Ang mga bangka ng maritime militia ng China, pinalibutan ang Thitu (Pag-asa). Umabot ng 95 ang bilang. Hindi gumagalaw. Hindi rin nangingisda. Andun lang talaga para takutin ang mga Filipino na nakatira sa Pag-asa.

Yan ang kaibigan ni Duterte. 🇨🇳🐕 #DuterteTRAYDOR
Indonesia and Vietnam’s papers made a lot of noise on China’s incursions in their EEZs. Habang tinutulugan lang ng AFP under Duterte ang ganitong pangbabastos ng China sa atin. 🇨🇳🐕
#GobyernoDuterteGobyernoTRAYDOR #WestPhilippineSea
Habang busy tayo sa COVID-19, busy rin yung mahal na mahal na kaIBIGan ni Duterte sa pangangamkam ng teritoryo natin sa #WestPhilippineSea. 🖕🏽🇨🇳
"Indonesia reiterates that the 9-dash line map implying historic rights claim clearly lacks international legal basis and is tantamount to upset UNCLOS 1982," 🇮🇩 said, referring to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. #WestPhilippineSea
“This view has also been affirmed by the Award of 12 July 2016 by the Tribunal that any historic rights that China may have had to the living and non-living resources were superseded by the limits of the maritime zones provided for by UNCLOS 1982." #WestPhilippineSea
Yung mga magnanakaw at illegal na squatters natin sa #WestPhilippineSea, can’t take the heat from Pinoys who dissed their Iisang Dagat bullshit. #ChinaLAYAS
Indonesia got balls. We got wimps.

“Based on UNCLOS 1982, Indonesia does not have overlapping claims with the PRC [People’s Republic of China] so that it is not relevant to have any dialogue on maritime boundary delimitation.”
Ang lapit-lapit. Puñeta talaga tong ahas 🐍 na kaibigan ni Duterte. 🖕🏽🇨🇳 #ArawNgKalayaan #WestPhilippineSea
Aksidente daw tapos iniwan sa laot. Banggaan lang tapos iniwan sa laot.
#GemVer #LibertyCinco

Gising Pilipinas! #Halalan2022

Ang galing talaga ni Justice Carpio. Ang linaw niya magpaliwanag. Sana teachers of Philippine History can include this discussion on #WestPhilippineSea. China has a history of territory grabbing in SEAsia. #ChinaLAYAS #fake9dashline
"Australia rejects China's claim to 'historic rights' or 'maritime rights and interests' as established in the 'long course of historical practice' in the South China Sea," the declaration read. #WestPhilippineSea #ChinaLAYAS
"There is no legal basis for China to draw straight baselines connecting the outermost points of maritime features or 'island groups' in the South China Sea, including around the 'Four Sha' or 'continental' or 'outlying' archipelagos." #WestPhilippineSea #ChinaLAYAS
#NeverForget: First Mindanaoan president, is a fucking COWARD and a TRAITOR. What a legacy. Pilipinas ang nanalo. Atin ang #WestPhilippineSea. Putangina mong tutangina ng China! 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 #DuterteTRAYDOR #Halalan2022 #SONA2020
Ano pa nga bang maasahan natin #DuterteTRAYDOR eh. Tutangina ng China. 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

Pinakaduwag at kasuklam-suklam na naging presidente ng Pilipinas, TRAYDOR sa bayan. Pinuri pa yung magnanakaw sa #WestPhilippineSea.
Journalists calling out Duterte’s lies in #SONA2020. I never thought I’d see a sitting president take the side of our oppressor in #WestPhilippineSea. I am fuming. What a Fucking TRAITOR. Resign ka na gago! #DuterteDUWAG 🖕🏽 #DuterteTRAYDOR
Pagdating sa usapang #WestPhilippineSea, hindi ka lang inutil, TRAYDOR ka pa. 🖕🏽🇨🇳 🐩

Or a traitor pushing China’s interests. #DuterteTRAYDOR
#WestPhilippineSea #Halalan2022
“When your only tool is a hammer, everything is a nail.” Everything is a nail to Duterte - the war on drugs, COVID-19, #WestPhilippineSea. And he has not won any. Duterte is just a cowardly, despicable, old man afraid of his critics. #DuterteTRAYDOR
Pati sa #SONA2020 speech, he doesn’t want to hurt China’s feelings. Did he send it to the Chinese embassy for XiJinPing’s approval? Tayo ang nanalo, pero sinuko ang #WestPhilippineSea. #DuterteTRAYDOR 🖕🏽🇨🇳🐩
Duterte kowtows to 🇨🇳 while 🇨🇳 continues to bully us in our own sea:

