Thread: Hindutva & Nazism: A Revised Perspective

Purpose of this thread is to analyze the recent statement by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in which he claimed that the political wing of RSS known as BJP is following the ideology of Adolf Hitler/Nazism. Intro: 1/3
Thread will revisit the historical context of the statement in both theory & practice of RSS. It is a basically an old-school research based on existing historical evidence which proves that current regime of India is following the ideology of fascism till date. Intro: 2/3
All the well published evidences are furnished with references in the end of this thread. The later part will cover visual evidence including footages & interviews. So, I will only be sharing published work here nothing from my own. Intro: 3/3
The basic facts to know before we explore;

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, abbreviated as RSS is a paramilitary org. of volunteers which was founded in 1925.

BJP was founded in 1980 as its political wing (on the ideology of RSS).

Current PM of India is a lifelong member of RSS.
Foundation & Purpose

RSS today is the most influential org in Indian politics today. [1] RSS was founded in 1925 by a Hindu Congressman Keshav B. Hedgewar to achieve three objectives fight against British rule, Hindu unity, and to organise Hindus against Muslims & Christians.
It was the Indian unity of political spectrum in the support of Khilafat Movement against the British which made Hedgewar to oppose Gandhi. Though he did not part away from Congress but formed RSS to deal with the Muslim socio-political influence as stated above.
Pic: Hedgewar
It is pertinent to be acquainted with that Hedgewar was inspired by the V.D Savarkar who believed that Hindus are not only racially superior but also have the real stake in the region due to religious origin.

This inspired Hedgewar to form RSS ideologically.
Hedgewar set up the organization in Nagpur and started recruiting youth which was meant to be mobilized countrywide to peruse the 'agenda' of RSS. Activities of Sanghis included both theoretical and practical resistance against the above mentioned segments of the Indian society.
Teachings of Founding Fathers

There are mainly three characters who have inspired the RSS ideologically, V.D Savarkar, Keshav Hedgewar (1925-1940), and M.S. Golwalkar (1940-1973). Hedgewar translated the ideology of Savarkar while Golwalkar took it ultimate level of Nazism.
To understand the term of Hindutva, we need to look into the background of it. It was introduced by the ideological father of the founder of RSS. Savarkar was a convicted criminal turned racist, militant, Hindu supremacist, according to Hudson Institute of Research.
Savarkar was a great admirer of Hitler and Mussolini who were the symbol of Nazism and Fascism respectively in that era. He openly supported the agenda of racial supremacy and cultural nationalism.
The spiritual mentor/father of the RSS could not resist himself by merely supporting the Nazism of Hitler but he went on to suggest that Muslims in India deserves exactly what Hitler was doing to Jews in Germany.

Haven't you heard of 'Final Solution' recently as well?
Mentor of Savarkar also criticized the Indian political leadership for opposing the Nazism of Hitler in Germany, according to the Marzia Casolari, an Italian scholar who studied Indian politics, once wrote of RSS’ connections with European fascism.
While Savarkar inspired Hedgewar for racial supremacy of Hindus particularly Brahmans early on, Hedgewar took it to next level when Congress vouched for Hindu-Muslim unity on the issue of Khilafat Movement after World War I.
Hedgewar, the ideological son of Savarskar founded the RSS on the very foundation of Nazi ideology which was the racial supremacy via militancy. Mussolini's fascism was conceived as the institutional framework to unite Hindus against the minorities specially Muslims.
Hedgewar focused on laying the foundation for the future of RSS and in span of five years he was able to create a paramilitary force. He was able to expand in multiple states with ever-increasing Hindu nationalists inclusion including Golwalkar against Gandhism & minorities.
After the demise of Hedgewar in 1940, Golwalkar took charge of the RSS. He was perhaps the most outspoken admirer of the Nazism and extreme opponent of Gandhi's political views and vision for secular India.He supported Holocaust and perceived it as solution for Indian minorities.
Golwalkar also known as "Guru Of Hate", to many, cursed Mahatma Gandhi publically and declared him traitor of Hinduism after the partition of India as he believed Hindu had the right to rule Muslims after British.This led to the murder of the father of Independent India by RSS.
The murderer of Gandhi, Nathuram Godse is still celebrated as a national hero among Sangh Prevar (RSS Family).
Here is another exhibit of how RSS Sanghis commemorate Mahatma Gandhi's Assassination. Guru Golwalkar must been proud of them now.
Gowalkar imported the whole symbolism from fascism & Nazism for ideology of Hindutva for local consumption.

