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solo artists and groups i stan (plus my biases hehe)
• first group i ever stanned and they got me into kpop :)
• so my bias is jimin :) and bRUh i love his pink hair :,,)
BlackPink! :)
• although i dont keep up with them as much anymore, i still love em alot. theyre the first gg i stan so ye
• aNYwAys, my bias is jichu and i love her so much so go give her some love🥰
Got7 (((:
• ight so i cant get enough of these crackheads and they always manage to make me laugh even if i watched their videos like a million time LMAO
• and my bias is jinyoung🥺hes so precious and his acting is aMAzINg 🤩
okok Cherry Bullet🍒🍒
• so i found em predebut and i supported them ever since their debut. theyre v v talented and i recommend em ;)
• Heo Jiwon is literally pERfEcT. she can do literally everything. pls im so proud of my bias🤧
• stan talent stan ateez
• ateez roty. dont fight me on that
• UGH THEYRE SO TALENTED. i wish i found out about them sooner cus i found them only a couple weeks before say my name
•JuNg wOoYOuNg is my bias and i love him sm and he deserves the world and more🥺
Tommorow x Together :) (TXT)
• hi i love them aLOt too and ive never looked forward to a debut so much hhhhh.
• okok my bias is Choi Soobin. i love him so so much🥺 pls hes so soft and i love literally everything about him🤩🤩
•hhhh these girls tho🤩 i honestly love their concept and they are all v v talented and beautiful
• Lia is my bias and shes honestly so adorable and i love her smile so so much🤧shes just overall such a precious girl
• pls these kids never fail to impress me with their music. they just debuted this year but their talent is AMAZING
• Son Dongju (or Xion) is the maknae and my bby🥺 hes so precious and pls who wouldnt uwu over him.
• my sister loved them when they were still ot12 so i always knew about them. i only started paying attention to them this year tho (oop)
• Beakhyun is my bias🥺 his solo debut was aMAzINg and im so so proud of him. his talent is no jOke
• kard is honestly so good to. i love their music and theyre dances are actlly pre fun to learn :)
• Jiwoo is my bias in this group. idky but she always just stood out to me even before i stanned so :))
• oK so i love them sm too and theyre music also never dissapoints. Theyre suuuper entertaining and kyute.
• now Kangnaengie. my bby. the cutest of em all (jkjk theyre all cute) and his duality is nO jOKe for an ‘03 liner😳
• pls theyre so talented. like so many ppl actlly sleep on them its frustrating :(
• yoon sanha, giant maknae. my bias and bby🥺 hes so adorable and precious. pls send him love just because :)
• yall i literally watched theyre debut stage and mv a couple hours after it came out and didnt even realize💀
• anyways theyre debut song was a bop and so was their cb
• seungeun is my bias and shes an amazing dancer and thats probably why she caught my eye first :)
• they jus had a cb so go support em :)
• i wish they promoted when their first couple songs came out cus they would been so cool to see being performed on stage :,(
• Giwook (or CyA) is ma bias. i love him so much and you guys shld too. hes the maknae of onewe :))
THIS IS IU. MY QUEEN (pt. 1/2). i love her a ton and shes so talented. shes the first solo artist i ever stanned and i will never regret stanning such a talent. shes so beautiful and shes one of my many many girl crushes🤫😍
pARk jIHoOn🤩
ight so imma start off saying that i didnt stan him in wanna one (sorry i wasnt in pd101 then) bUt i found him through my friend and now i have the phattest crush on him💀 even though i didnt know him as long as some of u guys, i will still support him 100% :)
Stray Kids
• i watched their survival show even after i knew the line-up and i sTiLL sOBbEd. theyve all worked v hard to be where they are now and i v v proud of them☺️
• so my bias is Hyunjin and i was aLmOSt double biased but im not anymore hehe
• hi i love loona sm and in my opinion theyre my female roty (sorry not sorry). the amount of members scared me at first but now its completely normal
• MY BIAS IS JIWOO (or chuu). pLS shes so precious and i just wna keep her in my pocket and give her all my loove :,)
• theyre the first produce group i ever stanned and also the first group i was double biased in. they all worked v v hard so pls do support them
• Yohan and Dongpyo are my biases and i love them alot. Dongpyo was my first pick but yohan came into the pic now they both are :)
• one of the few groups i knew bout pre debut
• theyre sO talented and i love their music alot so i suggest yall give em a listen ;)
• Hyunsoo here is my bias and he gives me such boyfriend vibes pls.