“On Feb 17, a People’s Liberation Army’s Navy corvette directed its Gun Control Director toward the Philippine Navy’s anti-submarine corvette BRP Conrado Yap near Commodore Reef in the SCS. #WestPhilippineSea
Ninakawan na, nilatagan pa ng traydor ng welcome mat ang magnanakaw.

“In early April, China started the operations of two maritime research stations on two artificial islands that are claimed by the Philippines: Fiery Cross(Kagitingan) and Subi(Zamora) Reefs.” #WestPhilippineSea
Obvious na ginagago na tayo, pero nagpapagago pa rin. #DuterteTRAYDOR

“On April 18, the State Council of the city of Sansha announced the establishment of two new districts to administer the disputed waters in the South China Sea.” #WestPhilippineSea
Carpio: “The Filipino people should not be intimidated by national leaders who peddle a false option that either we go to war with China or submit to China.” #WestPhilippineSea

“Carpio offers Duterte no-war options to enforce arbitral ruling.”
Carpio:”This false option should be discredited once and for all. This false option does not deserve any further space or airing in the nation’s political discourse.” #WestPhilippineSea
Carpio offers Duterte no-war options to enforce arbitral ruling
Kung DDS ka pa rin after this, paano mo nasisikmura ang katrayduran na to? Kulang na lang sabihin ng China, “GOOD DOG.” 🖕🏽🇨🇳🐩
No self-respect. Tutangina ng China. #DuterteTRAYDOR
“The findings suggest a parallel with poaching patterns seen in Southeast Asia and Africa, in which an increasing presence of businesses from China working on large development projects coincides with increasing legal and illegal wildlife trade, including of big cats.” #poaching
Most of the seizure records did not indicate the final destination or intended buyer, but Ms. Morcatty was able to definitively link 34 percent to China. China-related seizures contained 13 times the number of jaguar parts, on average, than those intended for the domestic market.
But by 2005, rural hunters in Suriname were fielding orders for jaguar teeth and claws - often delivering the animal’s whole head to Chinese clients in the country’s capital. #poaching

Where Jaguars Are Killed, New Common Factor Emerges: Chinese Investment
The 4 sandbars surrounding the island were named Pag-asa Cay 1 to 4, according to an ordinance signed last Aug. 14 by Kalayaan Mayor Roberto del Mundo.

The 2 reefs near the island, meanwhile, were named Pag-asa Reef 1 and 2, according to the ordinance.
Kung hindi sana tayo pinamumunuan ng isang traydor.

From our former ambassador to the UN, Hermenegildo C. Cruz:
“Our submission to the UN will cite the blockade of Ayungin Shoal as a “threat to peace.” A blockade is an act of war under international law.”(1/2) #WestPhilippineSea
“China will use its veto power in the Security Council to block such a resolution. However, we could shift the issue to the General Assembly under the “Uniting for Peace Resolution” where all UN members vote.” (2/2)
Unintended consequences.🤭 #WestPhilippineSea #Thitu
Parlade: We are losing $79B worth of fish in that area alone. Hanggang Scarborough lang ‘yan. That’s because we don’t have maritime or fishery policies. He also flagged the seeming lack of “security elements to protect our fishermen as against other countries.”
“Parlade said that Vietnam, has a maritime strategy that allows its fishermen to be given a government subsidy. It provides them with funds to upgrade their fishing vessels and maritime instruments to contribute to their country’s (GDP).” #WestPhilippineSea
Thread: Panatag Shoal #ScarboroughShoal #WestPhilippineSea
Pasensya na. Pinamumunuan kasi kami ng traydor at tutangina ng China.