Even the sign of Swastika was imported along with the tagline of Nazism.
RSS under Gowalkar opposed the tricolor flag to represent India officially. They believed that it is Hindu nation and our flag should be the symbol of Hindutva (Saffron) 🚩 instead of a democratic & secular nation.
Under Gowalkar, RSS demanded that the Constitution of India should be scrapped and formed on the ideology of Hindutva in which not only minorities but Hindu women would have subhuman status.

Are you still wondering about the constitutional coup in Kashmir?
Role in Independence Movement

RSS refused to rebel against British colonialism in subcontinent in 'Quit India' Movement in 1942 just to avoid the wrath of British. It is notable that on one hand it was found to fight colonialism (1/3 objectives).
The current 'Mission Statement' of the RSS as available on its webpage despite mincing the words says it all. The oppression of minorities in India is the ultimate objective of RSS to achieve here through Hindutva. Mind you, by infiltrators RSS means both Muslims & Christians.
The admiration of the genocidal agenda of the Hitler is very much intact in the ideological foundation of RSS till date. This further exposes the agenda of Hindutva with minced words at its webpage.

Both Hitler & founding fathers of Hindutva believed in the "final solution"
RSS Bans

After the killing of Mahatma Gandhi, RSS was banned & declared terrorist outfit by Nehru govt in 1948. Then during the emergency (1975–77) and for a third time after the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992.

NOTE: It was also banned in pre-Independent India by British.
The Translation of Nazism/Fascism on Ground By RSS.

🔸Gandhi killed 

🔸Babri Mosque 

🔸Gujarat Massacre 

🔸Communal Violence including lynching & rapes in the name of Love Jihad & Hindutva.

🔸The Illegitimate Kashmir Occupation by scrapping article 370
Modi Connection & RSS.

Modi writes in his biography that Hedgewar & Golwalkar were the ultimate inspiration for him after joining RSS in teenage.

Modi called Golwalkar the "Guru worthy of worship".

Now go tell me if PM @ImranKhanPTI is wrong...
PM IK's claim: Expansion & Impact of RSS
RSS from a its very foundation to till date has been able to reach out of the India. Early on, the purpose was to learn about structural militancy of fascism while today it is translating Hindutva in many countries with its franchises.
In 2018, a report suggests that it is the largest body of registered volunteers (Sanghis) in the world with the largest political entity (BJP) as well. As PM IK claimed that RSS is looking to go beyond borders with its Nazi agenda under various franchises.
Kashmir Connection & RSS:

In 2002 the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), demanded the state be divided into three parts: Hindu-majority Jammu state; the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley; plus union territory status for Ladakh.

It was promised by Modi.

Shridhar D. Damle and Walter K. Andersen, (2018). The RSS: A View to the Inside

Walter Anderson, (1972). The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh: I: Early Concerns. Vol. 7, No. 11, pp. 589

Paul Marshall, (2004). Hinduism and Terror. Hudson Institute.
Britannica, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, HINDU AND INDIAN NATIONALIST

Jean A. Curran Jr. (1950) The RSS: Militant Hinduism. American Institute Of Pacific Relations

M. Casolari, (2007) Hindutva's Foreign Tie-Up in the 1930s: Archival Evidence
RSS Primer: Based on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Documents. Page 7-9

RSS. (2019). . Know Us> Being a swayamsevak.