QUEEN (pt. 2/2) HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. MAJOR QUEEN RIGHT HERE GUYS. my girl crush forever. so talented. so beautiful. ugh shes perfect. i wish i was able to support her in pd101 but its ight. anyways now i’l support my queen 100%🤩🤩
• i only stanned them after fancy (sOrry pls dont attack me) but i love all their song and their dances are v v fun to learn :))
• My bias is Jihyo. she was one of the two that caught my eye and now shes my bias! 🥰
Rocket Punch!
• i found them literally one week before they debuted hehe
• v v talented and cute girls🥺
• Yeonhee is my bias but i love all the girls and im still shook that Dahyun is younger than me—
Monsta X
• amazing talent in this group. their songs are sO good and again, i wish i stanned sooner.
• Kihyun is my bias but it took me sO long to decide he was tHE oNe LMAO
Teen Teen
• iGHt ive know all three of these kids since pdx, so when i heard they were debuting i was sO excited :))))
• Jinwoo aka Haenami is ma bias and he is so far the only one of my biases that are my age eye–
• anyways go give em some love☺️
Kang Daniel
• i decided to stan when i figured out touchin’ was coming and i dont regret it whatsoever.
• hes so talented n mans i wish i stanned earlier
• touchin’ was a bop🤩🤩
• hi queens🤩
• honestly so talented and ugh stable vocal queens
• anyways Wheein is a queen n she my bias🥵
• i love her a ton and shes so freaking talented and ugh i love her sm
• shes so cute and have i mentioned that i love her🥺
• v v proud of these boys for being the first Ph group to debut under a branch of a korean ent. company
• super super talented but get slept on sadly :,(
• and justin… my bby🥺 i love him so much n hes so precious
• s/o to the twt acc that introduced em to me :))
special mention to Kokoro, Lin Lin and Mirae. i dont know why they chose to leave the group, but i miss em v v much n Cherry Bullet will forever be ot10 in my heart🥺 https://twitter.com/heyigotnojams/status/1168666082091184134
another special mention to Woojinnie who i miss v v much🥺🥺 i love him so much. like his vocals were everything and he ws so fricking talented🤧 https://twitter.com/heyigotnojams/status/1168677289900617728
and for this special mention, WONHOOOO IMISHYUUUUUU😭😭😭. i fr almost cried when i say he left and i legit went on a whole marathon on wonho videos. i love him alot n i miss him so much🥺 he will always be in monsta x. he deserved better :,( https://twitter.com/heyigotnojams/status/1168682173588758528
eRiC nAM🤩
• ighty i gotta give this mans cred. his voice is absolutely amAZiNg like i cld listen to his songs forever
• hes so funny n entertaining and he has sucha kind heart its so evident.
• so in conlusion, alab eric nam and yall shld too :)
• okok i love these kids sm and bro theyre so funny and talented
• my bias is youngmin🥺 i uSEd to be daehwi biased but like, youngmin. i fr felt so bad cus that was my first bias switch but i still lab hwi ;)
• stanned em after blind for love but i wish i stanned sooner
hola. i’d like to freaking update this thread cus its been rly long.
anyways. jus an update, i’ve decided to double bias these two kids cus wll theres a whole ass gyehyeon and i cant jus not double bias LOL but yea alab em both🥺
https://twitter.com/acheeseult/status/1168670640418807809?s=21 https://twitter.com/acheeseult/status/1168670640418807809
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