Sana pagtumanda tayo, tulad nila no? Pinaglalaban pa rin ang Pilipinas. 🇵🇭

Hindi yung tulad ng isang inutil na taga-Davao na tumandang tutangina ng China at traydor sa Pilipinas. 🇨🇳 🐩 #WestPhilippineSea
Oh no Malaysia!!! Bakeeet??? Gigiyerahin kayo ng China. 😱 Yun ang palusot ng tutangina ng China sa Pilipinas 🇵🇭 eh. Bakit niyo naman po pinapahiya si #DuterteTRAYDOR nang ganyan? 🇨🇳🐩 Di ba mga DDS? 🤭 #WestPhilippineSea
China illegally occupying and building islands in #WestPhilippineSea. Provoking India, Taiwan, Japan & Vietnam and now jailing HongKong opposition, I think about this a lot.
“You cannot stop the dragon and feed it at the same time.” 🤷🏽‍♀️
Tanga na lang naniniwala magbabago pa yan.
Pagnakakabasa ako nang ganito, umaapaw ang galit ko talaga sa TRAYDOR na gobyerno na to ni Duterte. Sinayang lang lahat nang pinananalo natin sa Hague. #DuterteLegacy #DuterteTRAYDOR #WestPhilippineSea
This thread is why Duterte’s continuous treason and cringey declarations of love for XiJinPing and China infuriates me. Traydor talaga ampotah. At least Erap stood up for the Philippines, siya #DuterteTraydor talaga. Duterte and cronies sold us out. 🖕🏽🇨🇳🐩 #WestPhilippineSea
Fishermen’s shelters to weather stations and now militarised man-made islands. Illegal occupation of Scarborough Shoal. China has always lied.
#NeverForget: January 22, 2013, the Philippine government under P-Noy filed the arbitration which we won in 2016 and #DuterteTraydor squandered. #WestPhilippineSea
Kung giyera to matagal na tayong masakop kasi yung AFP under Duterte-Lorenzana, palpal. Uto-uto ng China. Hiyang-hiya naman kami sa bilyones na intelligence funds niyo mga traydor hinhayaan niyo lang na gaguhin tayo nang ganito. #GobyernoNgMgaTraydor #TutanginaNgChina
#NeverForget: Duterte refused to impose travel restrictions on China as early as January 2020. Kasi parang flu lang 😤 and he doesn’t want to hurt China’s feelings.🤬
“The story does start with SARS and began with a lack of transparency from China.” #COVID19 #ChinaLiedPeopleDied
Ang hirap talaga kapag pinamumunuan tayo ng mga traydor. #WestPhilippineSea #ScarboroughShoal

Reporter's Notebook: May legal na basehan ba ang pag-aangkin ng China sa Scarborough Shoal?
Colin Koh, a maritime expert, came for Roque’s lying 🤥 ass and brought the receipts.

The thread: 🥇 #WestPhilippineSea
“Mischief Reef is the largest among the seven artificial islands built by China in the Spratlys, and lies within the 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.”

Any comments from Traitor in Chief Duterte yet?

Whew... 😥 #WestPhilippineSea
“In April last year, Hontiveros filed Senate Resolution No. 369 urging the Duterte administration to “exert legal and diplomatic pressure” upon China to end its activities in the #WestPhilippineSea and to pay reparation for the damage it caused to the country’s reefs.” (1/2)
“In that resolution, she said China owes the Philippines at least P200 billion “for China’s damage to our reef ecosystems for at least six years.”
(2/2) #WestPhilippineSea
May you never tire to stand up for the Philippines SCJ Antonio Carpio. Thank you for this!

#WestPhilippineSea ATIN TO!
Make China accountable for ecological destruction of #WestPhilippineSea.
Grabe. #DuterteTraydor has let China patrol our seas. Paka-inutil niyo AFP! So how close is that China Coast Guard vessel to Pangasinan??? #WestPhilippineSea
At this point don’t expect anyone from AFP under Duterte-Lorenzana leadership to stand up for the Philippines when it comes to China. Makapili. Imagine selling out 🇵🇭 & your dignity para sa isang bakuna na only 50% effective, from a country illegally occupying #WestPhilippineSea.
Wow. The 1734 Murillo Velarde map now a stamp! #WestPhilippineSea
Ang ganda ng bagong PhilPost stamp natin, Murillo Velarde Map