Shrenik Rao, (2017). Hitler’s Hindus: The Rise and Rise of India’s Nazi-loving Nationalists. Haaretz.
Fascism: Theory and Practice, By Dave Renton, Page 108

Abdul Majid Zargar, (2018). RSS PROMOTING CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS. Kashmir Watch

Anahita Mukherji, (2015). Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ‘shakha’ spreads its wings to 39 countries. The Times Of India
If you are interested to explore more you can fetch those references from 1950 to till date as mentioned above. Such as this read below;
From here on, I shall start sharing the Visual evidence in form of Interviews & video packages regarding the Nazi-Hindutva ideology.
The Hitler of East has given the waves of inspirations to his Sanghis as Lynchings, racial discrimination, rape, and subjugation of marginalized communities are on rise like never before.

Son of Golwalkar has gone insane.

“For us Modi means Mussolini, and Amit Shah means Hitler”. Indian students from minorities are saying this.
They know the historical context of correlation between Hindutva & Nazism.Time to wake up @UN, @BorisJohnson, @Potus & stop it.

Paul Marshall, Senior Fellow, Center for Religious Freedom at Hudson Institute of Research describes the role of RSS, BJP, and CM Narendra Modi in the Massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in recent history.

I will be sharing an interview of ex RSS Spokesman & Secretary General of BJP Ram Madhav with Mehdi Hassan, 2015. He is now senior leader in Sangh Prevar.

Introduction: #BlackDay15thAugust
Those intellectuals who returned the awards in protest against the increasing intolerance were defaming India. ~Ram Madhav
Ram Madhav on Beef Lynchings. The representative of Hindutva couldn't hide it. #BlackDay15thAugust
More on Beef Lynchings

A clueless fascist caught red-handed.
The Hindutva Fascism exposed & all they have to say was smile shamelessly.

Mehdi took the General Secretary of BJP to cleaners.

Role of Neo-Nazi Modi in Gujarat Massacre & world.

According to Paul Marshall in Hudson Institute of Research, CM Modi during Gujarat Massacre asked RSS Sanghis to teach Muslims a lesson.

He was furious due to increasing population of Muslims as Mehdi quoted another BJP leader saying so. It is their ideology.

Mehdi exposing the Nazi Ideology of Modi which he inherited from the Golwalkar also known as Guru of Hate.

Secretary General of BJP caught lying through his teeth, he was denying something which was published on the webpage of RSS.

Ram Madhav of RSS/BJP translated that Golwalkar called minorities as threats mean challenges. Is there any other way to understand that Hindutva believe in fascism?
Ram Madhav the contemporary brain of RSS/BJP defining good will for Muslims to ensure their safety.

This blatant fascism #BlackDay15thAugust
Ram Madhav the senior leader of RSS/BJP on cultural supremacy.

This is a direct endorsement of the teachings of Savarkar, the founding mentor of RSS. Madhav believes that Taj Mahal is also part of Hindu culture because there is no other culture in India.

Mind you the socio-cultural supremacy was the very foundation of RSS's Ideology when it was founded in 1925, Nagpur.

Here is an another unfiltered example. This is CM of UP Yogi Adityanath, a life time member of RSS.

RSS is doing to Hindu religion what ISIS & AlQaeda has done to Islam. Says a British Indian.

Historically RSS has already been banned 4 times & declared terrorist outfit in Indian history as stated above.

Just look at this!!!

I mean how more obvious fascism could exist. If he had said that scriptures of minorities should be supported as Bhagvat Geeta, he would have not existed in RSS anymore & he knew it.

An Indian Muslim asks the leader of RSS/BJP why Muslims have to embrace Hindutva supremacy & why do you propagate that.

Madhav replies we propagate Hindutva in positive sense.

If you are still wondering why Neo-Nazi Modi have annexed the Kashmir through constitutional coup, here is the answer.

Leader of BJP/RSS defining the map of "Akhand Bharat" as it is available in RSS's Headquarters in Nagpur. IOK is just the beginning.

Here is more on Hindutva's vision for expansion. PM @ImranKhanPTI was spot on when he mentioned their ideology of Nazi expansion.

