OK, deep breath.
A short but v.personal thread coming.
This has been prompted by a particularly hateful Tweet from Friday, that some of U may have seen being much discussed, +I've been wrestling with since.
(I'm not going2 link2 it here, but you'll B able2work it out from below.)
After decades not recognising/understanding many things about myself (I'm nearly 50),I'm now in early stages of seeking ASC assessment+possible diagnosis. I know well finding certain situations+stimuli overwhelming+being unable2mask it. I stand with Greta. https://twitter.com/GretaThunberg/status/1167916177927991296
Not sure how I'm going2feel after sending this - if it'll B relief or regret. But right now it feels like a necessary step. Not only 2help me+my family explore all this more, but as a tiny thing I can do 2help fight back against the ignorant bullies attempting2 stigmatise. Peace.
@andrewcopson @julianbond12 @SamuelSThorp @KarenAd89081735 @davewave020 @MusicNNoiseMakR Thank you all :) Never have I been so nervous about pressing 'send'. To have some love, solidarity and support sent back in return was wonderful. Peace.
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