#KamiShinSero AU where Sero has a big ass crush on Kami, but won't say anything because Kami is dating Shinsou. But Kami has an equally big ass crush on Sero AND Shinsou, and Shinsou knows about it. And since he wants nothing more than for his lover to be happy, he makes a plan.
He has to wait for a little while, but eventually, it's just three of them in Sero's room, smoking weed and drinking. Kami is the first to pass out, laid out on the bed, and Sero is following behind him. He only wakes up when Shinsou starts talking.
"He's so pretty," Shinsou says, his voice deep and sleepy in a way that makes Sero shudder lightly, the little hairs in his arms rising.

"Yeah..." He agrees quietly.

Shinsou hums, his head lolling on his shoulders.

"He gets way prettier, you know."
"Oh yeah?"


"...Like when?"

Shinsou snuffles, blinking tired eyes back open. "Whu-?"

"You said Denks is even prettier sometimes. When?"

"Mmmmm...when he's sucking my dick," Shinsou answers sleepily, sinking back against the wall.
The heat that pierces through Sero's body at Shinsou's words seems to take all of his high with it, leaving him sober and aroused.


"Oh yeah," Shinsou hums, his eyes closing. "You wouldn't believe how cute his little pout is when it's wrapped around my dick."
Sero swallows, looking at the sleepy male with wide, shocked eyes.

Shinsou isn't even phased, taking another drag of the blunt.

"I love his mouth, ya know? It's like a little pussy sometimes, all tight and wet. Makes me wanna fuck it until he can't breathe."
Sero feels like he can't breathe.

"He lets me cum where ever I want, too. Do you know how rare it is to find a guy who will let you cum where ever you want?"

Sero swallows, images of Denki's face streaked in cum filling his mind, licking the sticky substance from his fingers.
"I can only imagine."

Shinsou exhales, filling the room with the scent of burning grass and fire.

"His face. His mouth. His ass. One time, he even let md unload all over that pretty blond hair. Lightning streak, too."

Sero inhales quietly, a shaky, needy gasp.

"Yeah. It was fucking hot."

Kaminari shifts, snuffling into Sero's pillow, and his shirt lifts ever so slightly, showing off toned abs.

Shinsou seems to zero in on it, smirking filthily.

"He's let me cum here, too," he murmurs, reaching out to lightly trace the pale skin.
Denki twitches towards the touch, making a soft noise in his sleep that makes Sero's dick harder than its ever been in his life.

"You wouldn't believe how sexy it is when my cum mixes with his on his belly and he uses his fingers to scoop it up and lick himself clean."
Sero shivers, swallowing down a moan of need as Shinsou's hand presses down harder, moving upwards to cup a small pec in a way that makes Sero think of a girl's breasts, soft and supple and round.

The mind Quirk user takes another hit of the blunt.
Watching Sero watch his hand with a small smirk.

He looks wrecked already, pupils blown wide, locked on his traveling hand, and breath slightly faster than normal.

It's working. Time to up the ante.

"He's so sensitive here," he whispers softly, thumbing a nipple firmly.
Denki mewls softly in his sleep, his lashes fluttering as his back arches, pushing against the large hand.

Sero chokes, a soft sound of arousal, of need, watching his best friend react in his /sleep/ to that simple, barely there touch.

"You ever been with someone like this?"
Sero looks up, but Shinsou is looking down, his glazed eyes focused only on the way his thumb is now slowly circling the small, pink nub on Denki's chest.

"L-like what?"

"You know. Sensitive," the mind Quirk user mumbles right before he squeezes the nipple harshly.
Denki comes awake with a strangled moan, his hips twitching upwards as his head flies back, unprepared for the assault on his chest.

Sero almost disintegrates when confused golden eyes land on Shinsou, and then him.


And just like that, the light in his eyes dims.

"There's a good boy," Shinsou murmurs, his voice dark.

"S-shinsou-" Sero begins to protest weakly, reaching out with a shaking hand.

"Don't be alarmed," the man interrupts with a sleepy smirk in his direction. "We play like this all the time."


"Y-you do...?"
"Mhm..." He hums, rubbing and pinching a little harder now that Denki can't complain.