The sitting CM of UP Yogi Adityanath of RSS/BJP sharing the ideology of Hindutva.

Derek O'Brian the Indian Parliamentarian after abrogation of Article 370 said in Parliament that BJP has thrown Indian constitution into dustbin.
He exposed the authoritarianism & Fascism of BJP/RSS brilliantly.

Shashi Tharoor could forsee what was coming for Indian democracy if BJP goes to win 19' Elections.

This is exactly what is happening now. Narcissistic Modi has turned the biggest democracy of the world into a fascist Hindutva state.

Another fine example of how RSS/BJP's leadership urges Sanghis for cross-Communal social welfare.

He is Yogi Adityanath currently the CM of UP. He is a life long member of RSS as well just like Modi.

Here are few testimonies by former senior RSS/BJP's Sanghis. They are exposing the systematic role of RSS's in Communal riots.

They are known to be the best riot engineers. Watch how Muslims are slaughtered in the name of Hindutva.

2nd part of the testimonies by Former senior RSS members.

How Hindutva engineers a communal riot in India.

Testimonies of Former senior RSS members exposes the peddling of a hateful image among Sanghis regarding Indian Muslim community. & how RSS gets away from any legal repercussions.

An Indian from Haryana responds to the Haryana's Chief Minister of BJP. CM of Haryana recently said now people of Haryana will bring girls from Kashmir to marry after the abrogation of Article 370.

The Impact of Hindutva on Law Enforcement.

Now, this Hindu girl was rescued by Policemen as she was about to being lynched by RSS Sanghis in the name of Love Jihad.
Then beaten by Police in the van saying why she partnered with a Muslim being a Hindu.
RSS Sanghis with law enforcement agencies doing a bit of social work in India in marginalized community.

Inclusive, shiny, secular etc etc

Just to put the record straight regarding the influence of Hindutva on Indian law & justice system. Here is the the brief summary shared by an Indian yesterday after the #PehluKhanVerdict whose murder was caught on camera but no justice served.

A blind old Muslim was stopped in a street by RSS's Sanghis to hold the flag of RSS and chant Jai Shri Ram.

This is the difference between Hinduism & Hindutva. No religion preaches hatred & subjugation.

Suzanna A. Roy, award winner author & political activist recalls the RSS's role in Gujarat Massacre of 2002.

This blatant fascism was incited by none other than the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Neo-Nazi Modi of RSS.

In Neo-Nazi Modi's India, a single Sanghi of RSS with a stick can beat a group of minority in India. The ideological sons of Hitler are in the haste of making the biggest democracy of the world a Hindutva fascist state.

Suzanna A. Roy, reciting the excrepts from Golwalkar's own book. The man who is the worthy of worship, according to Modi. The chief of RSS (1940-1973).

He demanded Muslims to surrender as sub-citizens with no rights in India. Otherwise Hindutva will do what Hitler did to Jews.
Suzanna A. Roy Introducing Neo-Nazi Modi to the audience.

She was spot on however RSS was founded in 1925 not 1927.

Honestly, I absolutely endorse her on this. The blatant Fascism/Nazism is not only endorsed by Sanghis but they don't even challenge the very narrative. Look under the tweet of PM Imran Khan. Not a single Sanghi had any rebuttal. Not even ashamed of it.

Another BJP MLA Raja Singh;

Every Sanghi of Hindutva should be trained and equipped with sword & AK47 for Hindutva state. & Govt should let us deal with Muslims without intervention.

A born Hindu is a pious while a Muslim is a sinner.
BJP's MLA urged Hindus publically to pledge that they should socially boycott 250 million people Indian minorities. "Don't buy anything from them and you will see (Muslims, Sikhs, & Christians) will beg you to embrace them as Hindus.

The vision of Golwalkar is on ground now.
BJP's MLA asked govt publically to give us (Sanghis) the freedom to kill as Indian Army have it. We shall eliminate these bastrads (Indian Muslims) in 10 minutes.

