Wikileaks: USSR Destroyed Secret US Base on the Moon in the 70's
This time the Moon = MKUltra Documents
Symbolism comms- Connect a few dots? #MKUltra documents destroyed, found? 1977 MKUltra Senate Hearing? Start of DoE? 1977...
Name Symbolism:
First Two On Moon
1st: Neil Alden Armstrong
2nd: Edwin Eugene Aldrin Junior
First notice 1st man on moon is AA - 2nd Man is EE - one vowel later - Ald[e]n Vs Aldr[i]n - again 1 vowel later difference for one man later on moon.
Armstrong? Why? Well... cult has a body symbolism thing going where each human body part equals a part of the cult, and the Arm = Media
Therefore: ArmStrong = MSM Strong - as in they can make people believe anything. #GreatAwakening
"Neil"? That one works backwards - As Neil Armstrong backwards = Gnorts, Mr. Alien - combined with "Armstrong = Media" it translates to MSM's Mr. Alien. Symbolism comms exist like this as a way to tell cultists of all ages in America it's a joke on the sheep. #Qanon
Buzz Aldrin (Edwin (win code) Eugene (6) Aldrin (6) Junior (6) or Al Gore (6 letters total) Full name Albert (6) Arnold (6) Gore Junior (6) are another way to wink. Identify "one of us" at a glance - Anyway enough names... let's continue. #GreatAwakening
In 1973 the Federal Energy Office (FEO) established which was superseded by the Federal Energy Administration (FEA) which became the Department of Energy (DOE) in 1977 - You may know of Q Clearance which is from the DOE. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Q=17 in code as I've covered many times - but where specifically did they get that number? I suspect it comes from the Apollo missions. There were 17 Apollo missions. And the last one was, 1972 which is one year before the precursor to the precursor to DOE (FEO) started
You may notice that 17th patch has a statue from the Vatican on it - Apollo 15's patch was designed by an Italian designer. What about the other patches? Well... #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Most of the other patches involve Gold as well - A golden navy ship, golden horses of Apollo, a golden star, a golden Nasa seal. - Vatican's colour is Gold - but also how much did Apollo cost. A lot. Where did it go? #Qanon
The Apollo-11 Eagle "eagle has landed" was picked out from National Geographic. It's interesting for a number of reasons - Firstly, Bill Clinton's SS name was Eagle. - Symbolic in the same way? China landing.
Question media pushes - they do tell the truth, mostly in symbolism.
e.g. This is accurate NAT GEO - but also lies - Those initiated can see the distinction.
Colour Symbolism -
Gold = Money
Blue = Information
Symbolism: We make $ from hoaxes & know they are lies
Oh right - one more thing on the name. Neil Armstrong's middle name is Alden. Alden is a reference to an old custom boot making company... you know, like the iconic boot-print on the Moon? They knew it would be iconic - His very name said so. Symbolism=End #Qanon
Too much symbolism? Want actual science on Moon stuff? Here's the most fascinating and objective reads I've come across on it. 400+ paragraphs! intimidating? Try this excerpt. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Q said moon landings are real so I may be wrong on the science. It isn't a certainty as Q may have been using symbolism to avoid an exodus of #Qanons due to their "conspiracy label" as Q calls it. I suggest reading link in Apollo-12 to challenge self in either case
Back to Symbolism comms-

The first object on the Moon was soccer balls - and it was sent by the USSR in 1959 With the symbolism comm of Moon = Secret location- what do you suppose Putin giving Trump a Soccer ball at the Hell Sinking summit meant? #QAnon
Don't misunderstand - this is a good thing. Would they let Julian Assange show off that book with those comms in it if Patriots weren't in control?
8/15/2019 = Dan Coats leaves = first possible moment any DECLAS can happen (as it goes through that position)

Anything coincide with that scheduled date for meaning to it?

