Counting down until @AlanJones dies and his legacy changes from "controversial shock jock" to "Australia's Jimmy Savile"
Every company that is now pulling out of his program is a joke. He literally incited a white nationalist race riot in 2005 and was held responsible. He has threatened violence against women for years. They knew this and they advertised on his show precisely because he did this...
All these companies: @KoalaMattress
@MercedesBenz etc that are pulling out are hypocrites. They knew exactly what he said and what he had done and what he stood for. And they knew that his mysoginy and racist meant ears on their ads
The @ABCaustralia knew it when they put him on #qanda. Every network they used him as a talking head or a commentator knew it. They didn't care because it meant ratings.
Even I knew it when I made The worst segment I ever made for tonightly when I interviewed him and Mark Latham hoping to get some lols so people would share the video.
The media and advertisers have spent years and years and years profiting off this human trash, knowing full well what a scumbag he is and now because it's trendy everyone is banding together saying "ooh no I am opposed to Alan Jones."
Well it's a bit fucking late now. The Cronulla riots have happened. The Christchurch shooting has happened. Climate change is now irreversible. His former students are all traumatised. The damage that he and those like him have caused is done.
Alan Jones won. He's 79. He'll never face justice. He'll retire in wealth and prosperity and we will all pat ourselves on the back because we got a mattress company to stop giving him tonnes of money.
And those in the old media, those in television and news will still "pay tribute". They'll say things like "a passionate man who wasn't afraid to speak his mind, even it was controversial"
They'll talk about him with this bullshit civility not befitting a man who is a glorified thug. A predator. A violent and hateful scumbag who caused a lot of suffering in this world.
Fuck there is a lot of bad grammar in this thread. Anyway, fuck you Alan Jones, and fuck all of us for letting you get away with it all.
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