Still think Hindutva & Nazism aren't correlated?
This Indian Muslim encounters the lynching of Muslims in the name of beef ban with facts & figures.

He has exposed the Neo-Nazi agenda of Hindutva to kill Muslims with impunity.
This man is currently the Chief Minister of UP. He is a RSS's lifelong member.

An Indian Justice exposing the democracy & socio-cultural feeding among Indians regarding caste etc.
This is the underlying socio-cultural impact which Racial supremacy of RSS have inherited from its fathers & founders. They are still using the statusquo.
This is how PM @ImranKhanPTI responded to the Yogi Adityanath's mentality. The CM of UP & senior member of RSS.

The subjugation of Hindus by Hindutva in the name of caste. Remember RSS was founded & run by Brahmans.

Daughter of BJP MLA Bahubali Brahman from Bareilly fearing for the family of her coz she chose a Dalit to marry with.

The Propaganda of overpopulation of traitors (Indian Muslims) by RSS debunked.

Purpose of this propaganda is to spread fear among Hindus to endorse the agenda of Hindutva of RSS/BJP. 1/3

The Propaganda of overpopulation of traitors (Indian Muslims) by RSS debunked.

Purpose of this propaganda is to spread fear among Hindus to endorse the agenda of Hindutva of RSS/BJP. 2/3

RSS's Sanghis proposing solutions to control the population of traitors (Indian Muslims). Sub-human status & culmination of them.

Purpose of this propaganda is to spread fear among Hindus to endorse the agenda of Hindutva of RSS/BJP. 3/3

Well Done PTV...
The obsession of Hindutva in India.

A mass murderer, racist bigot, & a tyrant is glorified as savior of Aryan race among fascist cult of Hindutva.
An Indian Journalist who has returned from Kashmir recently told that what Indian government is doing in Kashmir is exactly how BJP/RSS & Hitler would have worked. It is based on lies & Fascism.
Subramanian Swamy before joining BJP. Exposing the agenda of Hindutva's political franchise. Now, he has joined the same BJP which certainly has transformed his level of intellectual honesty as well.
After joining the fascist cult of Hindutva, this is how he looks like now. The same academic Swamy has turned into a prejudicial-fanatic bigot.

This is what religious, political & socio-cultural extremism can do to top notch brains of a society.

Sad times!
Culture of Institutional bigotry!

As many of my Indian friends argued that, it is cherry picking & selective. There is no existence of Institutional prejudice, bigotry & fanaticism among BJP/RSS.

Please do watch next few videos.
Why Muslims in India do not trust the ideology of BJP? Because it is based on fascist ideology of RSS/Hindutva cult.

The culture of bigotry is very much institutional and aligned with the founding ideologues of RSS. Few glimpses of that bigotry among BJP's political leaders.
Here are few more instances of Institutional bigotry in modern day India according to BJP's representatives.

Mind you, this is mainstream politics of India. They are in decision making positions not lone wolves.
They have consistently pursued the case of Golwalkar & Savarkar under political franchise of RSS.

It includes de-population, subjugation of political rights including right to vote, & declaration of second class citizenry for Muslims & Christians in India.
BJP's central Spokesman: Whom do you believe in: Bhagwan or Allah?

Muslim Speaker: I believe in Allah but we do respect your religion as well.

BJP's Spokesman: If you believe in Allah then shut up & sit down otherwise I will rename a Mosque after a Hindu God to make you cry.
Gujarat riots of 2002 could have been one of the reasons why BJP lost in 2004 polls, I wanted to remove Modi as CM of the state but Politicians connected with RSS stood by Modi instead of me.

_Former PM Atal B. Vajpayee.
BJP won't allot electoral tickets to Muslim politicians because neither they trust us nor we trust them.

If they want BJP's ticket to contest elections, they have to do cleaning jobs in BJP offices for ten years at least then we can think about it.

