In a whirlwind of theories about Jeff Epstein, his Lolita Express frequent flier club, and Pedo Island Parties...

And the current battles over his $, hiding names and faces, and victims...

Ask yourself? Is that the worst?

Or is it chaff & flares?

A little tidbit that flew under the radar yesterday:

In the Will that Epstein finalized 2 days before his scheduled Arkancide, he named Dr. Boris Nikolic as back-up executor.

Dr. Nickolic, served as Chief Science Advisor for the Gates Foundation...

Of note is evidence that Bill Gates is suspected of being an Epstein Island frequent flier...

But more interesting is Dr. Nikolic's background in advanced stem cell transplant research.

And this is where the Rabbit Hole gets deeper...

To date we have information on 3 startlingly similar organizations:

John of God (Brazil)
Jeff Epstein

All of these are directly associated with child sex slavery, human trafficking, various forms of torture...

And rumored deaths of those trafficked.

While those accusations are horrible enough as is, there are widespread rumors of *other* activities, including genetic experiments.

John of God was rumored to have supplied children for such experiments

Jeff Epstein bragged of a plan of impregnating girls for a master race

Coincidentally NXIVM was found to have been a mega bundler for Hillary Clinton's campaign..

And was also found to have been importing foreign children... and using extremely good fake visa documents...

Stolen from the State Dept...

And who ran State for 6 years?

If you're importing large numbers of kids on forged immigration documents, how do you house, feed and care for them without drawing attention?


There happens to be a tax $ funded network already in place to handle such large numbers of kids...

And when former Arkansas state legistlator Linda Collins Smith started investigating links between CPS and child sex trafficking...

She was found shot to death in her living room...

"There is a full court press to stop PedoGate from being looked at because if 💥people knew the true motives behind the pedophilia epidemic💥, they would do more than march on Washington. 💥💥They could actually seed a revolution,💥💥"

All of the above have been widely decried by the Mockingbirds as CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

However, the takedown of these 3 organizations have sparked panic among the most powerful people on the planet.



What if the Epstein elite Pedo Honey trap is designed to entrap world leaders...

And clear the decks for *anything* their plans may call for?

I reiterate:

"if people knew the true motives behind the pedophilia epidemic, they would do more than march on Washington. 💥💥They could actually seed a revolution💥💥"

Suddenly having a Science Advisor with a stem cell background getting hold of Epsteins Will makes sense.

Suddenly the elites in near panic makes sense...

Suddenly the whole push for "IMPEACH NOW, DOESN'T MATTER IF WE HAVE EVIDENCE OR NOT!!!" makes sense...

Buckle up Dorothy...

Cuz Kansas is going Bye Bye...
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