It’s a plan that just might work. It hasn’t been thunk up so it’s certainly An avenue worth looking over.
It has the potential to stop shootings in America drastically/ the bonus - citizens become heroes and our 2nd amendment is honored and Used
The idea is a great one. Of course all the details details as a people we can work it out
The idea is that you want to go to the mall
Ok go
But if you have fear of gun violence because whatever you do and that’s that
You get your phone open the app
And a professional company
Like AAA American and that is closely with all laws concerning that are needed, you see in your area available PATRIOTS whom are able to work in your area with a concealed weapon that way you feel safe
Who gets to work here - well perhaps if they want this job citizens will
Probably need to have at least 2 years military background and or attend military reserve or something military - but Nothing that they have to be entirely in it
What we want are responsible citizens Patriots that are more then honored to answer the call to defend us
Now these
Are not idiots
They are patriots damn it
And we are quite capable of keepin our amendment and defending each other as a family against this evil
If they go to the military and do it
The same here guys
We are the good guys remember
And we don’t need big gov and cabal
Throwing half fake half true shootings to push agendas Jay will leave is worse then hitlers camps

If America has a problem with gun shootings then we will pull our own weight and handle it by defending each other
This will drastically reduce the crime why because the shooters now understand that Americans are smart and are using the amendment the right way
And they won’t do it
They will go back to bitching online
The app will also show by location how many are already on guard on a location and if you want more then ok then get more hired
All by the time
This is job creation and it’s pro American
The point is that American patriots are heroes because in the end it’s our families that are dying out there and we men and women won’t stand around and have this done to us if there is a initiation as such that gives them pride and a reason to stop violence and MURDERS
This is done with a training and with time the app and users get better and it becomes a solid extra protection - the point. As well is that they are not cops - we don’t want cops - we don’t want cops - we don’t want cops
Aonthwse patriots will not have the same abilities as cops -
They are just regular citizens whom are available to work that we trust in good mental condition to help us when we need it to feel safe in any location, these are test they pass to get the job
So it’s like an Uber app
About American safety
The patriots concealed and carry are icognito - maybe the gun is provided by the company so that all are the same to protect - they get the buzz or whatever they accept and they be there - if they are not there already another will be alarmed so the
Safety is there loom whatever !
I’m not an app developer but I am pretty good at problem solving at least I have a Treasonous City I took down my fucking self to prove it !
This works !
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