There's a scam going around where people on #Medicare are being targeted and offered "free' screenings or cheek swabs for genetic testing for purposes of identity theft and fraudulent Medicare billing.

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Looks like I’ll need to keep a running thread because there’s lots more coming down the pipeline. There’s reportedly over 300 investigations going on!

It seems companies & sales reps offer the elderly “free” testing at health fairs, then bill Medicare.
Adding this one to my thread from July:
And this one from June:
What sales reps do is set up health fairs for the elderly and offer them a free genetic test to determine if they’ll get cancer. Then they tell them they need all their Medicare info. Then they take that info and have a doctor sign off on it and submit to Medicare for payment.
Just look at how much money they make from this scam. They saw a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow over the past several years, but now they’re seeing handcuffs.
More than 100 HHS OIG analysts and agents are on the cases.
Billing Medicare for more than $2 Billion. This is your money that’s being scammed and partly why your healthcare costs go up.
Genetic testing company UTC Laboratories, Inc. (RenRX) must pay $42.6 million for violating the False Claims Act by paying kickbacks in exchange for lab referrals and unnecessary medical tests.
Patrick Saido and his company, Optimus Prime Marketing, LLC, were indicted in another genetic testing #HealthcareFraud scheme.

They hired people to solicit DNA swabs & info from low income & elderly people & submitted fraudulent claims to a Medicare.
They paid $150 per “patient” solicitation, then another company submitted the fraudulent Medicare & Medicaid claims. In return, Saido and Optimus received kickbacks of $100 to $575 per DNA test accepted for billing.
Ravitej Reddy, who owned genetic testing labs Personalized Genetics, LLC, d/b/a Personalized Genomics and Med Health Services Management, LP, pleaded guilty in a $130 Million Medicare claim genetic testing scam.

12 more people from 3 states were indicted in another #HealthcareFraud scheme involving kickbacks for genetic testing.
Kacey C. Plaisance of Florida pleaded guilty to #HealthcareFraud conspiracy and violating the anti-kickback statute in regards to fraudulent genetic testing billed to Medicare.
Ashley Hoobler Parris was arrested & charged in a conspiracy for paying & receiving kickbacks in exchange for referring Medicare beneficiaries to a lab to do unnecessary genetic testing AND certain COVID tests.

Medical diagnostic firm PerkinElmer is reportedly under investigation as well. They conducted many of the unnecessary genetic tests. Some of their clients have already been charged in the overall genetic testing fraud scheme.
Sherman Kennerson &Jeffrey Madison of TX, who own clinical labs Spectrum Diagnostic Labs LLC & Metric Lab Services LLC, were also indicted in the genetic testing kickback scheme.
California genetic testing company Agendia to pay $8.25 Million to resolve False Claims Act allegations that it delayed breast cancer genetic tests in order to circumvent Medicare rules to get paid.
Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky also conspired with Agendia to delay these tests. The hospital held onto Brest biopsy specimens for 14 days and longer to avoid paying Agendia for those tests.

Yet another genetic testing kickback & bribery scheme.

PA Doctors Lee Besen and Yitzachok “Barry” Kurtzer and 5 others were charged for paying & receiving kickbacks in exchange for ordering genetic tests.
Medical Assistant Amber Harris pled guilty for helping to collect DNA swabs for Dr Yitzachok Kurtzer of Scranton, PA in another Medicare kickback and bribery scheme.

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