Good thread on Sir Frank Worrell.

Also, the Bombay streetfood 'Frankie' is named after him. Amarjit Tibbs was a Frank Worrell fanboy.
While we are at Food meets Sports trivia, i recently learnt that Cheesecake was firstly served at Olympics in Greece to athletes to give them instant energy.
Duke's Soda was founded in 1889 by a Parsi guy, Dinshawji Pandole, who was also an amateur cricketer. He took a lot of wickets on a tour of England, and hence decided to name the company after the Duke's cricket ball. (Trivia /Pic courtesy - @anmol_dhawan)
When the railway line was laid between Pune-Khandala(1900s),ppl used to sell crude peanut & jaggery chikki to the labourers laying the rails for instant energy.

Word Chikki comes from Marathi word 'Chikkat'(Sticky).

Maganlal Chikki still has the Rail Locomotive in their Logo
Tiramisu means ‘pick me up’in Italian.The origins of the dessert can be traced to the brothels of Treviso.After the ban on brothels,they featured in neighborhood restaurants. The present day version was made at Le Beccherie,a Treviso restaurant in 1960s.

Pic clicked at Gustoso.
'Shakshouka' is mixture in Arabic.

The Ottoman dish was a combination of minced meat & vegetables.

Tomato & pepper were added later as meatless versions evolved in Levant region.

However, the modern version with eggs and veggies originated in Tunisia.

Pic clicked at LPQ.
Bunny Chow was firstly made by Indians who were in SA for sugarcane plantations.Making Indian breads was time consuming, so putting curry in hollowed out loaf of bread was a convenient way to carry food in fields.

The name comes from ‘bun’ & ‘achar’ or Baniya community in Durban
Pune's local drink 'Mastani' was originally served at Gujjar Cold drink house in Budhwar Peth.

It was originally called 'Ice Cream Cold Drink' but regular patrons would ask for that "Mast waala" drink and that's how it became 'Mastani'.
Pedha originated in UP & Babusingh Thakur brought this sweet to Dharwad.

His family migrated from Unnao in UP to Dharwad after plague a broke out in early 19th Century.

To this day, people queue up early in the morning outside the Line Bazaar outlet in Dharwad to buy pedhas.
Khara Congress Bun at VB Bakery(Bun smeared with butter & peanuts).

Out of all the theories behind the name, the most famous one refers to the split within Congress in 1969.Split masala peanuts were referred as Congress Kadalekai as a parody of political on-goings of that time.
When PM Modi visited Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif got him a box of these Almond Nankhatais from Khalifa Bakers.

Brits used to call it “Nuncataie’ - the literal meaning of the word comes from the Persian word naan meaning bread and the Afghan word khatai meaning biscuit(Bread biscuit)
Cappuccino gets its name from the Capuchin monks.

The colour of the espresso mixed with frothed milk was similar to the color of the Capuchin robe and that’s how they settled down on this name.
Shepherds in the Spain would not have access to fresh food for days in mountains. They cooked this dish with just flour, oil, water and some campfire.

They called it 'Churros' after the Churra sheep whose horns had a similar shape.
In 1910 Louis Durand made a dessert for Paris-Brest cycle race.

It traditionally has a ring of choux pastry filled with a praline cream & its shape resembles that of a bicycle wheel.

It was initially made to give energy to riders but it later became popular across France.
#TIL that the name 'Mosambi' is derived from Mozambique as the fruit has origins in that country.

And my mind is blown !
Serradura is Portuguese for Sawdust.

The dessert became extremely popular in Macau which had a 400 year old Portuguese rule.

In Goa, it is usually served combination of crushed Marie biscuits, whipped cream, condensed milk & Vanilla extract.
Pizza originated in Naples and was poor man’s food.

It was to cater to a vast homeless population who did not have kitchen.

The reason for pizza having slices was so that people could take one slice each and everyone would be well fed.
Popularity of Pizza surged when Queen Margherita of Savoy visited Naples. Esposito( Pizzaolo) baked a Pizza for her with the colours of Italian Flag (Red–Tomatoes, Green–Basil, White–Mozzarrela).

The queen loved it & the locals named the pizza after her.

Hence Margherita Pizza.
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