~ BJP's Minister
Friedrich exposing the terror nexus of RSS and BJP with its factual context at City Council of Texas, Houston. Modi is the ultimate byproduct of Nazi-Hindutva.
Another BJP leader blatantly threatening Indian Muslims during election campaign.

"BJP is not asking for your (Muslims) vote. If you do vote us, you would be able to live in peace otherwise once BJP would be in power, you might have to face what you have never faced before."
Yet another MP of BJP & founder of Hindutva's franchise by name of Bajrang Dal explaining future of Indian Muslims.

"They (Indian Muslims) have two separate countries for them Pakistan & Bangladesh. Why don't they go there, what are they doing here in India."
How BJP uses religion for political milage in India. Its political culture is based on the ideology of RSS which is Hindu supremacy.

So much for a secular & diverse society: its them versus minorities.
Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan has yet again exposed the ideology of Hindutva, this time at the highest forum of the modern world.
Modi is the lifelong member of RSS & under his watch 2000 Indian Muslims were butchered. This is it!

Prime Minister Imran Khan has yet again exposed the Nazi ideology of Hindutva which is in power in India now.

He has explained the historical context of RSS from its foundation in 1925 & its role in current Indian society.
A Muslim kid was lynched by Hindutva mob in India & was forced to chant Jai Sri Ram (Hindu slogan).

This is what RSS's Modi is doing to Indian society.
#ImranKhanVoiceOfKashmir #UNGA
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Hindutva and Nazism. This time at the biggest global podium for leaders #UNGA of @UN.

He has explained the ideology of Hindutva with its historical context as explained in this thread with details.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Kashmir at #UNGA today.

Explaining the global community what fascist Modi Regime is doing to Kashmiris. He also asks world community to see it in the shoes of Kashmiris & think how would it react?

Historian @AudreyTruschke, exposing the ideology of Hindutva with its historical context in New York during #UNGA session. RSS was inspired by Nazism because the founding fathers of RSS deemed it as a solution to tackle Indian minorities.

Here is more by @AudreyTruschke on Hindutva and Nazism.

She is being threatened by fascist goons for exposing them in India & even in United States, she requires security. It is known that Indian Academia is oppressed by RSS & now it is reaching out.
This is a footage from RSS's camp in California, USA. Yes you have read it right. It has its franchises/branches in 39 countries.

United States is the country where it has the most after India. Would you believe that!

#HitlerModi #UNGA
Dr. Nintasha Kaul, a Kashmiri Novelist on Hindutva-RSS & Kashmir.

RSS is not merely an ideology of terror in theory but also in practice. It reflects on ground specially for Muslims such as in Kashmir.

#Hindutva #Fascism
Is Constitution ‘anti-Hindu’ or the RSS anti-Indian?

An informative piece on RSS's Ideology & constitution of India. This explains exactly where today's India is headed to.

#Hindutva #Nazism #India
Press Conference by Saffron Hindutva workers on the day of Gandhi's 150th Birthday.

"Gandhi was a traitor of India & his killer Nathuram Godse was the first patriot of India. Godse is Saint worthy of admiration for Hindus."

#Hindutva #GandhiJayanti
An undeniable endorsement of PM Imran Khan's narrative by opposition leader of India on RSS's influence in India's political culture of hatred, fascism, & prejudice.

P.S: Founding father of India, J. L. Nehru was the great grandfather of Rahul Gandhi.
BJP, RSS, & Gandhi!

This takes some audacity & ultimate level of hypocrisy to celebrate the murderer of Gandhi while celebrating the birthday of Gandhi at the same time. Modi is a Hypocrite of despicable level.

#Hindutva #Nazism
“Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the architect of Article 370. He even asked Pakistan if Pakistan can give us Deccan, Hyderabad, India can give Kashmir to Pakistan. Historian Srinath Raghavan’s account of Kashmir.

#Kashmir #ImranKhan
That's very courageous of Dr @NitashaKaul, a Kashmiri-British professor at @houseforeign.

She has nailed the serpent by its head. RSS is the ideological parent of BJP which believes in Nazism. India is currently on protofascist trajectory.

