I spent more than three weeks in #Kashmir| I travelled across the valley in Anantnag, Kulgam, Shopian, Srinagar and elsewhere, visited hospitals, spoke to locals. For those who wonder what exactly is happening in Kashmir, I try to answer all your questions here:

Is #Kashmir still under curfew?
Are landline phones working in #Kashmir|?
Are mobile phone services in #Kashmir restored?
Is internet working in #Kashmir?
Are businesses and markets in #Kashmir open?
Does Indian army and security forces break into civilian homes at night in #Kashmir and thrash people/ vandalise properties?
Did Indian army torture and kill youths in Shopian, #Kashmir|?
Do Indian security forces in #Kashmir break into homes at night and arrest the youth?
Has there not been a single untoward incident/ casualty in #Kashmir post abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, 2019?
Are schools open in #Kashmir|?
Are government offices functioning in #Kashmir|? Are private/ public banks functional?
Is Press gagged in #Kashmir|?
How do #Kashmir|is manage to live amid such restrictions?
Do hospitals/ private clinics work like normal in #Kashmir|? Is there an acute shortage of drugs in Kashmir? Is there a health crisis in Kashmir?
What do people in #Kashmir want?
What do people in #Kashmir say about abrogation of Article 370?
Do public transport services work in #Kashmir|?
Have all non-locals fled #Kashmir|? Have there been incidents of violence against non-locals in Kashmir?
How are militants in #Kashmir operating amid the clampdown?
Is militant recruitment picking up in #Kashmir|?
What is the update on @OmarAbdullah, @MehboobaMufti and company in #Kashmir|?
Where are ‘separatist leaders’ of #Kashmir|?
Are Indian security forces in #Kashmir behaving violently post scrapping of Article 370?
Is there a clash between J&K Police and CRPF/ Army in #Kashmir|?
Has J&K Police been disarmed in #Kashmir|?
How are J&K Police personnel reacting to the situation in #Kashmir|?
Are women being raped in Kashmir? Is there a ‘genocide’ going on in #Kashmir|?
Why have cops suddenly become journalists in #Kashmir|?
So, is #Kashmir normal?
My comments on the ongoing situation in #Kashmir
What next in #Kashmir|?
Note from Kashmir Source — #Kashmir
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