europe, fomented the communist/socialist revolution, in a magnificent hope to restore their once world wide Tartarian Empire.
The Romanov's were their mortal enemy, as were the kings of France and the rest of Europe. The European Monarchy, in their eyes, were usurpers that appropriated THEIR lineages. After Pugachev's rebellion was put down in 1775, Tartaria was now no longer a nation
I'm not saying European Monarchs were the good guys and the Tartarian Khans/Tsar's were the bad. Both were bad and fighting for the same power. But the Tartars were far more clever and cooked a very long scale sophisticated plan to take back control.
To suppress this power struggle, the fairly new ruling class tried to defeat them by obscuring and outright deleting their past. The Catholic Church, and the Jesuits, and Scaliger all worked to legitimize the new Western divine right, pushing back the birth of Christ 1000 years.
And yes, the Protestant Reformers were also part of the plot. To confuse the very stupid, uneducated masses of the day, they did a classic Left vs Right game which pitted the populace against each other to decide the right version of Christianity
Completely unaware that both versions of Christianity were twisted and obscured from the true origins of Christianity which came not from "Jerusalem" but from "Constantinople" and the events described happened very recently.
It's not like you could argue with your King and call him a liar, right? They might spring a Spanish Inquisition on you. They might burn all your books.
The Great Tartarian World Empire only started to fall apart in the 1300's after the Plague ravished Europe and the Little Ice Age made transportation from Asia to Europe harder. The Western vassals started to vie for independence from the Russians/Tartars
Fomenko has an intriguing theory about how the Tartars had to contaminate, quarantine, and eliminate plagued cities in Europe to stop the plague from coming to the home land. This was resented and eventually reflected when they wrote the Book of Revelations in the 1400s
When they were pushed back and ultimately destroyed, their histories that they taught in the west were then confused for western histories itself. Indeed they were knowingly embraced as such because it justified the new rulers local kingdoms.
BUT! The story doesn't end well. This exact same struggle has been the real reason behind every major war in Europe since the 1500's. Every single one was actually a war either against Tartaria, or a war to justify who gets the spoils of the now shattered Empire.
Wild Speculation: The R o t h c h i l d family is not Jewish, they're Tartarian.
Final thought is that 1776 was a MAJOR bombshell to both factions. While the Monarchs of the East and the West were fighting for control, WE THE PEOPLE took control for ourselves in 1776 and completely screwed up their plans for North America forever.
Realizing how toxic and viral such an idea as Personal Liberty would be, this shifted the war a bit to ensure that America gets infiltrated and controlled by the warmongers, and slave drivers. They almost succeeded in restoring Monarchy with the Civil War.
The Second French Empire remained officially neutral throughout the...Civil War and never recognized the Confederate States of America. ... However, the textile industry needed cotton, and Napoleon had imperial ambitions in Mexico, which could be greatly aided by the Confederacy.
(Ahh Napoleon! Those silly french traded their European fake Monarchs for a newly minted Emperor! Curious how Napoleon desperately wanted Russia and even burned down Moscow?)
Despite popular dissent, supplies and money still flowed from Britain into the southern states throughout the Civil War. These resources were vital to the Confederate war effort, especially following the North's imposition of a blockade against the South starting in April 1861.
So the English wanted their colonies back. The French wanted Louisiana back, and also Mexico. By the way I should probably note that I'm fully aware that Napoleon didn't live during the Civil War. My point is that he set wheels in motion that explain the French reaction to it.
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History is a big mess and I hope we can reconstruct what really happened, together.

Thank you!
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