1.) This happened🤢 The links found b/w #submarine #GhislaineMaxwell & #Epstein & #diamonds made out of human ashes. Have you heard of #CremationDiamonds? 💎💍

I began digging & this will be a working thread to explore, Where are the bodies ‘buried?’
👉🏻 https://twitter.com/paulacblades001/status/1154143444517789696?s=21
2. The video Paula posted above is here 👉🏻 . It is a MUST WATCH.
🚨Warning🚨 this video & thread is very disturbing but it must be investigated. We must find truth. I’ve provided a few screenshots.
3. More screenshots of the video and related items...
4. The video singles out co. called “Hearts in Diamond” as the info ex. but I want to make clear I’m not singling them out as you will see in a bit until dug more. There are many co. that perform cremation diamonds. Aka synthetic diamonds💎 So I started looking into the process..
5. So to understand the connection we need to know HOW it’s done. Human Ashes are turned into synthetic diamonds by 2 processes. 1 - HPHT (High Pressure High Temp) & 2 - CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)
6. Simple Wikipedia description of synthetic diamonds 💎 and the history...
7. More on creation of synthetic diamonds 💎 via Wikipedia...
8. So the HPHT process carbon is extracted from cremated ashes or hair. Considered closest method to earths process. Grown from crystalline foundation then “sent to industry experts” to cut & polish. ... 🤔💭 industry experts.
9. For CVD method creating synthetic #cremationdiamonds from human ash carbon atoms are deposited into a substrate, diff gases are fed into chamber & energized. Gases include carbon source typically METHANE, as well as hydrogen. Microwave power creates ionization- activ. radicals
10. During review of the process of #cremation #diamonds 💎 this jumped out of the page at me. Uses of 💎’s “DOPED” & “DOPING” 😳 Coincidence?🤔💭
Recalling @realDonaldTrump’s frequent use of the word “Dopey” & “Dope” as well as #QAnon’s. Are we on 🎯?
👉🏻 http://www.trumptwitterarchive.com/archive/dope 
11. Recall now that #Epstein was found with “dozens of diamonds”💎 on him as well as cash & fake passport as reported by conservative & liberal news sources alike.
Typical for an elitist? Possibly. Typical for someone dealing in diamonds? Probably.
12. Back to synthetic diamonds 💎 So I’m thinking what is an HPHT machine & how would 1 buy it? Let’s track that. Oh l👀k it appears they are all from China.🙄🤔💭 I’m not going deep into this right now, but ranges from $150K - $300K.
13. De Beers. We all know that name right?💎Of course it will come up when digging diamonds, literally. How much control? An enormous amnt of control of that industry. Oh l👀k, funded by Rothschilds. Shocker.🤨
👉🏻😳Created in 1888! That’s #TripleEights I don’t even try🙏🏻😂 🎯
14. Make mental note De Beers b/c 1st diamond💎co. to announce it would track its💎using blockchain technology.
💥Stanford partners, collusion & price fixing, genocide, trust behav.; such upstanding examples🙄 & that’s just on wiki 🤦🏻‍♀️
Note @POTUS’s recent🐦on Cryptocurrencies👇🏻
15. Quick drop back to #Dope & #Dopey #Doped mentioned above in #10.💥 Be sure to note 📝 the possible double meanings! See @paulacblades001 tweet👇🏻Regarding

16. I’ll be back. There’s moar. I need a break & rest. Vertigo is from the devil. 👿 Legit.
17. Dropping a little about De Beers diamond tracking blockchain #TRACR
18. Found an interesting other product named #TRACR making 📝 and then more on De Beers #TRACR Blockchain & De Beers Diamond 💎 company structure
19. And then quite literally, July 24th, ‘19 it’s been announced De Beers Diamond💎Group secures Canadian Govt Funding for Carbon capture research. Project lead Greg Dipple. Reports show upwards of $2Mill+ Industry memb. add $1.2 Mill👉🏻w/ a $675K grant towards Gahcho Kue mine🤔💭
20. Forgot to add and ThanQ @Fish_Lips_ for this nugget of info on De Beers Diamond 💎 Group and it’s new Canadian Govt Funding for Carbon Research 👍🏻🙏🏻
👉🏻 https://twitter.com/fish_lips_/status/1154472509657403392?s=21
21. Let’s take note of De Beers Diamond co. “Global Industry” and “Strategic” Partnerships and Brands 👇🏻