"Denki loves being controlled like this. Loves being the perfect little fuckhole that I can control to my heart's content."

Sero is gonna die.

"I can order him to do anything. And he will."
Holy fuck, his dick is so hard.


Shinsou hums softly, cupping one of Denki's cheeks with a large palm, his thumb running slowly across the blond's bottom lip.



"Did you know that my brainwashing overrides even the most basic bodily functions?"

"Oh yeah, it's great. Y'see, Denki used to choke when he gave me head, right?"

Oh fuck.

"But when I do this, his throat just...relaxes like instantly, y'know?"

Sero whimpers inaudibly.

"Wanna see?"

His eyes snap to Shinsou's.

And sure, his gaze is cloudy.
But it's focused.


Sero swallows heavily, his dick throbbing in his shorts.

If he says yes, he might ruin his friendship with Denki. It's not like the blond can give consent for this. What if he comes back online and is disgusted that Sero would do such a thing?
But if he says no...

His gaze turns towards the blond, sitting pretty and dazed, his gaze focused on nothing.

If he says no, he might never get this chance again.

"...I wanna see."

Shinsou smirks, slow and knowing.

"Hey, Kitten?"

That unfocused gaze turns to his voice.

"Get down on your knees for me, carefully."

The way his body moves is absolute sin, graceful as he moves from the bed to the floor, sitting pretty.

Sero's dick twitches.

"Look at Sero."

He freezes when that gaze swings towards him, heart pounding in his chest.
"You wanna suck him, Kitten?"

"Please," Denki whispers, a flicker of /something/ flashing across his face before it once again becomes a blank mask.

"Crawl for him, baby."

And /fuck/, the way his body moves when he does so, hips swaying and hair falling in his face sexily.
Yeah, Sero is gonna be destroyed after this.

Denki's hands are already reaching for his shorts when Shinsou tsks softly, causing him to freeze.

"Now, now, Kitten, you have better manners than that," he purrs, smirking as he takes a hit of the blunt he pulled from nowhere.
Dull eyes meet his own as thin finger hover inches over his shorts, his dick pulsing with nees just underneath.

"Please, Sero, can I suck your dick?"

He makes some sort of noise between a confirmation and a squeal.

"I think that might be a yes," Shinsou murmurs, amused.
"Go ahead, babe. Nice and easy."
Sero shivers when slightly chilled fingers brush his stomach as they curl around the top of him pants and pull down, revealing his straining boxers to two sets of eyes, one interested and one dull.

It's embarrassing how his precum is already soaking through the fabric.
But Kaminari doesn't seem to think so, and the way a small, gentle tongue traces over the wet patch confirms it.

Sero gasps, digging his fingers harshly into the carpet as the blond continues to give his dick soft, kitten like licks through his boxers.
"Oh god, oh fuck," he whispers to no one as the brainwashed male gets a little bolder, inching his boxers down bit by bit until the next lick traces across the skin just above his straining dick, causing him to yelp.

"Whoa, easy," Shinsou murmurs, and holy fuck when did he move?
He's sitting next to them now, close enough that their shoulders could brush together if he leaned the right way.

"Good boy, Kami," the sleepy male coos, reaching out to tuck a strand of blond hair behind a pale ear. "You're doing such a good job, aren't you, baby?"
Denki moans softly, and Sero has the briefest confusion, because he's not supposed to be able to do that under the influence of Shinsou's quirk unless he's told, but a hot mouth wrapping around the tip of his dick sends every thought flying from his brain.
He gasps aloud, his head falling back to thud against the wall behind him as his eyes slip shut.

Which is why he misses the way Shinsou grins savagely down at his blushing, definitely not brainwashed boyfriend who's steadily taking his dick deeper into his mouth.
"Does he taste good, baby?" Shinsou asks softly, smirking when electric golden eyes glare up at him. "Feels good in your mouth, doesn't it? You should take him deeper. I bet he would like that."

And fuck Denki wants to be more annoyed, but he can't.
Not when Shinsou is /right/.

Sero does taste fucking good. Something sweet and subtle that makes his tongue tingle slightly. It's delicious and amazing and immediately addictive and he wants more of it.

