I have an au idea where Kirishima gets hit by a quirk that turns him into a cat.
Essentially everyone thinks he's missing to point where it's assumed he's dead. Everyone except Bakugou who refuses to give up his search for him & who now has to deal w/ a cat who won't fuck off
Should I actually write this?

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-Tw:// idk uhh angst, but happy ending bc I'm a sap

-sfw bc I feel soft rn

Kirishima Eijiro was having a particularly bad day.

For one, his roommate, best friend and secret love of his life yelled at him for getting crumbs on counter for the millionth time, he was late to work and oh yeah, he just got turned into a freaking cat.

Today sucked.
The villain with his cat magic quirk or whatever the hell he was working with smirked up at him.

"Ah, Red Riot, who'd have thought you'd make such a cute kitty?"

Kirishima tired to yell, but all that came out was a small hiss, causing the villain to roar with laughter.
"So fierce," he teased, reaching down to stroke the top of Kirishima's head.

He dodged it, swiping at him with his hand- no his paw, and feeling a pang of satisfaction when he saw he was able to at least draw blood.
The man licked at his new cut while glaring down at Kirishima.

"Bad kitty," he chided, kicking at him. Again, Kirishima was quick to dodge even if it was a little awkward being on four legs.

To his annoyance, the vilian began to walk down the alley back towards the street.
He caught up to him easily, trying to talk, trying to stop him, but instead all that came out his mouth were little chirps and mews.

The villain looked down at him once again, and the look in his eyes made Kirishima's stomach flip.

They gleamed with victory.
"By the way," he said casually as they reached the end of the alley. "My quirk? You'll never figure out how to break it. Good luck, Red Riot. You're going to need it."

And for the first time in his career, Kirishima finally felt the sting of defeat.

"Quit being a fucking baby and call me back, shit."

Bakugou clicked his phone off and stared at Kirishima's contact photo. It was one of his favorites, and usually seeing his smiling dorky face made him feel better, but tonight, it just made him pissed.
Pissed because the fucking asshole wasn't calling him back.

He dialed again, and like the last 10 times, it went straight to voicemail.

"Look," Bakugou said scratching the back of his head, a nervous habit he'd never learned to break, "sorry I got mad earlier. Call me. Please."
He hung up again and set his phone down on the counter of their kitchen. His fingertips tapping nervously on the cold tile while his eyes stared at the clock.

It was late. Too late.

Something wasn't right and he felt uneasy, maybe even scared.

He called again.

No answer.

By the time Kirishima found his way back to his and Bakugou's apartment, he was beat. His legs were sore, the pads of his feet soft and aching and he just wanted to lay down.

He didn't know what time it was, but if he had to guess it was super late.
Bakugou was going to be pissed.

One time, a long while back, Bakugou had admitted that he found it difficult to sleep if he didn't know where Kirishima was. Something about needing to know he was safe. He never forgot that conversation and he always always called.
Kirishima sighed.

That means Bakugou is probably awake and blowing up his phone and Kirishima isn't able to answer.

God, he's going to be so pissed at him once he finds out what happened.

Plus, he's a dickhead when he doesn't get his full eight hours of sleep.
Making his way up the stairs to their apartment, he freezes at the door.


How the hell is he supposed to get in?

Unable to think of anything else, he starts mewing and pawing at the door, hoping somehow he's loud enough.

He's half asleep on the couch when he hears some weird scratching.

It's coming from the front door and immediately he sighs out a breath of relief.

Kirishima is finally home, and from the sounds of it, he is probably drunk since he can't get his key in right.
He knows he is supposed to be mad at him, but all he wants to do is see him, see with his own eyes that he's safe and sound.

He can yell at him after.

Rushing to the door, he opens it and to his annoyance it isn't Kirishima, but a fucking cat.
The cat is black and looking up at him expectantly. As if he belongs here.

"Oi," Bakugou yells, blocking the cat from trying to get inside. "Get the fuck outta here you furry bastard."

The cat looks up at him with beautiful bright red eyes. Eyes that kind remind him of...

He's obviously tired if he is seeing Kirishima in strays now.

He shoves the cat out of the way with his foot and slams the door, ignoring the pathetic wail he hears on the other side.

"Fuckin' cat," he grumbles. He rubs at his face and walks down the short hallway
to Kirishima's bedroom, a small sliver of hope that maybe the dumb idiot came in while he was passed out on the couch.

"Kiri?" He calls out, opening his door. His chest aches when he realizes that no, he's still not home.

He's trying to keep cool, remembering that Kirishima is
a fucking grown ass man. Plus, he's also a damn good hero, stupidly strong and that worrying about him is ridiculous.

But as he stares at his empty bed, he knows within his bones that something isn't right.
Making his way back to the living room, he pulls his jacket off the hook next to the front door and slips into the cool leather.

He grabs his phone, wallet and his keys and heads out into the night, having to shove that stupid black cat out of his way again.
He dials Kirishima's number again, and when promoted to leave a message he does.