And now that there is a foundation we are moving away from Earth made mined Diamonds & back to cremation aka synthetic diamonds 💎...
22. Would a giant 💎Diamond co. want to deal in synthetic diamonds? Why? Much controversy known w/ #blooddiamonds. How’s demand going for them?👎🏻 Not so good it seems! “...combating increasing competition from laboratory-made diamonds” & a “strong US Dollar”💪🏻 @realDonaldTrump 😁
23. “De Beers entry in the market is creating a big price gap b/w mined & lab diamonds 💎 pressuring rivals that specialize in synthesized stones at the same time.”
So De Beers created #Lightbox laboratory-grown diamonds.
24. What are diamonds 💎 used for besides a finger? 💍🖕🏻😏
Well there’s tons of uses! Semiconductors (there’s that Doping), power ie Solar, waste, 💦purification, magnetic field sensing, oil & gas drilling, biomedical, high power lasers systems....
25. ...uses of diamonds 💎 continued...
quantum computing, anti-counterfeiting technology, sound systems & acoustics, nanodiamonds, cancer detection & treatment, & bedazzling your tech gadget🙄.
Think it’s safe to say there is a pan enormous market for 💎’s, mined & synthetic..
26.🤔💭It’s almost as if we’ve been steered towards love of diamonds💎💍& lots of it, hasn’t it? Hhmm💭🙄Go ahead fulfill that carnal desire. No one will get hurt. It’ll make ya feel good, everyone’s doing it, they said. #MarilynMonroe #Hollywood #brainwashing
27. A very insightful article on Diamond history of De Beers & also how Israel played a role in the worlds market. Written back in 1982 (by an Epstein 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️)
- Note I’m not here to chastise anyone for loving sparkly things or their💍, that’s not the point https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1982/02/have-you-ever-tried-to-sell-a-diamond/304575/
28. Details specifically for synthetic diamonds market
💎Revenues for semiconductors in USD global in 2018 reached $437.6 BILLION 😳
💎Asia-Pacific dominates the market
💎 #1 is Element Six 👉🏻part of De Beers Group. See above.
29. I did a ton of research last night till I couldn’t see straight. Full Stop 🛑 Anons, r u exhausted, stuck? I cannot stress enough how important it is to 🛑 & study your Bible. We are told to!
1 Kings 6:7 🧠
Genesis 14, Hebrews 7:1
Genesis 14:20
In doing so it was revealed...
30. Everything is a MIRROR
I ✋🏻 & switched perception. I’ll drop other research later, but for now we need to understand WHY DIAMONDS💎 why children, what’s the connection?...
👉🏻What if diamonds was an allegory for children👈🏻
[They] take everything literal [They] pervert truth.
31. The Gospels speak in parables and allegory as confirmed in the Word. Wouldn’t it make sense that [they] take all literal interpretations & that is where the symbolism lies. ....
32. This is a key point I believe as to why [they] must build Temples! Their actual temple of God 🧠 is not accessed. So they must build a physical temple. #symbols
Frens, The Temple of God is in your head!! 1 Kings 6.
Hello🗣even called temples on the sides🧠
For them it is not
33. So we already know a Diamond is made from Carbon per above. The Greeks believed diamonds 💎 were splinter stars fallen to the earth.
Greek Word For Diamond is “Adamas” meaning unconquerable / indestructible.
👉🏻Side Note: Adamas - Adam - Atom etc...
👉🏻(Note ‘Lodestone’-⭐️)
34. Diamonds 💎 are the hardest of all gemstones known to man, & simplest in composition, yet brittle = CARBON.
Approximately 250 tons of Ore need to be mined & processed from average kimberlite (volcanic rock) pipe to produce a 1 carat polished diamond of gem quality.
35. What does the Bible have to say?
Genesis 2:7 “...formed man of the dust of the ground...”
Malachi 3:17-18 “...when I make my jewels...”
(I encourage you to search scriptures for jewels etc.. I’m not going doing all that here.)
Let’s look at Carbon & us, Adamas, Adam, Atom...
36. What is Carbon? Atomic #6 Graphite & Diamond.
Note the Black or Clear aka Transparent. That reminds me of the duality. The dichotomy of good & evil, Yin & Yang, Heaven & Hell, black & white, etc... ☯️ The “King of Elements”. #symbolism
36. Carbon (Graphite & Diamond) is the most abundant element on earth’s crust and 4th most abundant in universe by mass after hydrogen, helium & oxygen. Carbon is abundant in sun, stars, & atmospheres.
🚨Woah!🚨Looks like my thread got cut 🤨 #37 Diamond 💎 #cremationdiamonds to #Epstein thread and ➕ can be accessed here👇🏻 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight/status/1154829650306187264?s=21
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