And so, inhaling deeply, he inches down until his lips meet straining hips.
Sero outright moans, a needy, filthy sounds that sends heat racing down Denki's spine to settle heavy and hot in his stomach.

"Oooh, /fuck/, that feels so good," he gasps, shaky hands blindly reaching out to tangle in blond hair. "F-fuck, Kami..."
"Told you his mouth was good," Shinsou says smugly, taking another hit of the blunt that was slowly burning away between his fingers. "Got the warmest little hole you've ever fucked, huh?"

"Y-yeah," Sero whimpers back, his hips rocking forward.
"Can you make him...faster...?"

Denki shudders, his eyes rolling closed as he continues to suckle gently, wanting /so/ badly to swallow him down but not wanting to give himself away. But fuck, being talked about like that, like he was a toy to be played with...
Oh, he was gonna bust the fattest nut once everything was said and done.
Shinsou hums softly, grabbing one of Sero's hands and placing it on top of Denki's head

"Why don't /you/ make him go faster, instead?"

"Oh fuck, are you sure, please say you're sure, I've /dreamed/ about this-!"

"Oh, by all means. Have a blast."
Denki has to force his throat to relax when Sero thrusts forward, his skinny hips working overtime as he fucks into his wet, willing mouth. He's shoving his head down savagely, taking what he wants, /using/ him for his needs.

And Denki has never been so hard.
It's different with Shinsou. He can take his mind and force him not to move, to open his throat, to keep going even when he's spent, to be the perfect fuck hole, but Sero.

With Sero, he's a drooling, choking mess. Wet, garbled gags leave his throat every time he thrusts forward.
Thick globs of saliva are falling from his lips, landing on his shirt, ruining it for being anything other than a cum rag until the next time he washes.

And Denki loves it.

"Whoa, look how wrecked he is," Shinsou chuckles, reaching out with one hand.
He rubs a thumb just underneath his eye, where a steady track of tears is leaking down his face. "Damn, you're really giving it to him, huh Tapetastic?"

Sero can't help but laugh, but its strained and breathless, his hips still pistoning away.

"W-wanna give him something else."
"Oh?" Shinsou hums softly, trailing his hand from Denki's flushed face to Sero's tightening balls, giving them a sharp squeeze. "Gonna fill up his mouth with your cum until it leaks down the sides?"

That single question is his undoing.
With a broken yell, he slams forward one more time, burying Denki's nose in dark pubes before stilling, his hand flying out to claw at the wall as his hips twitch forward repeatedly, emptying himself of all his sexual frustration and need, directly down his crush's throat.
Kaminari's eyes roll straight into the back of his head, his throat working to quickly swallow everything that Sero was giving him.

And he was giving him a /lot/. It was thick and warm and settled in his stomach like the sexiest rock he'd ever swallowed.
"Goddamn, you were really pent up, huh?" Shinsou asks once Sero is finished, his hips still twitching erratically as Kami continues to suckle at his now softening dick. "Did it feel good?"

"So fucking good," The tape user moans, swiping a hand across his forehead.
"What about you, babe? Was it good? Be honest."

"Hell yeah," he rasps, his voice fucked out times a thousand, and Shinsou uses that moment to send him under again just as Sero is sitting up to look at him.

"Holy fuck," he whispers, his dick giving a valiant twitch as he stares.
Denki looks absolutely /wrecked/.

Red lips, swollen and shiny with drool and cum, some of which is dripping down his chin. His cheeks are flushed and tear stained. His eyes are dazed with brainwashing, and still slightly filled with tears.
And his hair is now a mess of tangles and peaks from where Sero had been yanking on it only a few minutes prior.

All in all, he looks absolutely ruined, and Sero gently tucks the image into a corner of his mind where he can pull it out and look at it any time he needs to.
"Damn, you really did a number on my little Pickachu," Shinsou murmurs, laughing softly as he thumbs a tear off of a slightly chubby cheek.

Sero just grunts softly, too out of it to really pay attention to small talk. The combination of weed and orgasms has made him tired.
He closes his eyes, letting his head fall back as his breathing goes back to normal. He honestly could have fallen asleep, but there was a soft smacking noise was filling the room, making it harder for him to drift off.

It sounded...slick?
He lifts his head, blinking sleepy eyes until they adjust to the low light of the room.