"Eijiro, I don't know what the fucks going on, but I'm coming to find you."

He hangs up just as he's making his way into the parking garage and then dials another number.
The person on the other line answers but his voice is groggy with sleep.

"Kacchan...what time... Hey, you okay?"

"Kirishima is missing. I need you to round everyone up."

He hears rustling and knows that Deku is already jumping up to scramble into clothes.
He's never say this shit out loud, but he's grateful for him.

This time when he speaks, he sounds more awake.

"Text me all the info you have, last known location, etc and I'll start calling in help. We'll find him Kacchan, I promise."
And even though a small lump is forming, he swallows that shit down. He doesn't have time to be a pussy, not when Kirishima might be in danger somewhere.

"We better."

He hangs up and hops into his motorcycle, kick starting it to life.
As he drives away he sees in the reflection of his side mirror a small black cat staring off after him.

Admittedly, he should have expected Bakugou to not let him in.

Still, he couldn't deny the hurt he felt at the door being slammed in his face. And he couldn't stop the cry that ripped out of him as the full amount of trouble he was in came crashing down.
If Bakugou, the man who knew him best, couldn't tell who he was, then what chance did he have at changing back?

Not that he knew how, but still.

Not knowing what else to do, he laid on the front mat, the one he picked out with Bakugou so long ago, and closed his eyes.
Just as he dozing off from the pure exhaustion of finding his way here on four tiny legs from the other side of town, the front door is yanked open.

"Eijiro," Bakugou says, and Kirishima's heart flutters wildly. He /did/ recognize him!
He jumps up, ready to pounce on him when a foot is shoving him out of the way.

"I don't know what the fucks going on, but I'm coming to find you."

Bakugou didn't recognize him, he was on the phone. He felt this ears droop along with him as he lowered his head to the ground.
He wanted to cry, but damnit, he's a man. But not being seen and also hearing Bakugou call him his first name was a lot to take in. He shook off the hurt his extra feelings and went to follow wherever Bakugou was going.
He could hear his phone call with Midoriya and he groaned.

He hated knowing so many people would be worried about him. Frankly it was embarrassing to think of a bunch of heros scouring the city looking for him, he who was clearly alive and I'm good health.
Well except for the whole cat thing, obviously.

He watched as Bakugou raced out of the parking lot, feeling helpless.

"I'm right here," he tried to say.

All that came out were mews.
He waited for Bakugou, curled up on the front door mat long after the sun rose.
Only waking up to the sounds of heavy feet shuffling up the steps towards him.
Blinking the sleep out of his eyes, he looked up to see Bakugou lumbering over him, leaning to shove his key in the door.
When he saw his face, he wanted to cry all over again.

He looked terrible.

Bakugou's eyes were drooping, light purple bags begining to form but the look in his eyes... They looked desperate. They looked angry. They looked lost.
Just as he's swinging open the door, he looks down at Kirishima and in a raw husky voice he says, "Go home cat," and slams the door behind him.

All he can do is press his little paws up on the door, unable to speak, unable to comfort.

Unable to go home and be with Bakugo.

Nothing matters.

Not his job.

Not his friends.


The only thing that occupies his brain and his time is finding Eijiro.
It's been weeks and still no sign of him. It's like he disappeared with out a trace.

It's been weeks of hardly any sleep, barely eating and kicking the living shit out of anyone who might have even /heard/ of Red Riot.
It's also been weeks of the worst heartbreak he's ever felt.

The agony of walking into their home knowing he won't be there kills him.

It's pathetic and sad, he knows, but he's taken to sleeping in Eijiro's room. Hugging close his pillows as he cries himself to sleep.
In his bed he likes to pretend that Eijiro is out grabbing dinner from their favorite Thai place. Or that he's grocery shopping or just late on patrol. It's easy to feel comforted in his room where it still smells like him, where it still feels he'll walk in at any time.
On the 27th day that Red Riot has been declared missing, he gets a phone call.

"Kacchan," the voice is soft and soothing and he already fucking knows what he's going to say before he says it.


"We've got to .... We've got to start planning something."
"He isn't fucking dead."

He hangs up.
Outside of his window, he eyes that damn black cat that won't fucking leave pawing at the damn window screen.

Shit, he's probably fucking hungry.

Grabbing the container with the cat food, he goes back to the window and slides it open so he can fill up his bowl.
The cat looks up at him, his pretty eyes soft and shining and Bakugou sighs, reaching out to stroke his soft fur.

"Did you hear that baby boy? They're trying to get me to plan Ei's funeral. Fucking idiots, right?"

Bakugou scratches under his chin, coaxing a purr from him.
"But we know better don't we? He's alive out there somewhere and I'm gonna find him."

There's something soothing about this cat, something about him that makes him feel at ease. Something about his softness and his eyes that remind him of his Eijiro.
Probably why he calls him Red, probably why he's gone soft and buys him the good pet food and why somehow he's become his only friend.

"Alright Red, it's time for me to go back at it. Be a good boy and finish your fucking food or else I won't get you those treats you like."
He closes the window and gets ready for another monotonous day of searching for the only thing that matters to him, Eijiro.

