Selling depression; a thread
In the past two to three years we have been seeing a lot of raising awareness for mental illness campaigns all over, but what is it actually doing? Is the media trying to sell us depression?
You know everything we do has side effects, in fact the side effect that came with spreading knowledge about mental illness is that it became normal. Everyone would just walk around and use the word “depression” instead of “upset” in the case of any small inconvenience in life.
It started with the memes, the youtubers selling T-Shirts about depression and other mental illnesses and playing it out as such a common problem, and having it sound like something that should be in our lives. When in reality it shouldn’t.
Treating a mental illness or a disorder as a mundane thing had an implication on kids aged between 13-17, Because it’s perceived and played out by the media as such an ordinary thing
The youth suddenly starts believing “oh hey i really dont have a healthy mentality/ im mentally unstable”and start labeling themselves as “depressed”. Though they’re very very far from it. This romanticizing of Mental illness is awful.
That’s not mentioning those kids who picked up on this trend and started labeling themselves with such mental illnesses as to be “relatable” though none of those people can actually relate to anything that an actual depressed individual feels or relates to.
Depression is much MUCH more complex than just sadness. And what are we doing by normalizing and selling it? We are letting people that actually suffer loose the help, cuz why would they seek for help when it’s so “normal” and #relatable ?
13 reasons why, fits in here somewhere because it really romanticizes the idea of depression induced suicide. Which is a horrible thing to promote.
In fact The research conducted by the Nationwide Children's Hospital looked at monthly and annual rates of suicide reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2013 through 2017.
They found that the month following the release of the show had a suicide rate of 0.57 per 100,000 for 10- to 17-year-olds. The nine months after witnessed an extra 195 deaths by suicide in this same age group.
Be it on purpose or not. It’s a terrible idea to tell a someone who’s aged 13-17 as minds during that phase of life tend to be molded and shaped up for the rest of their lives.
It’s a very critical point as to shape ones personality and an idea like that implanted in their clay brains is quite dangerous. That’s not mentioning corporates trying to sell this idea as well as financially benefit from it.
You might not be affected by it, but who knows how many were? In fact there’s tens and hundreds of researches proving that this is harming our society! That this is not OKAY?
But, we still choose to make it a big joke?
Disclaimer: this thread is not meant to attack anyone personally. It’s simply for spreading awareness; if you have a point feel free to express it down here. Thank you.
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