And sees Shinsou with his tongue inside Denki's mouth.

His strangled gasp catches the brainwasher's attention and he pulls back with a slow grin.

"You taste good on his tongue."
Holy fuck.

He stares in shock as Shinsou ducks down again, playfully tracing abused lips with his tongue before pushing the pink muscle into his mouth, his eyes slipping shut as he devours the taste of cum from his palette.
The sight has no reason being as hot as it is, and Sero flinches just a little bit as his spent dick twitches.

"Mmmmm...sweet," he murmurs when he pulls back again, his eyes hazier than before from arousal as he reaches into the computer desk drawer.
Sero goes fully hard with a wheeze when he sees what he pulls out.

A bottle of lube.

Cherry flavored.

"Holy fuck," he breathes.

"Denki, pants down," Shinsou murmurs gently, and the blond is quick to obey, even though his movements are stiff and robotic.
And suddenly Sero is being graced with the sight of his best friend's ass, round and pretty and just a little bit pink from sitting on the floor for so long.

"'M gonna let Sero fuck you," he murmurs, and Sero gasps, his heart beginning to pound in his chest.
Holy fuck.

Holy fuck!

"Please," Denki murmurs, and it sounds soft and desperate, even though he's still down under.

Shinsou's smirk is dangerous, purple eyes flicking up to his own, lust blackened ones.

"Hold out your hand."
His hand is shaky when he holds it out, and he shivers as cool, thick liquid is poured into his fingers.

"Denki, bend over," Shinsou murmurs, and the blond sinks onto his elbows, his ass still up in the air, giving Sero the perfect view of his hole between round cheeks.
And, /fuck/, is it a hell of a view.

Shinsou tugs at his arm gently, sending him tumbling to his knees on the floor, directly behind his best friend's ass.

"You've done this before, right?" He asks curiously.

Sero swallows, nodding.

"Yeah. Couple times with Todoroki."
"Perfect," the brainwasher purrs, guiding him forward. "So then you know what to do."

He gasps when his hand makes contact with Denki's skin, sticky with artificially flavored slick. Denki is still, frozen under the influence of Shinsou's Quirk.
But his skin is /hot/, feverish, his dick swollen between pale thighs. Sero has never wanted to taste anything so badly. But for now, he's content with this.

Watching his lube finger press again that small, tight opening, rubbing slowly up and down.
"Gooood," Shinsou purrs, and holy fuck, when did he get behind him? "Nice and easy, baby."

Strong arms wind around his waist, tugging him back slowly, and fuck, Shinsou is hard too, pressed up against the crack of his ass.

He exhales shakily, his thighs trembling.
He didn't even pull up his boxers after Denki's was done with his, so it's straight up bare ass, his dick bobbing up front with precum dripping from the tip.

"Now /push/," Shinsou growls softly, and Sero does at he's told without question, moaning as his finger sinks inside.
"Holy /fuck/," he whispers, beginning to pant wildly as he pushes further inside.

It's /hot/. Like some kind of inner furnace is keeping hos insides at the perfect sex temperature.

"Yeah. That's gonna feel amazing on your dick, trust me," Shinsou chuckles.
He makes some kind of garbled, choking noise, his dick jumping wildly.

He's wiggling his finger in slow, winding circles, trying to get the small hole to loosen up for him, when Shinsou tsks lightly.

"Fuck, I am so high. I forgot you don't even need to finger him."

"Hey, Kami, baby. Relax that pretty little ass of yours for us, yeah?"

And just like fucking that, the blond's insides are soft like butter. He could easily fit four fingers inside of him now.

He gasps, loud and wrecked.

"Yeah, in a minute," Shinsou murmurs, and Sero has to bite down on a yelp when his hand, warm and confident, wraps around his dick, stroking slowly.


"You're so fucking thick," the man murmurs against the skin of his neck, kissing the heated flesh.
Sero groans weakly, his head falling back against Shinsou's shoulders as he rocks his hips forward, the tip of his dick nudging against Denki's ass.

Or more specifically, his asshole, just barely breaching the relaxed insides as they try to suck him in.

It makes him shudder.
"Feel that?" Shinsou whispers in his ear, his breath hot and ticklish. "You're gonna be inside of that soon."

