AZ based group known to include some of most ruthless operators within US Democratic Party or to phrase it better, they are the ‘strong arm of Democratic Party’

“Tied to Salinas family in Mexico - also ties in with former MX President Carlos Salinas”
For years NXIVM smuggled money from Mexico to USA”

Supposedly massive investigation going on @FBI “into NXIVM & its ties to organized crime”

“Clear connection between ‘AZ Mafia’, NXIVM & Carlos Salinas”

“There is a schism between EDNY & Main Justice
Former son of Mexican President said 2 b in control of massive ‘drug running’ in USA”

“Arizona Mafia A-List:

1) Janet Napolitano: “known in AZ for her backroom deals & ruthless targeting of conservatives”

2) Dennis Burke: “resigned over Fast & Furious Scandal, now NXIVM atty”
3) Noah Kroloff: “known as ‘Napolitano’s bulldog’

4) Marco Lopez

5) John Sandweg

6) John Podesta”
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