Q: If you had a Global "Human Organ Trafficking" operation, how would you manage your organ distribution network...? Would you ship organs via...UPS, or USPS...or, would you use a "Specialist"? #WheelsUp #QAnon #QArmy

Is "HOT" an acronym?
Q: What would the byproducts of child sacrifice be...? Careful, the answer is HOT.
How do you keep harvested organs from going into sepsis...? Drugs...chemical compounds?

I am looking long and hard for a special article that I read on this subject, a while back. It may be on Bloomberg? I'll get back to you on Monday.
I work tomorrow in LA...it a long day.
A lot of you may think that my account was thrown into Twitmo for calling a certain liberal troll a bitch...? It's just an excuse. I was actually spanked over this thread.
"What are the byproducts of Satanic Human Sacrifice...?"

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