The Togfather is one of the most popular fashion photographers on IG right now & rightfully so.

His lingerie photos prove, once & for all, that lingerie can be high art. Shooting w/ him is one of the highlights of my career.

I am proud to present to you The Togfather x TLA.✨
"Ill Met by Moonlight, Proud Titania" ~ William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Robe by @EmiahCouture
“It is always safe to dream of spring. For it is sure to come; and if it be not just as we have pictured it, it will be infinitely sweeter.” ~ L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl

"There they sit among the rocks,
under the silvery pines--
a congregation in the open." Euripedes, The Bacchae

Bra, Robe, Cincher, Knickers, Body Jewelry by @EdgeOBeyond

Choker by @KarolinaZL
Outside the window
Sky and earth exchange silver.
In the moonlight I forget I’m human.
~ Wang Xiaoni

Robe by @harlowandfox
"Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future." ~ Oscar Wilde

Corset by Lou Watson for @kissmedeadlier, Cape and Knickers by Kiss Me Deadly, Bra from Made by Niki, Stockings by Cervin
“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.” ~ Werner Herzog

Corset by @KarolinaZL, Gloves by @_AMORALLE_, Hosiery by @WolfordFashion
“I must be a mermaid...I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ~ Anais Nin

Robe by @harlowandfox
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