#DutertePalpak and Lorenzana made the Philippines a doormat for China. Mga traydor. Gobyerno ng mga #TutanginaNgChina. 🖕🏽🇨🇳🐕
#DutertePalpak slept on the vaccines.
#DuterteTRAYDOR slept on #WestPhilippineSea.
Julian Felipe Reef (Whitsun Reef) is 175 nautical miles west of Bataraza, Palawan and is within Philippine Economic Zone and Continental Shelf! 🖕🏽🇨🇳
Galaw-galaw din. Huwag ningas-kugon. #WestPhilippineSea
@BBCWorld please call it #WestPhilippineSea! 🙄
“Photos released by the Philippine coast guard show a row of Chinese ships moored at Whitsun Reef (called Julian Felipe Reef).
The reef lies within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone.”
“Julian Felipe Reef is a large boomerang – shaped shallow coral reef northeast of Pagkakaisa Banks and Reefs (Union Reefs), located approximately 175 nautical miles west of Bataraza, Palawan, the task force said.”

#DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak
The reef is within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, which the NTF -WPS said the Philippines owns “exclusive right to use resources, including fish, oil and natural gas.”
#DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak
Kasi #TutanginaNgChina.

#DuterteTraydor ng #WestPhilippineSea.
🧵 Senator @kikopangilinan on China’s illegal occupation of Julian Felipe Reef in #WestPhilippineSea.
China invades JULIAN FELIPE REEF in the PHILIPPINES!!!! #ChinaLAYAS!

Pakigalaw ang baso kung nandyan pa kayo @teddyboylocsin @del_lorenzana???

Yung ‘kaibigan’ ni #DutertePalpak sinabay sa pagkalat ng #COVID19 sa Pilipinas ang pagsakop ng ibang isla natin sa #WestPhilippineSea.

#PutanginaMoChina @Chinaembmanila LAYAS!

Julian Felipe Reef belongs to the Philippines!
Not the first blatant lie from @Chinaembmanila. 🖕🏽 🇨🇳
#WestPhilippineSea #ChinaLAYAS #DutertePalpak
May statement na ang US Embassy. Si #DutertePalpak tahimik🤫 pa rin. Traydor na Duwag pa.

Julian Felipe (Whitsun) Reef belongs to the Philippines! #WestPhilippineSea

Mischief Reef before it was destroyed by China. #WestPhilippineSea
“I think I’ve seen this film before, and I didn’t like the ending.”
- Justice Antonio Carpio if he could Taylor Swift what’s been happening to Julian Felipe Reef 🇵🇭

#WhitsunReef #MischiefReef
#WestPhilippineSea #ChinaLAYAS
Nice to see @TeamAFP’s strong statements against China’s maritime militias illegal intrusion in Julian Felipe (Whitsun) Reef in the #WestPhilippineSea. Ang tahimik ng alagang 🐍ahas🐍 niyo sa Malacañang on this issue. #ChinaLAYAS #DutertePalpak
Yung first Mindanaoan president, TRAYDOR sa Pilipinas at #TutanginaNgChina. #DutertePalpak #WestPhilippineSea #DuterteTraydor
Julian Felipe (Whitsun) Reef update #WestPhilippineSea #ChinaLayas
At this point talaga kung hindi ka pa galit sa mga HUDAS na to sa gobyerno ni Duterte na nagbubulag-bulagan sa ginagawa ng China sa #WestPhilippineSea, BAKIT? #Halalan2022

#CalderonReef #JohnsonReef #MischiefReef
Yung magnanakaw ng teritoryo mo ikaw pa yung binabastos nang ganito. Ang bigat sa dibdib. Sige niyo pa mga traydor sa Pilipinas sa #Halalan2022. Sinayang lahat ni #DuterterTraydor ang pinaglaban at pinanalo ng administration ni P-Noy sa #WestPhilippineSea.
Strong statement by NTF-WPS. Meanwhile wala pa rin condemnation from #DuterteTraydor on China’s illegal activities on #WestPhilippineSea. The first Mindanaoan president is a traitor.

Sabi nga nung isang comment, eto pala yung pinagmamalaking Build Build Build ni #DuterteTraydor.

The first Mindanaoan president sold us out to China. #TutanginaNgChina
#WestPhilippineSea #DutertePalpak
Thank you for very important reminder.

#WestPhilippineSea ATIN TO! 🇵🇭
The audacity. Ampotah.

Julian Felipe (Whitsun) Reef belongs to the Philippines!

