Trump & Al-Waleed: A Timeline With A Focus On Symbolism.

Anyone following Q seriously should know who Al-Waleed is - Per Q: it was his arrest in late 2017 (and others) that brought down 1/3 of the pyramid. #Qanon #GreatAwakening #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
Here's a thread that goes deep into the take-down of Al-Waleed and much else- I recommend reading it before or after you go through this thread as it covers different but essential to understand bigger picture material. #Qanon
Per Q: Al-Waleed paid for Obama's college when Obama was an unknown. Al-Waleed is also the largest single shareholder of Citigroup - which thanks to Wikileaks we know they gave a "preferred candidates list" which then largely became Obama's cabinet.
Did Obama get good or bad press coverage? Best of the Best! MSM is controlled: Favorable coverage is only given to their own or spies in their ranks. In Obama's case it's the former and in Trump's "I'm more of a spy than he is" case it's the latter
The media has not always hated Donald Trump. Whether it be by people like Oprah, Larry King, or networks like CNN & CNBC - these are largely fawning pieces. Why?
The reason for this will become clear shortly. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Trump also had about 20 TV & 13 Movie cameos these are even more telling. Praising, fawning support! Listen to to a few and wonder who was pulling the strings in to prop his name up. The answer? Same people who did it for Obama
in 1990 just before most of those cameo's took place Trump sold the"Trump Princess" to Prince al-Waleed Bin Taleel for $20,000,000 - in 1992 Citibank got 49% of The Trump Plaza Hotel & probably more than just those finds, but my point is Al-Waleed happy with you = Media love
Finally time to get into the symbolism comms! - Remember the color/element comms?
Orange/Sunset = Ending
Elephant = Republican
Can you read this 1991 Nat Geo comm?
Look at the electoral map back then. They wanted the left to win so they needed Perot.
They had plenty of control over some of the right, but near full control of the left. As for why they wanted Clinton specifically? I have threads that explain it
Q talks about how do you control a puppet?
"Follow the Wives"
How to play the game? Wife + Kid = Commitment. So, If he tricked them into thinking he'd be their Perot for Al Gore, then he'd need to be a part of this system right? Note the dates of Marriage and Divorce.
But there was no Perot for the 2000 election and so Al Gore didn't win -and unfortunate events happened to Trump & family around this time. His dad died in 1999, his mother & brother in-law died in 2000.
Note W Bush barely squeezed in the victory in 2000, and his approval numbers hit 27% Did the MSM Like W Bush? No, no they did not. People like Micheal Moore and various celebs who would later attack Trump attacked Bush back then (and fawned on Obama)
2005: Marriage to Melania
2005: Access Hollywood "Grab 'em by the" tape.
Whose idea was this? Not Trump's!
The price of good MSM Coverage. So they knew for Perot 3.0 nothing could go wrong.
2005: His daughter started dating Jared Kushner then while she worked for a place called ForestCity - logo look familiar at all? This is how they ensure loyalty. The whole family connects themselves to the 6.
if all that wasn't enough - Trump names his child in 2006 Barron William- Like William Clinton. Something like "I will make a Barron out of Clinton." That's the symbolism comm as I see it - from the 6's perspective... As Q always says "They never thought she would lose"
The Apprentice was to prop Trump up in the public conscious so as he could be Perot for when Hillary would be elected in 2008. That's what all this was set-up for. And yet it didn't... why? I think powerful people decided Hussein 2 should cut in line throwing everything off
Note Obama's name is literally Hussein 2, Barack Hussein Obama II - And there was another Hussein, a monster who was thrown from power in 2003 and died due to W Bush in 2006. I think this angered powerful people, they wanted that name as POTUS next.
As should be obvious with all their backstabbing there was no need to run 3rd party candidates with🌴McCain🌴🌴and Romney 🌴 on the Ticket. So Perot 3.0 got put on hold for 8 more years. #Qanon
Read Q carefully: Why did Hillary fight for Trump to be nom? Note Jeb's place in early polls. Just as they fought HW Bush & W - they were confident their next opponent would be Jeb! This is why it's Billy Bush talking to Trump on the Access Hollywood tape. It'd hurt Bush.
Expecting Jeb was also why Micheal Moore made this film in 2015. Where to Invade Next
Reminding people of all the invasions of Bush and if you dig into the plot of the film it is also all about how great a female leader would be. Gee I wonder who he meant?
Note how in the famous "Trump descending the escalator" start to his campaign they have the Trump sign fall - #Symbolism - At this point Trump is still "their guy" to take out Jeb! Signaling loud & clear to the 6 he is to be a joke #Qanon
This plan btw is also why many controlled opposition entities like Infowars supported Trump thus hastening his rise rather than slowing it. Here Alex Jones is protesting W Bush. And #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall comms
Speaking of the Bush's - note Q's mention of them attacking POTUS just before the raid that took out 1/3 of the pyramid. Note the words Q chooses to put right after that. If you are trying to capture the most dangerous men alive, might you need to confuse them first? #Qanon
This Q post as well. What purpose does Rothchild have in equating W Bush to Clinton/Obama? There is a purpose to that. it's one of a handful of disinfo campaigns. So much to untangle. #GreatAwakening
But I digress, this thread isn't meant to be about the Bush's
but instead explaining how Trump tricked the 6 and it still mostly is. Q says they pull back 20% for public. I hope I've helped pull back some of the other 80% 4 u :) #Qanon
Relevant to this thread:
November 2017
Julian Assange: Is there a word for what has happened in the United States? Where the puppet takes over the hand? #Qanon #JulianAssange #Wikileaks
Note Assange was suspended from Twitter - What did Q say about Wikileaks being taken over? Did they get suspended? No? Only Assange... who of course would no longer be able to correct them. Doubly now given his current confinement.
#QPost 14
Was TRUMP asked to run for President?
By Who?
Was HRC next in line?
Was the election suppose to be rigged?