As just like every day, he'll dial his number and even though his mailbox is long since full, he'll listen to his recorded message.
"It's ya boy, Kiiiiiiirishima! Leave me a mes- HEY! Shut up Bakubro, haha oh uh yeah leave me a message. Okay bye!"

He stares at his contact photo, the one with his cheesy ass smile and presses it to his chest.

"I'm gonna find you Eiji, I swear it."

Times weird when you're a cat.

For one, cats like to sleep, a lot.

It's kind of annoying feeling tired all the time and having to nap against his will. Kirishima has never been lazy before, but now he feels like it.

Missing huge chunks of his day just to sleep.
It's stupid.

When he is awake, he's out searching for the villain who ruined his fucking life.

It's weird walking through the city and seeing his face plastered everywhere.
It's even weirder when he notices when they started fading. When some of them got new posters plastered on top.

When people started to forget about him.

The only hope he held on to was the fact that Bakugou had not given up on him.
And though it killed him to see Bakugou breaking himself just to find him, it made him work all that much harder to help as well.

Finding the guy who turned him, it was the only thing he could do now.
He scoured the city, the soft pads in his feet turning hard and rough from all the walking and jumping.

In this body, he was able to move quickly and uninhibited due to his suddenly lack of celebrity. His ears much better than his human ones too.
He was able to hear all kinds of shit, and finally, he caught himself a break.

From a little ways away, he could hear the bastard.

After 36 days of searching, he finally found the villain who turned him.
Padding quietly where he heard him speak, he saw him hovering over some woman.

"Please," she choked out, "let me go. I won't say anything!"

The man sneered, "don't worry, I know you won't."

He raised ones it his arms, a strange green light emanating from his hand.
Shit, he was going to use his quirk on her.

He sprinted down the alley, similar to the one he had tried to stop him in back when he was still a human, and lunged for him, sinking his sharp teeth and claws into his outstretched arm.

He screamed loudly, his arm flailing.
Kirishima was able to see the woman run away, and he felt relieved knowing that she was safe for now.

Suddenly the villain flung his arm hard, and Kirishima lost his grip falling to the ground in a small heap.
Being a cat sucked.

"Ah, if it isn't Red Riot," he hissed at him, cradling his injured arm to his chest. "I see you've still not figured it out yet."

He laughs, the sound is ugly and bitter and Kirishima feels the hair on his body raise as he growls at him.
"Such a shame that such a supposedly beloved Hero has been nearly forgotten. Even more surprisingly is that you've clearly got no one who loves you."

He laughs again, and Kirishima stalks towards him, ready to attack.
The man rolls his eyes.

"Save it. You can't do anything about it. Maybe you can just head down down to the ASPCA and find yourself a home." He laughs again and Kirishima wants to rip his throat out.

It's unmanly but fuck this guy.
Before he can attack him, the man's foot comes flying out and he doesn't have time to move out of the way. Instead he's kicked hard, his lithe body flying into a heap of garbage.

He sees the villain laugh one more time before his world goes black.

42 days after Red Riot is declared missing, Bakugou is dressed in a nice suit, his hair is combed back and Deku is on his way to pick him up.

They are planning on attending Kirishima's funeral together.
The whole thing is a fucking joke of course. Bakugou only agreed to go because he was being forced to.

That, and it's hard to be in his home right now.

Not only was Eijiro gone, so was Red.
He hadn't seen the little guy in days and he was sick with worry.

He felt like an asshole, wishing he'd brought the damn bastard in.

Kirishima would have for sure. He was- no, IS such a sucker for animals.
Standing in the living room he ran his fingers along the back of couch, his mind picturing the three of them, Bakugou, Eijiro and Red piled together on the sofa.

He felt the familiar sting of tears burn his eyes, the pain of regret making his chest ache.
Three sharp raps at the door startled him. He wiped his arm quickly across his face removing any evidence of tears and went to answer the door.

Deku and his boyfriend Todoroki were there and of course, the freckled face bastard is already crying.
"You r-r-ready?" He sniffles.

Bakugou rolls his eyes.

"He's not dead asshole, stop crying."

"Baku-" Todoroki starts but Bakugou raises his hand cutting him off.

"Can it Icy Hot. Let's just get this shit show over with."
Of course when they get to the funeral home, the outside is littered with tons of paparazzi. Each asshole with a camera in hand trying to make a quick buck off of snapping pics of mourning heros.

Bakugou is the first to get out of the car, making sure to wear a smile.
They won't catch him crying. Not for this fake ass bullshit.

Eijiro isn't dead.

He grins like a maniac as he walks inside the building, making sure to flip off as many people and cameras as he can along the way.
Once he gets inside the building, his smile suddenly falters.

Staring back at him is a huge framed photograph of Eijiro. His smile somehow lighting up the room despite him not even being here.

And then it really hits him.

Eijiro isn't here.
He stares at the photograph, the one that displays his birthday and the day that he was reported missing as a stand in for his death date, and it feels like the wind has been knocked out of him.