"Please," he moans, forcing his head to drop forward to watch the way the blond's hole is twitching and clenching repeatedly, a hairsbreath away from his leaking dick.
"So polite," the man behind him chuckles, and then his using his hips to push /Sero's/ hips forward until the head is pressing insistently against Denki.


"Yes, yes, /God/ yes-!"

He chokes when the tip pops inside, hands flying up to dig into Shinsou's hair.

It's /hot/.

Insanely hot, wrapping around his dick like a freshly warmed towel. And wet with the lube that Sero had so halfheartedly spread across his skin.

"S-Shinsou," he moans, squeezing his eyes shut as he fights to not shove himself forward.
"Told you it would feel good," Shinsou replies softly, gripping his hips with both hands and pushing him steadily forward, letting him moan and whine brokenly as he guides him to becoming fully enveloped by his boyfriend's insides, his hips pressing against firm cheeks.
Denki remains complacent and still beneath him the entire time.

"Now isn't that a pretty picture?" Shinsiu asks, soft amusement in his tone as he watches Sero struggle not to lose his goddamn mind.

"'S /tight/," he gasps out, clenching tight at purple hair.
"He can be tighter."

"H-he can?"

"Denki, flex for him, yeah babe?"

Sero chokes of his cry when Denki suddenly clamps down around him, his hips bucking forward without his consent, shoving his dick deeper.

"Oh, /shit/-!"


Shinsou hums softly, wrapping his strong arms around Sero's waist.

"Man, you sound pretty when you moan," he whispers into the flushed ear next to his mouth, rocking his erection against the other's backside. "Makes me hard..."
Sero just moans, fire racing through his veins as he feels Shinsou's cock, hard and throbbing, sliding back and forth between his cheeks.

"A-ah, Shinsou...!"


He starts to guide him, using the leverage that he has to force Sero to begin fucking Denki slow and easy.
And Denki is still so /tight/, clenching down on him repeatedly, until he feels like he's going to shake apart from pleasure.

And Shinsou isn't helping, whispering things like 'You sound so good' and 'Look so fuckin' pretty together' in his ear.
All while grinding his cock against him, making him feel at least a million times more sensitive as the brainwasher presses kisses up and down his neck.

"A-ah! Shinsou!"

"Ah, ah, ah," Shinsou murmurs, stroking soft fingers across his twitching stomach.
"Don't moan my name, Tapetastic. I'm not the one you're fucking."

Sero whimpers, looking down at where Denki's ass is still rocking back on his dick, full and round and so fucking sexy.

"D-Denki," he whispers shyly,
"Louder," Shinsou growls, and for the first time he sounds a little unhinged, his hand gripping Sero's hip tightly as the other hand travels up to flick across one of his pebbled nipples.

Sero jolts, crying out as electric pleasure zings up his spine.

"Fuck," Shinsou groans softly, biting down on his neck while reaching down to push his pants down to his thighs, freeing his cock to rub against Sero without any barriers.

"Hope you don't mind..."

Like /fuck/ he minds.

"G-go off," he stutters.
The heat of Shinsou's dick rubbing against his bare ass makes his own twitch inside of Denki, who's still not moving, even though there was a bright red flush spreading across his skin.

"Fuck, I wish that he was awake," Sero murmurs softly.

"Hm? Oh, no problem."
Sero has exactly one second to realize what Shinsou means before Denki comes alive underneath him, pushing back against his dick as a filthy cry of pleasure fills the air.


"Fuck," he hisses, his hips jerking forward of their own accord.
An awake Denki is much more erotic that a brainwashed Denki. His hips are rolling like an erotic wave, and his moans and whimpers are filling the air, making the hairs on his arms stand on end as he properly begins to move his hips.
"F-fuck, wait!"

"Don' wanna," Denki whines, arching his spine so that Sero can thrust deeper, helped behind him by Shinsou, who is biting and sucking at his neck still as he ruts against Sero's asscheeks.
"Wanted you to fuck me for so long, I need it, Sero please fuck me, please-!"