This Q post is highly relevant to this thread,
remember: "Pied Piper strategy"
DNC Promotes Trump/Cruz Pied Piper

04/23/2015 [AGENDA & MEMO]

There is a memo for the DNC discussion attached to this email for your review ahead of strategy call


1. Clinton Cash update
2. DNC plan (see attached)
3. Phones/Pool plan
Attached memo dated 04/07/2015
Memo details strategy to use MSM to bolster “Pied Piper” candidates Donald Trump & Ted Cruz
The goal of which was to to push any going for the RNC nom like Jeb Bush (perceived at the time to be the most likely nom and others like Marco Rubio further to the right. Gives details to further undermine them. #QAnon #GreatAwakening
11/14/2019 New Q Post!
Highlighting chain of command leading to Cruz/Trump targets of spying. Given we know Obama admin had secret e-mails (see next 2 tweets) perhaps they got the memo (see last 3)

Memo = Orders for MSM to promote
Memo = DOJ to spy
Layers to everything.
09/23/2016 Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal
"State Department has refused to make public that and other emails Clinton exchanged with Obama. Lawyers have cited the "presidential communications privilege," #Qanon
03/07/2019 The Top Five Obama Administration Officials Who Used Secret Email Accounts
1. Lois Lerner = Toby Miles
2. Eric Holder = Henry Yearwood, David Kendricks, and Lew Alcindor
3. Loretta Lynch = Elizabeth Carlisle
4. Obama = Not #DECLAS yet
James Comey's Secret Twitter.
Bush 1 & 2 Vs Hussein 1 & 2: Shoe symbolism comms - relevant to thread
Qpost 2807 - for reference. It's a great post to revisit as it demonstrates the the inner workings of global scams.

Taxpayer unknowingly pays for everything that's wrong with the world.
2008: George W. Bush "Let me just say from the outset that I don’t consider John Bolton credible."
Interesting parallel to consider, both administrations included Bolton and seemingly in both cases Bolton turned on them for not being more warmongering
In the thread above I decode why MSM used to promote Trump.

The Pyramid wanted him to take over for Perot to keep splitting the R vote. Given how close that election was it's clear had he finished running Al Gore would have been elected.
So Trump was a Democrat until 1987 - then he became a Republican - and was then in 1988 was featured on Oprah teasing running for President. So this is pre-Perot and likely they were trying out many faces to see who the voters would embrace.
So what am I getting at? I think when Perot became a republican star the Soros/CIA MSM was a monopoly.

However I believe the rise of Fox News and Alt-Media was not Soros, but instead primarily MOS. This distinction between CIA & MOS has implications worth discussing.
Q confirmed Alex Jones and much of Alt Media was MOS.

When you control a large voice for a political party that power lends itself to growth eternal- this is because they become the gatekeepers. Anyone they shout down is excluded and anyone they promote flourishes.
Due to everyone having dirt on everyone else I think both sides were forced to keep it somewhat civil. Now note the possible Epstein MOS connection.
This explains why Israel is last - because it's the only entity that has control over media supportive of Trump.

Additionally as my other threads go into, many of the nominee's Trump supported and then fired came back when MOS flipped.
This even includes Mike Pence. Now that's an interesting name "Pence" The plural form of Penny. This $ theme for name comms seems to be a calling card of MOS. Which is really interesting when you consider someone else.
I'm referring to Seth Rich Perhaps doing something like getting sensitive info from the DNC requires MOS level training. As explained above - they certainly had the motive to go against HRC.
Bernie Sanders (who is Jewish btw) would certainly be more favorable to Israel than HRC.
I think the whole point of the 2005 tape was giving Soros a few strings. A partnership - which is why he was so heavily promoted in the leadup to the nomination. CIA then turned on him leaving only MOS controlled elements
After the first year trying to create a "Coup" failed - Alt Media would be a ticking MOS time bomb to end most of the few remaining pro Trump media voices.

Hence Q was created. Not a coincidence it was the first day of Durham.
They knew Durham, they knew if he was appointed it meant Justice is coming. Thus Alt Media would have turned. Had they turned Q would have grown - hence Alt Media turned on Q instead of POTUS. 4d Chess.
Think about it, instead of building a narrative to turn against POTUS they found themselves in the position of having to prove themselves as real POTUS supporters. It's brilliant.
And just as they were trying to deal with Q - within weeks 1/3 of the Pyramid was taken out. thread goes into a comm about it.
Of course since then the booms have been kept out of the public eye, but my decoding shows they have never stopped. MSM has a vested interest in portraying Trump as weak - thus we get to see few victories, but those who know how to look can find them.
Comms also explain how they rally'd before the unveiling of the Access Hollywood tape. The strings CIA were given fell short of what they needed.
Trump Apprentice doll "17" phrases. - of course this was long before Qanon - but this is a comm that may help show that he was someone who knew Q level secrets long before he became a politician.

Check thread for larger context of that.
Relevant to thread. It's so easy to forget MSM used to salivate over Trump. Reason for that (relative to now) requires a lot of decoding (check thread)
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