August heat & smoke, manifest no fire. Another lynch pin dead; move on! MAGA hope & change 2.0. a farce.

The tumult of unhinged detractors continues as @POTUS Twaddles. Is he the insurance policy?

No wall. No speech.

No debate. FASB 56; the deep state rape of America assured
(#1) FASB 56 The Deep States Theft of $21,000,000,000,000. Taking The U.S. Government Dark.

Engineering central control by levering up debt & siphoning off the nations wealth. You cant make this up.

So what's the plan?

#2 - US Missing $21 Trillion: Financial Calamity, an Ongoing Process

4:19 Since we authorized rounding up innocent kids, & put them in prison for profit, we were off & running w/ rolling calamities.

17:42 Did HUD $ capitalized Epstein & the Clinton's
#3 Jeff Epstein's mentor, Bob Maxwell distributed PROMIS Software to govt's WW. Networked into all US govt. agencies, it's the genesis of the Missing $21 Trillion & the Globalists path to take down America!

DynCorp, Haiti & Me: Will Trump Drain the Swamp?
#4 Epstein & Maxwell used PROMIS to control foreign operatives & criminals; exfiltrating nuclear technology to Israel. For Kissinger, Epstein controlled pilots to support drugs4weapons in conflict resource grabs. Like BCCI, did A.G. Bill Barr run cover?
#5 'Notice a similar, if not identical MO in Maxwell & Epstein’s role in procuring tech. for Israels elite, who in turn sold it w/ undisclosed add-ons, providing an open window into its users’ databases.

Epstein, like Maxwell, established espionage networks for Globalist.'
#6 Asked yourself why Israel’s war crimes & settlement expansion goes unchallenged by US lawmakers. Then consider the life destroying consequences contained within the dossiers compiled by the braintrust behind Epstein’s ’suicide’.' - La Danse Mossad: Bob Maxwell & Jeff Epstein
#7 'Epstein’s real crimes had little to do with raping children. Much of the controversy will dissolve into a maelstrom of disinformation, as reporting of the case will overlook decades of elite-driven state craft elevating corrupt and ruthless entities
#8 Epstein, Maxwell, Kissinger & the covert diplomatic quest for Globalist control of the worlds energy supply; Uranium.

"It's not a coincidence, it's a network”
#9 Epstein's Mission Essentials. Child exploitation always marks the collapse of civilization. Here it's part of a Fascist corp./ deep state govt. business model to end US on the way to a NWO

Columbus OH is Where the Torture Taxi and Lolita Express Meet
#9a Epstein's MSM Magical Mystery Tour is Diversion. It's Deep State cover for a WW systemic criminal geopoltical, communications & energy resource (Uranium1) control grid. It's true White Supremacist-Pilgrims Society battle plan to control all outcomes.
#9b I Warned Am. Before Barr's Conformation. His 1st stint as AG involved him in the the ops & cover up of GHW Bush's CIA Iran Contra crimes.
The same op. cotinues today as Project Cassandra/ Awan Contra, & it's principles are engaged in the Coup on @POTUS
#9 c Epstein's MSM Inversion. As deceptive media hides Epstein's part in it (see #9 a Replying to @CarrollQuigley1 above), the plans for a transhumanist world are being thrust upon us. Today NBC said, it's the future.
d. Pattern & practice; well serving Epstein sacrificed! Rhodes Pilgrims seek worlds wealth. Owned Wilson gave us the FED, WWII & UN. Intl. Bankers sought US govt purse strings. PROMIS = stealth theft of $21 Trillion & FASAB took the US Budget dark; winning
9e Epstein served Deep State Merchants of Death who control govt budgets & profit off both sides of war. He hacked scientific research for theft & tech transfer for Intl. Fascist to control all outcomes. Prominent to this Supremacist cult is Transhumanism.
#10 Epstein was a cog in a generational control grid. You were a master or a target; simple as that.

As Smith-Mundt minions fade his pedo decoy to black, Barr's Humanity sucking Octopus grows; pattern & practice!

Requiem for the Suicided: Danny Casolaro
9f. Retro: Epstein's Supremacist Science & Technology Plan to Monopolize Life. Leadership indoctrination, funded by Buffet, Gates, R & R, NGO's, pushing a Transhuman post Westphalian world; a locked down electronic matrix where your say is nothing and your resources are theirs.
11. Epstein's Globalist/ Supremacist Plan to Replace Humanity.
11a. The Negroponte family has a long history of taking whatever they want. - @CarrollQuigley1
13. Epstien's Road to fascism, paved by a corrupted PROMIS. Israeli intel’s interest in tech companies goes back many years. Their use of bugged software to surveil & gain “backdoor” access to govt databases worldwide, particularly in the United States, is well-documented...
14. Detailed, in these "Epstein's Art of Deception" threads is a well laid plan to place a backdoor for American deep state & Israeli intel into the Prosecutor’s Mgt Info System (PROMIS) software, used by the U.S. DOJ & was the envy of govt & intel orgs. around the world.
15. COG is meant for national crisis, such as nuclear war, violent widespread internal dissent, or national opposition to a US military invasion abroad, whereby the govt would suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, & incarcerate perceived dissidents to prevent overthrow.
16. The secretive database, known as “Main Core” by deep state insiders still exists today. In 2008 Main Core contained 8 million Americans names. 11 yrs later, it's likely considerably higher!

Epstein's Network, CIA, & Mossad, A Orwellian Nightmare:
17. Epstein's World Domination Tour.
- Inside Plato's Cave: revealed by Real News Alt Media

The Tech Titans are "hand-me-down geniuses"; not bright lights. They're managers & secret-protectors usually controlled by "family secrets" & reinforced by incest
18. Thread 1. #10 Epstein's Reality Tour
19. Thread 1. #17 Epstein's Open Source Reality Tour
20. Epstein Reality Tour:

Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel
21. Epstein's post Westphalian Globalist control grid comes into view. Critical thought; overshadowed by propaganda

AG Barr Formally Announces Orwellian Pre-Crime Program

Big Brother aims to detect potential mass shooters before they commit a crime....
22. Epstein may be dead but thanks to FASAB 56 diversion of military funding America's Black Budget lives on. #my212020

"As Secret Pentagon Spending Rises, Defense Firms Cash in"
24. Epstein Reality Tour:

"Epstein Was a Mossad Agent Used to Blackmail American Politicians, Says Former Israeli Spy"

Confirmation: IP reported 3 yrs ago Epstein worked w/ Robert Maxwell. Israeli intel gave the green light & he became a Mossad asset.
25. Epstein Diversion: thread 1 “Trump Was ‘Only 1’ To Help Prosecutor.” Acosta w/ FBI pressure violated victims rights. I said: Dead Man Walking!-They, used Kids in Kompromat for resource (U1), Cyber Tech Theft. Also elite funding for Eugenics experiments
26 Epstein's Subhuman Mystery Tour. What No Press Is Telling: secret $, secret armies, & secret ops!

During the Ford/ Kavanaugh hearings @POTUS signed FASAB 56, taking the budget dark, formalizing Deep State covert ops. that disappeared $21Trillion! Video
27 The Epstein Didn't Kill Himself Magical Mystery Tour

Network Still Recruiting Young Girls

Shock video shows young stewardesses advertising to elite clients


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