"Yeah, Sero," Shinsou purrs into his ear, his voice dark and rough as he squeezes his nipple between two fingers, making him jolt forward with a squeal.
"He's wanted it for months. You should have seen him when he was squirming on my dick, calling out your name while I fucked him in such a needy voice."

Arousal explodes in his gut, making him shudder as he watches the way the blond thrusts back against him.
But the feeling of cold fingers against his ass quickly steals his attention.


"You don't mind, right?" Shinsou whispers in his ear as he touches him, dipping into the hidden place between his cheeks.

Sero moans weakly, leaning over Denki's prone body.
"H-have at it, bro..."

A finger, now warm, immediately slips inside of him, making him gasp softly into Denki's ear, his hips rolling forward.

"Ah, fuck!"

"What's he doing?" Denki murmurs underneath him, seemingly content to be crushed.
"H-his fingers, he-AH!"

Another finger, pushing in next too the first, wiggling and stretching him open until he has to bite down on Denki's shoulder to stop his cries from escalating too loudly.

The blond cries out softly, his insides squeezing tight around Sero's dick.
Making him remember that he is, in fact, /inside Denki/.

"Fuck," he pants against pale skin, dragging his tongue across the mark he just made. "S-sorry."

"D-don't even sweat it," he replies with the small, quivering laugh that Sero loves so much.
"Fucking Christ, you're tight, Sero," Shinsou growls softly behind him, and he gasps when the tips of his fingers just barely brush across his prostate, making his cock /throb/.


"Easy," Denki murmurs, reaching back with a shaky hand to pet his hair gently.
"His fingers," Sero groans back, wrapping his arms tightly around the blond's body as the man behind him continues to stretch him open.

"Oh, yeah, trust me, I am aware," Denki teases, turning his head to brush a kiss across his cheek.
And he doesn't want that.

He wants a real kiss.

He nuzzles the side of his blond head until his face turns again, piercing golden eyes looking into his own.

"S-sero...?" he whispers right before he presses his lips against the other's pink ones.

Soft and plump, with the aftertaste of cherries and weed.

He groans softly, snaking his tongue into the warm cavern, tangling eagerly with Denki's own until he's squeezing around him again with a weak mewl, making him hiss as he breaks the kiss.
"Now isn't that a pretty sight?" Shinsou murmurs behind them as his fingers slide free.

"H-hurry, I don't think I can wait much longer," Sero whines, pulling away from Denki's addictive kisses to press his face between his shoulder blades.
Shinsou doesn't tease.

He gets to it immediately, pressing the head of his dick against Sero's stretched hole and sliding in with a low sound of satisfaction.

"Mmmmm, perfect."

Sero groans against the skin of Denki's back, his eyes squeezing shut,
It doesn't hurt, Shinsou stretched him out amazingly well, but he can still feel it opening him up, making room inside of his body.

"F-fuck," he whines loudly, pressing back against it.

"Good, isn't it?" Denki asks with a grin.
"Fuckin' amazing," he groans back, his hips rocking forward again as his hand slides down the blond's belly, curling around his half hard dick.

Denki immediately starts to get hard again, a soft noise crawling up his throat as Sero bucks forward.
Shinsou follows them forward, sinking into Sero with a grunt.

And then they're all moving together like a well oiled machine, first Shinsou pulling back, then Sero, and then all of them squishing back together again like the perfect sandwich.
The room is filled with the sounds of male pleasure, from Denki's loud cries, to Sero's shaky whines, to Shinsou's rough grunts.

"H-harder," Denki whimpers, thrusting both forward into Sero's hand and back onto his dick.
"Hey, this shit isn't as easy as it looks," Shinsou replies with a soft huff of laughter, but he obliges, suddenly thrusting harder into Sero, which in turn makes Sero thrust harder into Denki, filling the room with twin cries of surprise.


Shinsou just chuckles, his hazy eyes focused on the way his dick looks sliding in and out of Sero's wet hole, shiny with lube.

"Look at my two desperate little bottoms," he murmurs, sliding a hand up Sero's sweaty back.
Sero shudders, biting down on the skin of Denki's shoulder as his hand moves faster, curling around his dick like a snake while he thumbs the head.

Denki's cries get louder, his forehead pressing against the softness of the carpet as he spasms around Sero's dick.

"Fuck yes!"
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