Suddenly he can't breathe.

The room seems to be spinning.

A hand slaps his back.
"C'mon Kacchan, let's find a seat."

Deku is there, tugging at his sleeve as he walks on auto pilot into the main chamber.

In front there are hundreds and hundreds of bouquets surrounding a casket everyone knows is empty but fuck it feels real.
It feels like Kirishima could actually be inside and his knees turn to jelly.

But Deku's got his arm, and Todoroki grabs the other.

"We got you," Deku whispers, sniffling back his own tears as they practically carry him to a pew near the front.
As they sit there, Bakugou can't take his eyes off the casket.

Eijiro can't be dead.

He can't be.

He'd know. He'd feel it. He's not dead.
The funeral finally starts, and it's the same bullshit as any other funeral. Someone talks about how Kirishima isn't really gone (which he's not, Bakugou knows this) but he'll live in their hearts forever. Another extra talks about how they shouldn't cry but celebrate his life.
Bakugou actually snorts at that.

This room is filled with people who somehow believed that his unbreakable Eijiro was somewhere dead in a ditch and they have the nerve to say that want to celebrate?

Fuck this.

He can't be here, he can't waste time not looking for him.
He stands and the person on the mic stops talking but instead addresses him.

"Bakugou, thank you for volunteering to speak first. Come up here and please share a fond memory of Kirishima."

Bakugou freezes, all eyes on him.
The looks up to the alter where there's the empty casket, the flowers and another picture of Eijiro looking beautiful and sunshiney as always and yeah, he's got a few fucking words to say.
He stomps up to the from and snatches the mic from out of the woman's hand.

"First off, this whole funeral thing? It's bullshit."

The audience groans.

"No, fuck all of you. Eijiro is alive."

The room is silent and he feels like his hands are shaking but he presses on.
He jabs a finger at the picture of Kirishima and addresses the mourners.

"This man is out there and you guys gave up on him to throw yourself this little fuckin' party? The casket is empty you dipshits. And until I see Ei's fucking corpse," his voice is cracking and tears fall.
He swallows hard, wiping his face quicky with his sleeve.

"Until I see his dead body with my own two fucking eyes, I'm going to look for him every single day of my life. Fuck you guys for this, fuck you for not looking harder. I'm going to find him and bring him home to me."
He let's the mic drop and clatter to the ground and before anyone can stop him, he's running out the doors, ignoring the sound of Deku yelling after him.
Once he's outside he's bombarded with flashes and there's what feels like ten thousand people shoving mics in his face slamming him with questions.

"Ground Zero, what's life like now without your partner Red Riot?"

"Rumors have it you were more than friends,care to elaborate?"
"Are you planning on returning back to work?"

"It is true they have yet to discover his body?"

"What was the last thing you talked about before he died?"
Bakugou stood there, eyes still wet from the tears shed at the altar, hands burning with the sudden desire to blast each of these vultures into dust.

He glares at all of them, his palms sweating and tingling and just as he's about to fucking do it, Deku is there pulling on him.
"C'mon Kacchan," he says, gripping his arm and dragging him away from the flashes of the camera and the questions he can't even begin to answer.

"Get the fuck off of me," he snaps when they are somewhere a little more private.
"I know this is hard for you," he starts to say but Bakugou doesn't want to hear it.

"You don't know shit," he hisses, stomping away towards the parking lot before realizing he wasn't the one who drove here.

"Give me your keys."

"Not until you listen to me."
Bakugou's eyes narrow into slits as he stares daggers into his childhood friend.

"Give me your keys," he repeats.

"Kirishima isn't out there. You aren't going to find him. You need to-"


He's in his face now, spit flying but he doesn't fucking care.

He's crying now, doesn't know when it started but not he feels like he'll never stop. He's so tired. He's so lost.

He just wants Eijiro.
Deku grabs him & crushes him to his chest, holding him tight enough to keep from falling apart. Because that is what he feels like, he feels like each day without Eijiro another piece of him cracks off and shatters to the floor.

So he let's himself be held, he lets himself cry.
Warm hands rub his back soothingly and not too much longer after, his breathing returns to normal and he's wiping at his face and pulling away.

"Sorry," he mutters.

"Don't be. It's worse for you, I know."

"Yeah? And why's that?"

"You guys were in love."
He'd never said his feelings out loud. Never told a soul how head over heels he was in love with his best friend.

Should have known the fucking nerd would have figured it out.

But he said "guys."


"Does he love me back?"

Deku chuckled but it sounded sad.
"He always loved you, Kacchan."

That settled it.

He was going to find Eijiro, and he was going to kick his fucking ass for not ever telling him when he did.

"...but Kacchan...you need to move on. You need to stop killing yourself. He'd hate it if he-"

"Shut up."
Hands gripped the front of his shirt only to shove him in the back of a tree.

"WAKE UP!" Deku yelled.

Holy shit.

