Friday #Medthread! I’ve been chatting lately that I should write a #tweetorial about how I’ve put my social media related/based activities on my academic/professional CV. So, without further ado... 1/x
these are excited times, & hopefully this won't be uncharted territory for too much longer as standards are set and more institutions embrace social media related activities...BUT for do you show your uniqueness and innovations via #medtwitter #SoMe?? 2/x
1⃣these are my opinions (grounded in experience & many discussions)
2⃣I use the OHSU CV template (Scholarship/Service/Teaching)
3⃣employers may not be ready to embrace

PS--bonus points--name the TV show the GIF is from!! (probably not known/respected enough...)
not to restrict the convo to those in practice, we have also extended this work to medical students and residents 6/x
so I'm going to walk you through what I've done to (*ahem, how I've co-opted my institution's template) my CV. We also have an educator's portfolio, and the CV sections are Scholarship, Service, and Teaching (in that order).
this is NOT meant as a brag-fest but as examples... 8/x
I also bundle "novel" or "non-traditional" scholarship/scholarly work (& how to highlight impact/reach) into CV advise about social media activities, as I think this all merges in the "paradigm shift" shaking up the traditional scholarship realm
a few months ago, I held a twitter poll as to where I should put items including tweetorials and hosted chats
for ex., the comments dove into the differences between "scholarship" and "scholarly teaching" among other musings
#medtwitter #scitwitter #SciComm
so, let's dive in!
✳️my twitter handle is at the top
✳️my facebook/Instagram are NOT on (strictly personal for me), but if you are using them professionally, consider including at the top
✳️don't forget "traditional" scholarship re #SoMe belongs (publications, lectures) 11/x
*⃣in the spirit of embracing novel metrics of impact, my peer-reviewed publications have hyperlinks to Altmetrics (or other metrics) in addition to PMID/DOI hyperlinks
*⃣non-peer-reviewed publications have hyperlinks embedded for easier access
lots of different heading suggestions out there, incl "alternative media" or "digital media". "digital scholarship" resonated for me.
Podcasts (guest)--appropriately cite, provide hyperlink, denote CME-backed (or not)
for podcasts creators/producers/main hosts--expand!! 13/x
I'm serious--"just" putting it under publications undersells the tremendous work & impact of podcasting for those producing and maintaining. that needs to find a "louder" home on the CV (ex. full list of episodes or not??)
@AdamRodmanMD @ESilvermanMD @CPSolvers @BrighamSK 14/x
more "digital scholarship"
blogs, online venues, society electronic newsletters
get it on there!
SERVICE: THIS is where I think the social media-based leadership best lives. ex. creating/managing several institutional twitter accounts (v other #SoMe platforms). Conveniently (?), many came w society communications committees so I had an "in" to this section. 16/x
Finally, TEACHING--after a lot of back and forth (scholarship? scholarly teaching?), I decided to put links to my most robust #tweetorials here along with twitter chat guest hosting (running/maintenance might belong under service for others)--WITH measures of impact/reach 17/x
thank you for reading long, I hope this is a start and helps fuel more conversations, including with your section leadership, institution P&T committees! (promotion and tenure, not pharmacy and therapeutics"
(ps--I did bring this CV format to my last annual review!)
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