#Ireland is a forest full 😂, all the way up to the canopy 🤣, of folklore & myths about #trees & #woods! Here's a hint in my collage below, of some of the tweets in my thread! . . . @MagicalEurope #FolkloreThursday 🌲🌳👛🍎🍏🌿🍃🍂🌰🎀🌸😇
The ancient Irish believed in a trilogy of sacred trees! The Hawthorn, the Ash & the Oak! Several conflicting beliefs about the Hawthorn, but widely accepted as the fairy tree! The Ash was believed to have healing qualities, the Oak was strength! #FolkloreThursday 🌸🌿🌳
The fine in early Irish Brehon Law, for cutting down an apple tree was 5 milk cows & double that if the tree belonged to a chieftain! The Apple tree was among the ‘seven nobles of the woods’ along with Ash, Oak, Hazel, Holly, Scots pine & Yew! 📷: mine. #Ireland #FolkloreThursday
In Irish mythology, Clíodhna, Queen of the Banshees & patron of Co Cork in #Ireland, has 3 brightly coloured birds who eat apples from an otherworldly tree! Their song heals the sick! #FolkloreThursday 🦜🐦🦚🌳
Irish god Óengus/Aengus, son of the Dagda traditionally described as having singing birds circling head! Shaped his kisses into 4 birds that followed Cairbre wherever he went to mock him each day before sunrise! Until his druid enchanted a #tree to detain them! #FolkloreThursday
The Irish god, the Dagda, had 2 pigs, one of which was always growing whilst the other was always roasting, & fruit #trees that were always full of fruit! #Ireland #FolkloreThursday
In Viking Age, Norse–Gaels, people mixed Gaelic & Norse ancestry/culture emerged. Had mix of Norse & Gaelic beliefs. In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil, is Ash Tree at centre of cosmos; 9 worlds in branches/roots! If trembles, sign of Ragnarök or end of everything! #FolkloreThursday
Did you know that there are more Bramley apples produced in Co Armagh, N #Ireland than the whole of England! Sounds good because one of the Irish words for the Otherworld is Emain Ablach, the "Isle of Apple Trees"! #FolkloreThursday 🌳🍎🍏
Salmon of Knowledge lived in well of wisdom pool on River Boyne & became all-knowing through diets of 9 hazelnuts from 9 holy trees! Fionn mac Cumhaill ate from the hazelnut fed salmon & became all wise! Touched tooth 1st tasted salmon for help when needed! #FolkloreThursday 🌳🌰
There is a legend that in one place 5th century St Patrick, patron saint of #Ireland, went it took so long to convert them, his ash staff had sprouted and become a living tree! #FolkloreThursday 🌳😇😂
St Fintan’s Money Tree, Clonenagh, Co Laois. Planted on the site of an early Christian monastery. Custom to push coins into the trunk & say a prayer, which led to serious decay due to metal poisoning! Currently undergoing a spate of ‘vigorous re-growth’! 😇🌳👛 #FolkloreThursday
. @CharlevilleCast’s King Oak tree, Tullamore, Co Offaly, #Ireland. Ran for European Tree of the Year in past. Legend that if a branch of the tree fell, a member of the Bury family would die shortly afterwards! 🌳😵 #FolkloreThursday
Ballyshannon’s Rag/Clootie Tree. Located at the Abbey Well in Ballyshannon Co Donegal, #Ireland, this ‘Holy Tree’ or ‘Rag Tree’ is laden with objects left behind by pilgrims. 📷: Michael O'Dea & Fergal McGrath Photography. 🌳 #FolkloreThursday
Remember once it starts to flower, not to bring hawthorn blossom into your home! In #Ireland, used to be believed that it would beckon illness &/or death! Also the fairies won't like you disturbing a 'fairy tree'! PS, chemical trimethylamine is present in it! #FolkloreThursday 🌸
The Magic Tree, Waterford, #Ireland! Marks beginning of a 'magic road’. Turn off your car’s engine & let off your handbrake, your car will travel up the hill! Original tree cut down by vandals 2011, but new landmark has been planted! 🌳 #FolkloreThursday https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=J0DZDzkGEmA
The Divis Fairy Tree! Near Hannahstown outside Belfast, N #Ireland, this fairy tree also marks a magic road! Local legend says that if you park at the bottom of the hill & let off the brake, the fairies will push you to the top! #FolkloreThursday 🌳🚗
A fairy fort! 6 beech trees planted in a circle on a mound! Really easy to identify! 📷: http://earthfairy.com.au  #trees #Ireland #FolkloreThursday 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳
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