"I know how bad this hurts, but you need to stop this. Go back to living, Kacchan. Live for him, don't chase after a ghost."
He wrenched himself out of grip and spit on the ground

"He isn't a ghost and I'm gonna fucking prove it. And when I do find him, when I do bring him back to me, you're gonna owe him for the rest of his life for giving up on him."


"We're done here."
And without waiting for the keys, he took off again.

He needed to get the hell away from all those assholes with their stupid opinions and their stupid questions. He needed to clear his head and figure out his game plan.

He also needed a goddamn drink.
It probably wasn't wise to do this, but he didn't care, not really.

He deserved a break after today.

So as he sat in some dingy bar not too far from the cemetery, he swallowed down his shots, drank his beer and thought of nothing but Kirishima.
He mostly thought about his regrets.

About how he never said anything to him, how much time they lost by keeping their mouth shut.

He promises that when he finds him, he'll say all the words he should have said years ago.

He swears he'll tell him how much he loves him.

It's dark and everything hurts.

Moving is difficult, and so is breathing.

He needs to get back to Katsuki.

If this is it, if his time is running out, he wants the last thing he sees to be him.
It's agony to walk, but he doesn't stop, not until he really has to.

His little paws moving slowly across dirt and pavement and grass.

He can't give up, he needs to be with Katsuki.
He doesn't know how long it takes him, but eventually he makes it up the steps to his apartment. And just as he's stepping into the mat, he hears a yell.


Ah. He made it.

As Bakugou picks him up, cradling him gently to his chest, he closes his eyes.

He's home.

He's drunk and misses Eijiro and he's sad and he misses Eijiro and he's lonely and he's worried and he's drunk and he even misses that damn cat and fuck he's drunk and pizza sounds good and he misses how Eijiro used to call pizza crusts pizza bones and fuck he misses him.
Bakugou is trudging up the steps after being dropped off by his Uber driver, the one who begged him not to throw up in his car and also for an autograph.

He hates being drunk. Hates the way it makes him lose his inhibitions, makes him think too hard or not at all.
And maybe it sounds shitty, but a huge part of him hoped for the latter. He just wanted a few moments of peace where he wasn't constantly reminded of his broken heart. Just a few minutes where he didn't have to think about Eijiro hurt and alone somewhere.
He makes it to the landing, and though his vision is blurred from drink he sees a small mass of black on his door step.

"RED!" He yells out, stumbling over to where the little cat laid dead.
He scooped him up in his hands, shaking as he held him close.

The teeniest little mew came out and a fresh wave of hot tears stung his eyes.

He hugged him close to his chest, grateful beyond all measure that he was still alive.
He wasn't an idiot of course, even his drunk ass could tell he was hurt. As quickly as he could, he unlocked his door and got them both inside.

He grabbed a soft blanket off the couch and bundled it up so Red would have a soft place to lay down while he assessed his injuries.
With careful fingers, he pressed along the little black cat. He didn't too much knowledge of cat anatomy but he didn't see /too/ bad. Maybe a broken rib? He wasn't sure but he seemed to jump when he touched along side.

He examined his little paws, wincing as he saw their status.
The pads were practically raw. They were bloodied and swollen and he couldn't help but wonder how far this little guy travelled and how he managed to make it back to him.

Suddenly the idea got stuck in his head and the lump in his throat made it hard to swallow.
What if... What if Ei sent this little cat to watch over him? Sent him here so he wouldn't be alone?

That would mean that Eijiro was really dead.
He couldn't stop the scream that came ripping out his throat. The torrent of tears that fell down his face.

He was practically blind as he carefully scooped Red up, holding him close to him as he rocked them both on the sofa.
He had so much left he wanted to say to Eijiro, so many plans he wanted to make.

He had wanted so many more years to love him.
But he'd been stupid and naive and the biggest coward in the universe. He'd let the fear of rejection, he'd let his pride and his fucking stupidity get in the way of loving Eijiro how he deserved.

He thought suddenly of the stupid reported who asked him what the last thing
him and Eijiro talked about before he died?

He choked on a sob as he realized that he yelled at him.

Yelled at him over crumbs that he'd give anything to see on the counter now.
He pressed his face close to Red, feeling bad for getting his tears on him but unable to stop himself.

If this was the last gift Eijiro ever gave him, he'd do his best to show him all the love he should have spent on Eijiro.
Laying back, he settled the sleeping cat on his chest stoking his fur.

"It's gonna be okay Red. I'm going to be your daddy alright?"

He ran his hand along his body gently as he sniffed and hiccuped.
"You know, you should have had two daddies. God, Eijiro would have loved you."

Without warning, the little mass of black opened his eyes. He seemed groggy, but more alert than earlier as he stared up at Bakugou with those big beautiful eyes.
"You know, you remind me of him Red. Fuck, I miss him."

He can feel his eyes welling up again.

"Everyday I miss him. Every second I think about him. I'm so stupid, I'm fucking talking to a cat."