This is how Hindutva has started to use temple/religion in UK to teach progressive political parties in West to not to challenge fascist way of Modi Regime.
Despite of being NRIs they are standing by conservatives such is the backlash on #Kashmir move.
Absolutely shocking!

It has started to unroll officially now, the pledge of RSS for Hindu Rashtra. Public Servants are also going Nazi. Dark dark days ahead for minorities & marginalized Hindu communities in India.

#Hindutva #Nazism
Subramanian Swamy after joining BJP has become the most ruthless mouth piece of Hindutva in today's India.

All his intellect & academic honesty has completely vanished. This is what fascism & lust of power does to sane mind.
Another BJP MP has unleashed Hindutva after CM UP Yogi Adityanath. "Taj Mahal was a Hindu temple before it was destroyed by Mughals"
RSS led BJP won't stop at after Ayodhya verdict. Plan is to wipe Muslim heritage of the Indian map.

#Hindutva #Fascism
During the hearing on Kashmir Respected @RepCicilline asked a very fundamental question to Asst Secerteray of States at Foreign House.

How RSS's Ideology of ultra nationalism is contributing to the humanitarian crisis in Kashmir?

Asia Pacific Summit in Cambodia!

RSS led BJP's representative Vijay Jolly tried to storm the podium when speaker from Pakistan @QasimKhanSuri urged the world to respect the right of self determination of Kashmiris as per UNSC resolutions.

Meet former Maj. General of Indian Army SP Sinha.

He joined RSS led BJP a few years ago & this is what he has become now. Calling death for death & Rape for rape as true justice.

This can be anything but Gandhi's India. It's a proto fascist project!
Yet again the BJP's MP says Godse was a patriot.

Pragya Thakur intervenes while an MP was exposing how #Godse held grudge against Gandhi for many years saying ‘you can’t give an example of a deshbhakt’. This time on the floor of the house.

This is how opposition leader of India has reacted to the statement of Pragya Thakur on the floor of the house. Mind you she herself is accused of carrying out bomb blast/terrorism.

Rahul Gandhi "That's the heart of the BJP and RSS".

Hindutva/Nazism Model:

"They knew they were not strong enough to conquer a unified country. So they split Germany into groups. They used prejudice as a practical weapon to cripple the nation"

#Kashmir, #CABBill & #CAA_NRC are just the beginning.
PM Imran Khan has yet again reiterated his stance on Hindutva. He believes today what is happening in India is exactly what he predicted few months back from Kashmir to Assam, the blueprint of Nazism is there.

#Hindutva #Nazism
Hindutva's Neo-Nazi project!

"This is not the India of its founding fathers (Gandhi & Nehru), this is the India of Modi & Amit Shah. It will take barely an hour to wipe you (Muslims) if we will get a go signal."

Cc: @cjwerleman @arjunsethi81
From the Town Council of New Hampshire, U.S. Witness has absolutely nailed the xenophobic serpent of RSS & its influence in American politics.

Hindutva bringing more shame for modern day India.
Latest From Karnataka:

RSS Sanghis are furious and on roads protesting the proposal of building a statue of Jesus Christ (PBUH). They believe it will lead to more conversions. So much for 'secular democracy' of India in 21st century.

#Hindutva #Nazism
Latest: BJP's Member of Legislative Assembly from West Bengal asking RSS's Sanghis to kill Muslims wherever you may find them.

This is what Hindutva is all about after all as preached by its founding fathers.

#Hindutva #Nazism
Latest: PM Imran Khan has yet again explained the world what sort of mind set up has taken over IOJ&K recently. It's RSS which is founded on the Nazi ideology of racial supremacy. He was talking to CNBC on the sidelines of @Davos.

#Hindutva #Nazism
Is Hindu nationalism taking over India?
A brief but concise report by AJ to provide the context of whatever is happening in today's India. How BJP RSS nexus is taking over democracy.

#Hindutva #Nazism
Modi is being depicted as Hitler of Asia on the roads in far west.