Napala natin sa pagboto niyo kay #DuterteTraydor na isinantabi ang panalo natin at pagboto pa ng mga #TutanginaNgChina ng #HugpongPagbabago sa Senado.

Ang daming naloko ng kandidato na to ng China noong 2016. First Mindanaoan president, pero Traydor at #TutanginaNgChina. #DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak
#ManchurianCandidate #WestPhilippineSea
I will never get tired of saying this: the first Mindanaoan president is a TRAITOR. Ilang beses niya na pinatuyan na #TutanginaNgChina and his silence on this is damning.

#DuterteTraydor #WestPhilippineSea
Kung hindi ka pa rin galit sa panlolokong to, bakit?

#WestPhilippineSea #DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak
Habang distracted kayo sa lugaw, eto yung tinatakpan na malaking issue nun. Sinakop ng Chinese maritime militia ang ilang reefs natin sa #WestPhilippineSea. #DuterteTraydor has yet to condemn it. #ChinaLied abt sheltering frm bad weather eh hindi nmn bagyo season.
Baka babakunahan naman yung mga isda 🐟 natin sa #WestPhilippineSea kasi nagamit na yung palusot na “bad weather.” #DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak #ChinaLAYAS
Duterte is still silent and still no pushback on these aggressions in #WestPhilippineSea by his 🐍 ahas 🐍 ‘friends.’ The #DuterteLegacy: first Mindanaoan president pero TRAYDOR. All that false bravado pero #TutanginaNgChina nmn. #DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak
Pinalabas pa dati na “fisherman’s shelters” daw. #ChinaLied again.

Illegal occupation of these reefs were their plan all along. Kaya ba ganun na lang ang panunuhol kay Gloria Arroyo para ipatuloy ang JMSU. Resulta ba ang research na to? 🤬🤬🤬
Duterte: 🙈🙊🙉

#WestPhilippineSea #DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak
While the Philippines is being ravaged by #COVID19, 15310 new cases as of today, China is doing this within our EEZ. Ang gobyerno ni #DutertePalpak, wala nang ginawa sa pagkalat ng virus, mas lalong walang ginagawa sa pagsakop ng Tsina sa #WestPhilippineSea. #DuterteTraydor
So ginawang uto-uto ng China si Duterte.

Sinayang ng muntanga ang panalo natin sa #WestPhilippineSea in exchange for empty infra pledges sa mindanao. #DuterteTraydor na #DuterteTANGA pa. NAKAKASUKA! #DutertePalpak
Yep. We’ve seen this film before, and we didn’t like the ending. #WestPhilippineSea #ChinaLAYAS #DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak
#WestPhilippineSea #ChinaLAYAS #DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak
Whoah. Nananaginip pa ba ako? Did Lorenzana just issued his strongest statement yet and just called out China’s lies? 🤔 Huwag mo i-delete to sir mamaya ha. Tapos na April Fool’s.

#WestPhilippineSea #DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak #ChinaLAYAS
Say #DutertePalpak and #DuterteTraydor so we can believe this is not some April Fool’s joke. 🧐 As long as that traitor is there, there is no moving forward. He said he will shelve the arbitration ruling for $24billion ‘pledges.’
Kung hindi ka pa galit, bakit?? #ChinaLAYAS

#DutertePalpak #DuterteTraydor #WestPhilippineSea
Kung hindi ka pa galit, bakit???

Ayaw niyo kasi makinig kay SCJ Antonio Carpio at kay Amb. Albert del Rosario.

#ChinaLayas #WestPhilippineSea #DuterteTraydor #DutertePalpak
Unfortunately we have invertebrates in the Duterte administration.

#WestPhilippineSea #DuterteTraydor

What he said. 👇🏽
Lorenzana: The Philippines’ claim stand on solid ground, while China’s do not.” 🔥

Nasa huli ang pagsisi talaga ano? I hope he starts talking to SCJ Antonio Carpio and Amb. Albert Del Rosario. Hopefully hindi zoom because it’s a matter of national security. #WestPhilippineSea
@del_lorenzana: “The utter disregard by the Chinese Embassy in Manila of international law especially the UNCLOS to which China is a party is appalling. It’s nine-dash line claim is WITHOUT any factual or legal basis.”


kaya nmn pala pinabot nyo pa sa ganito
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