He chuckles, but doesn't stop petting Red.
"You're pretty cute. Eijiro was cute too. Fucking beautiful actually. I'm telling you Red, his smile? Out of this goddamn world. I'd give my left nut just to see it again. Fuck, I'd give everything just to see him again."

His face scrunches closed and he holds the cat close.
Red is purring and the sound though soothing does nothing to stop his tears as he openly sobs on the cat who by some weird miracle hasn't moved, but instead was nuzzling his neck.

"I just want him back. I just want to tell him everything I never did."
He'd squeezing Red harder than he should be, but the cat doesn't seem to mind as it moves to press his little face into his.

"I just want him to know how much I love him."
He opens his eyes, looking up at the ceiling towards where Eijiro is, because if anyone was going to Heaven, it'd be him.

"Eijiro Kirishima you fucking bastard, I love you, you hear me? I fucking love you."
Suddenly there was a loud snap, and green sparks filled his vision and a heavy weight was suddenly on his chest making breathing nearly fucking impossible.

He scrambles to get up but he can't fucking move.

What in the shit is happening?!
He blinks away the tears, trying to see what the fuck is going on and when he does he nearly passes out and it has nothing to do with the lack of oxygen which is bound to be a fucking problem if the heavy mass on his chest doesn't let up.

He nearly faints for a different reason.
Clear as fucking day, Eijiro is staring down at him smiling like a fucking lunatic.

"Yeah Kats, I hear you."

Eijiro Kirishima, his Ei, is here and he's safe and he's alive and he's home.

Bakugou doesn't waste another second, he pulls his face towards his and kisses him.
None of this makes sense. This can't be real, it can't be.
But Eijiro's weight is heavy and solid, his mouth is soft yet relentless as he presses kiss after kiss to Bakugou's lips, his cheeks, his nose his forehead. His hands feel real as they run through his hair, gripping hard.
Most of him thinks he's finally snapped. That the desperation he'd been suffering ever since Eijiro had disappeared had sent him tumbling face first into madness.

But fuck it.

If he was crazy, he'd take these hallucinations. He'd worship them.
Moving his own hands, he caressed Eijiro's face, gentle, cherishing him just like he should have the real Ei.

"You never gave up on me," the fake Eijiro whispers, voice filled with awe before kissing his lip again

God, this feels /so/ real.
Maybe it's a dream? A really really good dream. He must have passed out.



Quickly, Bakugou sits up, taking Kirishima with him.

That's when he notices that he's completely naked.

Yeah, he's definitely dreaming.

"Fuck, I want to stay, but I need to wake up."
Kirishima looks at him, eye brows draw into his nose in confusion.


"Red. Uh, my cat or whatever. He's hurt and I need to wake up to help up."

Realization dawns on him and Kirishima laughs loudly, before pressing a hand to his rib wincing.
"Shit, that bastard really got me," he says, groaning a little.

Bakugou frowned, reaching out to touch Kirishima's cheek.

"You aren't supposed to be hurt in my dream."

Kirishima gripped his hand, kissing his palm.

"Katsuki, you're awake."
"Yeah, okay." He says, rolling his eyes.

"Dude, /I'M/ Red. Kat, look at me." He's leaning in close eyes wide and serious. "I've been here the whole time. I never left you 'Suki. I've been trying to figure out how to turn back..." He sniffles, letting go of his face to wipe his.
Bakugou can only stare, his mind in shock as he tries to process everything.

"You've got no idea how hard I tried. I thought I was losing my mind, Kat. I had to sit here everyday and watch you look for me while I was right there in front of you, screaming."
He hiccups on a small sob, the sound breaking what was left of Bakugou's heart. He reached out and pulled him back into his arms, holding him as tight as he could while Kirishima began to sob.

"I'm so sorry Katsuki. I'm so sorry I couldn't figure it out sooner. I'm sorry."
Bakugou is shushing him gently, tucking his hair behind his ear as he tilts his face to look at him.

"When I wake up, I don't want me to just think of you crying. C'mon, I need to see you smile okay?"

Kirishima grips his hand, "what do I gotta do to convince you I'm here?"
Maybe it's because he's still kind of drunk, but an idea struck him and he dug into his pocket to pull out his cell phone.

"Wanna prove to me that this is real? Call that asshole Deku."

Kirishima rolls his eyes, but takes the phone.
"Okay and what should I say?"

"Actually," Bakugou says taking it from his hands, "fucking let me."

He clicks on his contact number and is answered by the first ring.

"Kacchan! I was worried sick are you okay??"
"Shut it nerd. Hey, who's this sound like?"

He clicks on the speaker phone and nudges Kirishima.

"Uhh... Hey Midoriya?"

The line is silent.

"Hello?" Kirishima tries again.

Finally, there's a gargled sound on the other end and a small squeak. "Kirishima?"
"Ha, yeah man it's me. So, uh how have you been?"

Bakugou rolls his eyes before bringing the phone back closer to his own mouth.