Interesting post.... He's talking about Elvis + the Wow! Signal #Qanon
Wow! Signal=8/15/1977
Elvis Death=8/16/1977
Elvis flipped, about to go public? = 187 go code. Heart Attacks at age 42 are rare after all. And Q has talked of Heart Attacks on "liabilities" in the past.
Wow! Signal = typical #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall of elites. #Qanon
08/15/2019 - Today is the anniversary of the WOW! Signal - & Trump has tweeted the word twice today - #Symbolism - DECLAS in theory should be possible now and there may be some internal comms going on coordinating future BOOMS #Qanon #GreatAwakening
The only other time I see Trump tweeting WOW twice was the very last time he tweeted it at all, which was July 30th. If that was a signal -
Since Wow=Elvis 187 (check thread) then the next day it's curious that an article about Elvis's daughter and a 'tell all' occurred
1977 the 'Wow!' signal came from the constellation Sagittarius. So if we were sending symbolism comms about this Wow Signal that would be a logical comm to include right? Sagittarius.... #Qanon
if you dig into that article you'll notice the date 05/13/2019 - What happened that day? And what does it have to do with a Black Hole that is impossibly failing to drown out a light? Well.. back to #JulianAssange? cause this this is the date... #Qanon
My guess on future?
1. #JulianAssange will soon prove with docs incredible things incl crimes by U.S. Gov in past
2. MSM will call tinfoil hat
3. Many will doubt MSM & demand answers from Gov
4. Newly clean DNI will back assertions up thru DECLAS!
In symbolism comms Nuke explosion = Blackmail exposure. Q Clearance also ties into older nuclear secrets just as it does Moon stuff- the "Atomic Energy Act" from the 40's/50's. Anyway... let's go down another rabbit hole. #Qanon
The first nuke ever used to destroy a city was the "Little boy" and it filled with "Uranium" (root word Uranus) - dropped from the "Enola Gay"? Interesting wordplay? #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall #Qanon
Most Nuclear tests were on Bikini (6) Atoll- another sexual symbolism, a "toll" - money used to cross a bridge (6) i.e. get into the cult. - Blackmail = entry. #Qteam
1952= First thermonuclear weapon test
1953= Playboy starts with Marilyn Monroe on cover (She was famous not just for acting but what activities?) Anyway... timetables of nuke "tests" relative to known blackmail operations is a deep rabbit hole.
You can see on Drudge comms the day b4 reported "cyanide" "poisoning" Basically #EpsteinDeath is perfect symbolism for a nuclear disaster. Once dead they rushed to unseal documents before announcing it and... here we are. #Qanon
Tho I think there was some 4d chess going on -
I don't think he was executed by white hats - but I do think a no-win circumstance was created - so that if they decided to try for his head - it really would just backfire and is currently. It massively speeds things up really.
"Radioactive" - as in Radio Active (6) - as in someone who is dangerous to be around due to being able to remotely activated -a planted cabbal member in a sensitive or inconspicuous position. Oft blackmailed. #Qanon
So a Uranium reservoir is symbolism for something like a big box of video tapes - or Hillary's Toilet server (available for purchase!) or Hugh Hefner's photo album. - Something to create "Nukes" out of - Consider this Hammond guy #Qanon
07/20/2019 Trump: Release HIM A$AP?! Interesting seemingly irrelevant statement to dominate Drudge for over 24 hours - What does this have to do with Nuclear? Well...
Often with Drudge the article directly above the image will give a hint about the comms - and in this case note the above article which is about a war with IRAN. Did IRAN have someone we wanted back? #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening
Perhaps Robert Alan "Bob" Levinson? He has been an Iranian hostage since 2007 ($5,000,000 reward) And if you go to his FBI wanted page? It just went down! (after 10 yrs up) So this could be it. #Qanon #RobertLevinson
George Webb has videos on Levinson

Says Levinson was CIA and installed Centrifuges for Uranium- Thus we get back to the Nuclear connection. #Qanon
Symbolism: Uranium with a root word of Uranus

Centrifuge - Creates a very strong "SPIN"

UF^6 235 & 238 are separated in the "enrichment" process of Uranium"

So to symbolically "install a centrifuge" means what exactly?
#Qanon #ProjectMockingbird #IranDeal
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