#Hindutva #Nazism
A young protestor at Shaheen Bagh explains what is the connection between Hindutva & Nazism also why it necessary to counter fascism.

#Hindutva #Nazism
Delhi Police attacking the students in the library of Jamia Milia for protest against the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Police, media, judiciary & every other institution has bowed down to the Neo-Nazi regime of Modi.

#Hindutva #Nazism
A well known writer, poet & bollywood celebrity on what is happening in India right now. Final Solution, he called it as per the teaching of Modi’s Gurus. #DelhiRiots

#Hindutva #Nazism
This is happening in India right now!

Teachings of the founding fathers of the RSS are at work. Burning everything which belongs to Muslims. #DelhiViolence
A report on the Neo-Nazi Model of Hindutva in practice. It can be seen evidently that the phase of theoretical framework is over. They're practicing it in the broad day light now. Kashmir, Assam, & now #DelhiRiots.

#Hindutva #Nazism
This is how it is; World has acknowledged the fact that Neo-Nazi Modi is a bigot who believes in nothing but the ideology of RSS.

#Hindutva #Nazism
"They asked for my religion": NDTV reporter recalls when he was attacked by Hindutva mob. #DelhiRiots
This is the real time situation in the capital of India under Neo-Nazi Regime of Modi.

#Hindutva #Nazism
BJP's Spokesman: Whom do you believe in: Bhagwan or Allah?

Muslim: I believe in Allah but we do respect your religion too

BJP's Spokesman: If you believe in Allah then shut up & sit down otherwise I will rename a Mosque after a Hindu god to make you cry.
Bollywood's veterans speak about the proto fascist trajectory of Neo-Nazi Modi on @AJUpFront with @mehdirhasan.

While writer/poet Javed Akhtar believes that Modi is a fascist, producer Mahesh Bhatt believes hatred against the Muslims is lifeline of BJP.
Bajrang Dal marking Hindu shops by placing 'saffron flags' in Vijaynagar, Bangalore.

This is part of the campaign of socio-economic boycott of Muslims. Their businesses will be destroyed, this is exactly what Hitler did to Jews in Germany to implement his nefarious agenda.
This is how Nazis did it when they came to power in 30s. They launched an organized campaign to boycott Jewish businesses so first they can destroy them socially & economically before declaring them lesser citizens & putting them in concentration camps. That's today's India.
After Love Jihad, Beef Lynching, Socio-economic boycott, this is a new trend in Neo-Nazi India during #Covid_19. Followed by violence spree Muslims localities are being burnt. They are stigmatized as Covid-19 spreaders. New low even for Nazism.
British MP @SteveBakerHW says there is ample evidence that BJP is persecuting Muslims in India via a policy of religious nationalism. & @UN should intervene.

Meet Pravin Togadia, current President of Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad, an International franchise of Hindutva.

He is publicly bragging about the Massacres of Muslims in India. This is the quantum of hate peddling.

Cc: @mehdirhasan & @SteveBakerHW
While BJP & its handler RSS is peddling bigotry against Muslims during #Covid_19, this is what is happening on the roads in India.

This is Delhi-Rajhstan Highway. A person is eating raw meat of a dead dog on the road. Such a shame for humanity.
This is what Indian mainstream media has become under the fascist regime. They're doing an 'expose' on how Indian Muslims manage to have better grades & jobs in Indian bureaucracy. Sounds like Hitler's project!
The lecture from @Swamy39 on 'Vicharak Diwalyapan' (ideological dishonesty) started well but didn't end well in coming years.
Political aspirations molded a logical person to a bigot.
#Hindutva #Nazism
"BJP member, minister Imarti Devi, said the novel #coronavirus can't touch her because she was born in cow dung and mud, which are germ intensive enough to prevent infection. She wears a mask because she is forced to do so."
#Hindutva #Ignorance
The ideological core of Hindutva & Nazism!
Modi is to Hindutva what Hitler was to Nazism, explains this brief report.
#Hindutva #Nazism
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