"Don't answer him Deku, you don't deserve to speak to him-"

"Bro, not cool," Kirishima interjects but Bakugou talks over him.
"I still feel like I'm fucking dreaming. So listen, tomorrow morning your ass better be here and you better be groveling and you better be prepared to beg Kirishima on your hands and fucking knees for his forgiveness an-"


"Whatever just come tomorrow."
There's sniffling on the other end and finally Deku clears his throat.

"Why can't I come tonight?"

"Because fuck you. And also, I am not going to share my Eijiro with anyone else tonight. Be here tomorrow or I'll kill you."

He ends the call.

"Shut up. Listen, if there's a chance that this is real, that you are really here, I've got a lot of shit I need to say, okay? I'm not going to fuck this up this time. I'm going to do this right."

Kirishima grins at him before lacing their fingers and nods at him.

It's strange how completely natural it feels for him to be holding hands with Bakugou, pressed close to each other on their couch in their living room, finally together.

Literally together /together/ after all this time.
He can't believe it took him turning into a cat to get to this point. He chuckles lightly, squeezing Bakugou's hand as he does, just because he can. It feels so good to touch Katsuki that he's almost thankful to the villain who made his live a living hell these almost two months
"Oi, shitty hair," Bakugou huffs looking embarrassed. "I'm trying to be serious, why the fuck are you laughing."

Kirishima grins, moving his head to nuzzle against his chest.

"I'm just happy."
He doesn't need to look up to know that Bakugou is smiling.

"Yeah, I can tell."

Without warning, Bakugou reaches over him to flick as his bare dick that was at half mast unknown to him.
"Aye!" Kirishima yelps, hands flying to cover his penis.

Holy hell he's /naked/.

Why is he naked??

Bakugou is laughing at his panic as he moves to throw the blanket over himself.

"Dude," he says quickly, "I didn't realize I didn't have clothes. I'm sorry man."
Katsuki wipes at his eyes, and grins at him teasingly. "The view wasn't bad, I didn't mind."

"/Brooo/," he groans, slapping a hand to his own face. "I'm embarrassed, leave me alone. Actually, let me go get dressed."

He makes to stand up, but Bakugou pulls him back down.
"If you think for one second I'm letting you out of my sight again, you're fucking mistaken."

It feels like a flurry of butterflies were raving in his stomach.

Maybes he's the one who's dreaming? Or maybe he died after all and is in Heaven?
It doesn't feel /real/ to be hearing Bakugou saying sweet thing to him. I'm doesn't feel /real/ that he's changed back and into a human again.

The whole thing feels like some weird fever dream and he's not sure if he wants to wake up or not.
Bakugou's face scrunches a little as Kirishima let's himself be pulled back down, like he's trying to force himself not to cry.

He's shed so many tears over him already. He won't let him cry anymore now that he can finally help it.
Kirishima moves a hand to wipe as Bakugou's face, leaving it there to cup his cheek.

"Katsuki, I told you before that I'd never leave you, right? I wasn't lying."

He leans into his touch, sniffling as he looks up at him wide eyed and beautiful.
"It felt like you left Ei, you don't understand."

His eyes close and a few small tears leak out and Kirishima wishes with all his strength that he could erase his hurt.

"I'm sorry," he says, "I'll never stop being sorry."
His eyes snap open so he can glare at him.

"Don't be sorry, idiot. Wasn't your fault."

"If I was fast enough or strong enough or-"

"Eijiro, be quiet."

Kirishima frowns but holds his tongue.
"Whatever happened, it wasn't your fault. Trust when I find out the details, I'm going to murder someone, but that's for later. Right now though... I just need to say something."

He swallows, clearly nervous but when he looks at him, he's determined.
"Eijiro, I love you. Wait, scratch that." He clears his throat, skin alight with a blush as he stares into his eyes, straight into his entire being. "Eijiro I am in love with you and I have been for nearly the entire time I've known you."
Holy shit.
He presses on, taking hold of his other hand and squeezing it in his as he leans forward.

"/I'm/ the one who is sorry. I was a coward and never told you and I should have. When you disappeared, it's all I thought about. How I never told you."
He gulps, a couple tears rolling down his cheeks as he does.

"If you're really here, Ei, I promise, no I fucking swear that I'll tell you every day how much I love you. I don't want you to ever, ever doubt how I feel about you. Do you understand?"
With tears in his own eyes, he nods.

"Me too, Kat. I was so scared that I'd stay like that forever without you knowing. I love you Katsuki, I love you."

Bakugou brings his hands up to his lips and kisses the backs of them and it makes his heart swell.
It's so sweet and so perfect and-

"I'm gonna kick your ass by the way."

He freezes.

"Huh?! Why?!"

"For a shit ton of goddamn reasons, asshole. Let's go through the fucking list shall we?"

He takes his hands back to count on his fingers while Kirishima gaps at him stupidly.
"One, you disafuckingpeared with out a goddamn trace. Two, I had to find out from fucking /Deku/ how you felt about me AT YOUR FUNERAL. And three, you turned into a fucking cat-"

"How was it my fault that I was a cat?!"



His jaw drops as his brain whizzes to process just how fucking badly he fucked up.


