Yesss ladies and gents it’s my time to shine 💎
Let’s start with a classic
“The chemistry is crazy! Hanging out with Pharrell again! And Blake who I LOOOOVE...and Adam.”
I just!!
“You’re so good” (and you don’t even know it🎶🥰)
Rip Vine 😢
This is...weird.
But fast forward a few years 😩
Ugh I want a studio version of neon light
Back to Ellen. Blake’s laugh and his face during this whole thing are everything. Poor Gwen 😂😂
My favorite of the Ellen videos 🤗🥃
Hella Good 😏🥳
Who would’ve thought 🤗
You know they had so much more cuteness footage from this day that we’ll never see 😩
Not a cotton candy throwing contest here
Cotton Candy pt. 2... I think the first time Gwen experienced Blake’s dance moves
💖💖Thank you Blake Shelton💖💖
Her lil face 😍
Another throwback classic
I know I just posted this last week but a thread is a thread and also it’s the BEST (Ivonne Battle)
Ivonne part 2: you are in so much trouble 🤪
Halo the horse & Gwen the mentor 🥰
For the ups & downs
Is that Gwen Stefani?
I like that 😻
No doubt fanboy
S10 bts
It’s not funnyyyy 🤪🥰
People will fall in love with Gwen the minute they see her or hear her talk.
Excited for gaabmh 🥰
I got some free pictures of gwen on there but I didn’t pay for em they were free 😏👹🤪
Angry Birds premiere (and their first snap selfie)
“She snaps so I don’t have to”
I would be so excited to make you look how I would want you to look if I were gonna make out with you. A perfect example: Blake.

...subtle, sis.
Still makes me feel all the feelings
4 minutes of foreplay on live national television (pt1)
4 minutes of foreplay on live national television (pt 2)
Always trying to get each other’s attention from day 1 😩😂
“I found a friend that was going through the exact same thing as me, and that is a miracle” 🤧🤧🤧
We're talking about Gwen Stefani here, and she dominates in everything she does.
The. Most. Extra.

(also if u listen at the end she says i love u 🥰)
the way she looks at him😚
Blake talking about Gwen receiving the Radio Disney Hero Award (repost 🙄)
And then there’s Blake🤗
I'd sing "Lick It Up" by Kiss and uhh...I'd like to work with Gwen, know what I'm sayin?? 😜😏😜😏
Gwen: 😂

Blake: 🥰
Thank God that I found you 😭🥰😭

(Also thank God @gwenblakeinfo found this video)
That was you? And we’ve kissed??
That time Blake rented a lobster truck in Boston to celebrate Gwen’s first day of tour
S9 press conference
If u know u know 😂🥴
Gwen & I are chaos
why don't you calm down, you're sweatin again
I loove blake! that is so cute! *giggles for 5 minutes*
One of those talking about it without talking about it interviews #ThankGod 💖
I have so many things to say about this video wow I love them
Is Blake here?? I heard he was gonna be here tonight 👀🤪👹
We love a front row fanboy
When 2 sleep-deprived, secretly-dating dorks and their protective friends have to do a live interview at 8am. Part 1 (Blake’s staring is soo dajfskgs)
Has any interviewer ever been less aware than Lauer right here? 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
They’re chaotic and I love them
I’m that good, Blake 😏
One of my faves 💖
When that divorce hits & u can finally show ur bf on screen 🤩
From today 🥰
The Voice! 💛✌🏼
Hey- 🎶 don’t speak 🎶
Always carrying her bag 💖
As if they needed an excuse to kiss 🙄
“She’s an amazing writer, and you know I don’t think she gets the credit she deserves for being a great songwriter, because of all the other awesome things about her.” (Repost)
Who are you gonna miss most?

🤔 I wonder... 😉
Good morning I had no idea this was available on YouTube I’m so happy 🥵🤠😏
2014 is like an alternate universe
14 months later 😭💞
“It’s so fun for me to see what she’s gonna wear, literally everyday.”
NYE 2016
This isn’t strictly them talking about each other but it’s important for science. PS iwouldliketoseeit.gif
Gwen saved my life
"And Gwen, I mean she's an icon, and I mean all she has to do is turn around and look at somebody and they melt."
“And then Blake, well I didn’t know I was gonna have such a HUGE, gigantic-well, I’m such a huge fan of him.”

