Joy/Actress Park Sooyoung: A Thread

- In 2017 Joy won the Newcomer Award at the OSEN Cable TV Awards for her first ever role in TLAHL.

- In 2018 Joy was nominated for both Best Actress and Rookie of the Year at the MBC Drama Awards for her role in Tempted.

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- In 2018 Joy was also nominated for the Popularity Award at the The Seoul Awards and out of 10 actresses received over 33% of the vote.

- In 2019 Joy was nominated for Best Idol Actor at the 14th Annual Soompi Awards and was the highest ranked female idol.

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- Through Tempted Joy was praised for being “reborn as a leading actress”. “‘Idol Color has Been Erased’ Joy, Proven Growth”.

- In 2017 the Circle PD stated that he wanted to cast Joy and could see her charm & potential to grow as an actress in the future.

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- Internationally Tempted recorded the highest figure in programs since Kocowa launched with a peak daily market share of 14.9%.

- According to The Good Data Corporation Survey of TV, Tempted was ranked first place in online video consumption of all dramas airing in South Korea.
- Joy went out on her own to audition for TLAHT and was chosen by the director for the lead role out of 300 girls.

- Joy earned her second lead role in Tempted because the people behind her first drama wanted to work with her again.

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- Joy has continually worked hard to improve and challenge herself, and always wants to do her best.

- I'm so proud of Actress Park Sooyoung and I'm thankful for all of the wonderful scenes & beautiful OSTs Joy delivered through her work in TLAHL and Tempted. 💚

#조이 #레드벨벳
I'm also thankful for everyone who has shown their support for Joy as an actress.

I'm sure these support wreaths for Joy at the Tempted showcase & the charity donations given on her behalf would've meant so much to her. 💚

#조이 #레드벨벳 #JOY
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