"Paws Kirishima! Little paws that could have written me a message! Instead here I am losing my fucking mind for MONTHS over your ass and you were here the whole fucking time!"
"I'm sorry," he says, trying his best to look the part. "I didn't think about to."

Bakugou blinks at him.

"You didn't think about it?"

"To be fair I /was/ a cat. Can't you cut me a break?"

"Oh, I'm gonna cut you alright."

Kirishima grins at him, fluttering his eyelashes.
"Was I at least a cute cat?"

Bakugou grunts.

"Nah, ugly as fuck."

"Pretty sure you said I was cute."

"I was lying."

"Uh huh." Kirishima says, inching forward to kiss his cheek. "Just admit it."

"I think," he says, unable to hide his smile, "I like you better as a cat."
"Liar," he laughs, kissing his other cheek.

Bakugou moves to hold his face in his hands. He's holding him like he's something treasured and precious and he feels his heart beating wildly.

"Yeah, I am."
Bakugou kisses him until he's gasping.

"I change my mind, I can kick your ass tomorrow."

And he's on him again.

When Bakugou wakes up the next morning, he moans as he's greeted by his hangover.

His head is pounding and his stomach is rolling.

The events of yesterday catch up to his groggy brain as he rolls over in Kirishima's bed.

Yesterday sucked, but his dream was at least good.
He swipes at his face trying to remember the exact details when the smell of bacon drifts into the room.

Rolling his eyes, he groans.

After yesterday he shouldn't be surprised that that fucking nerd was here to baby him.
Stretching hugely, his stiff joints pop loudly in the quiet of the room. He really doesn't want to get up, but he'd be an asshole if he just waited for breakfast in bed.

Plus, he should apologize or some shit.

Or not.

Getting up, he yawns, rubbing his eyes as his belly rolls slightly.

Food will probably make him feel better he thinks as he heads into the kitchen.

"Oi, Deku you little shi-"

It wasn't Deku in his kitchen.

"Morning baby, thought you'd like something to eat UNGH-
Bakugou throws himself at Kirishima, wrapping his arms around him in a vice grips and his lips press themselves on as much of his skin as possible.







Kirishima chuckles, but squeezes him back.

"Can't get rid of me."
Bakugou is about to say some more sappy shit, but a pounding on their door has them both spinning at the sound.

Grumbling, Bakugou untangles himself from Kirishima to stomp over and answer it with Kirishima trailing behind him.
He swings open the door and there is Deku.

"The fuck you want?"

"Kat," Kirishima chides, "You told him to come, remember?"

Bakugou grunts just as Deku is throwing himself over the threshold and into his knees.

"Kirishima," he sobs at the startled man's feet. "Forgive me."
Kirishima's face is bright red as he's begging the freckled fuck to get up.

"Don't you dare move, Deku," Bakugou warned as he pressed his foot onto his back, making him fall into the floor in a huff. "Not until you you swear to him your life."

"Katsuki! Stop!"
"SAY IT NERD," Bakugou yells over Kirishima who is a blushy embarrassed mess that has Bakugou wanting to kiss him within an inch of his life.

"I'm so sorry Kirishima," Deku sobs into their carpet.

"Midoriya, get up, it's fine. Bakugou get off of him!"
"Not until he admits what a scum sucking shit bag he is."


"kAtSuKi," Bakugou mocks, pressing his foot harder into Deku's back.

"He's right," Deku chokes out. "I didn't believe him. I should have had more faith. I'm so sorry Kirishima."
Kirishima is glaring at Bakugou, begging with his eyes to let him up and with a sigh he does.

"Will you ever doubt my stupidly strong unfuckingbreakable boyfriend again?"

"Never," the green haired fucker cries.

"Good. Get up, I'll let you look at him."
"You dramatic ass," Kirishima says rolling his eyes as Deku gets on his feet. "C'mere, I missed you bro!"

Out of the generosity of his heart, he let's the two hug as he goes to check on the bacon.
For the next few days before an announcement is officially made to the public, Bakugou gloats as he watches each of their so called friends break down at the sight of a very fucking alive Kirishima.

It feels so good to be right.
It feels even fucking better when he gets to hold his very fucking alive boyfriend in his arms at night and kiss him until they both are wide awake and sleep is the last thing they wanna do.

He's making up for lost time, okay?
And when they do go public with Red Riots return, it's a goddamn mad house.

Bakugou personally enjoys listing off each journalist that doubted Kirishima's survival and loves watching them squirm as they apologize.

Fucking idiots.
One of the best feelings is when they find the bastard who used his shitty lame ass cat quirk on his man. Bakugo takes great pleasure in breaking his hands accidentally on purpose and ignores Kirishima who tisks at him in disapproval.

He didn't murder him at least, fuck.
But the absolute hands down greatest fucking feeling in the entire universe is when Eijiro and Katsuki exchange vows in front of all their friends and family announcing to the world their love for each other.
And just as promised, Katsuki doesn't let a day go by without telling Eijiro how much he loves him.


The end
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