This thread brings you interesting moments from an interview of @Harvard Professor Daniel P. Schrag. In this first video he talks about the long term effect of CO2:

"High level nuclear waste: In 1000 years about 1% of the radioactivity is left. CO2: 50% is left."

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In this second video Professor Schrag talks about the greenhouse effect on venus and explains the weathering process of carbon on earth:

"These chemical weathering reactions will happen and will take care of our problem. But it will take 100-200 thousand years."

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In this video Professor Daniel Schrag talks about the effect of the oceans on global warming.

"90% of the energy from the greenhouse effect, that’s being absorbed by the surface of the earth, is going into heating the oceans. Global warming is ocean warming."

"If we were to somehow magically freeze the level of CO2 tomorrow, which is not possible, the oceans probably got another 1000 years of warming. So we may have double the amount of warming, that we already experienced, committed in the system."
— Prof. Daniel Schrag

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@Harvard Professor Schrag explains why we have only seen half the amount of warming yet that we have already committed to:

"Per doubling of CO2 you get a temperature change of about 3-4°. So we’re talking about probably in the next 100-150 years being 5° warmer."

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These clips are excerpts of an interview by Lawrence Krauss 🙏 in his series “The Origins Podcast” from July 2019.

I can recommend the full podcast which you can listen to here:

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