What were u starting to say there Gwenny? 🤔🧐
A fave, pt. 1
Extreee 👠👠 (a fave pt 2)
“It’s very intimidating because she’s this rock icon” (oct 2014)
“I wasn’t trying to start a relationship, I was just trying to not die” (Howard stern Show, July 2016)
Talking about writing love songs about Blake 💖
Gwen talking about the duet.

Fun game: Listen to these 3 audio clips together, then do the calendar math & see if ur head explodes 😂🤯🥰
Thank you Blake Shelton got kissing me back to life
So cute so dumb
”Wanna thank the hottest date here tonight, Gwen Stefani” (people’s choice awards, Jan 2017)
“Gwen and I have fun, literally no matter what we’re doing, whether we’re on vacation, at a party, going to the grocery store. We have fun, we laugh. That’s why it’s so much fun to be with her.”
“I love Blake! He is the most incredible guy. I mean everybody loves Blake, there’s no way around it. He’s just a sparkly, happy, amazing person” 💖 (Jan 2017)
Cutest bunniiieees 😍🐰
Blake’s face is unstoppable 😩🥰
“I like him SO much that I’ll make up for you not liking him.”
It is literally shocking how beautiful she is.
Spring Break 2017
“Anytime I can be around Blake is a blessing. As much as possible.”
Giggle giggle giggle 🥰
Blake’s soft voice >>>
Waterfalls 💖
She’s my best friend, we have so much fun 💖🤗
@gwenstefani pretty please make these videos again for s17
Ride ‘em cowboy! 🤪😫🤠 (nov. 20 2015)
One of my fave duet performances (truth tour, forum 10/16/16)
I want all the every person who wonders what Gwen sees in him to watch this clip.
Just then I was havin to check myself, I thought I was just a girl 🤪🙄
The follow-up tweets 😂
Something Gwen said on the Voice reminded me of this s7 moment 😏
I’ve been saving this one 🤗
Chaos 😂
Chaos part 2
The best 112 seconds of my life tbh ☎️💎🤠
She’s my best friend
I always think of @gwenslirics wondering if it was supposed to read as the man handled the gym or Blake man-handled the gym 😂 also I miss alicia
She needs to get on youtube again😭
I live for their one on ones 😂😩 Menlik pt. 1
Me lik pt. 2
Thank you anon for sending this 🥰💙
At the Super Bowl in 2018
“Show Mom”
Lol why talk about the product I’m literally here to sell when I can just talk about my crush instead 🤪☺️
Everybody knows what happened after that 😏👉🏼👌🏼
C: Do you feel like you’re happier than you’ve ever been in your entire life?

B: Oh there’s no question about that, absolutely no question about that🥰
It is what it is 🙃
And it works
When Blake & Betty got home too late on a Sunday
Some inspiration for your social distancing @blakeshelton @gwenstefani #TogetherAtHome PLEASE
Remember when seeing them kiss on the mouth was a shock 😭😘
Look at baby girl making a beeline for her crush
A winner 🥺
Ugh take me back
Blake’s sweet side ☺️
Flirty dorks
Blake was using his soft voice for Gwen before they even met
These videos were a blessing
She gets what she wants 😂😘😘
Embarrassing parents
Extra 🤪🥰
Blake’s show at the Forum in LA, spring 2016
Absolute chaos and I love every second
Cutest babies
Blake is the s-word
“Everything in my life!”
Voice Choice pt 1 🤪
Voice Choice pt 2 🥰
Voice Choice pt 3 💖
Ole Red Tish opening, GAAMBH Intro 🥰😏😲🤪🤗
“Lets just talk only about Blake, cuz he’s so awesome!”
Blake and Disneyland 😂
I’ve been looking for this video for so long and also I miss this thread 🤗🍑
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