The side of Byun Baekhyun that stan twitter doesn't want you to see and why having him in your life is a blessing (A thread): 백현아 @B_hundred_Hyun
Starting with how Baekhyun since childhood thinks that the reason he exists is to spread happiness and how his biggest wish is for everyone im this world to be happy. He is THE happiest when he makes others smile
During mbc gayo 2017-18 when a svt member fell in a hole and Baekhyun quietly went to stan there just to protect other artists
He posted a treadmill pic on his ig few months ago participating in the campaign and raising awareness to encourage support for children with leukemia and cancer
Baekhyun's one of dream is to open a dog shelter for stray dogs and he took part in campaign for protecting pets by designing clothes himself
EXO recently went to kstage and when a contestant lost Baekhyun quickly went on stage to hug him and comfort him even went in their waiting room after backstage and hugged him and comforted him. This guy later said that Baekhyun was cutest
Account of an op working in Cafe who gave Baekhyun wrong order but he still paid for that and said that just give away this to another person for free and even while leaving cheered op and gave her candy
He wore BETRUE collection, a special edition of Nike that was created in 2016 in LGBT support
Baekhyun helping a fan who fell down and picking her up when he was being mobbed himself
Baekhyun supporting and donating for comfort women
Baekhyun has wore this new baby world shirt twice in last month which is made newly to show support for equality between men and women
Key and Eunhyuk mentioned Baekhyun in one of their shows saying that people like him are really nice. They said that Baekhyun is really friendly always and treats everyone nicely and equally regardless of who they are
Baekhyun always said how he was popular im school not bc of looks but bc of being friendly with everyone and here are accounts of his school mates telling how he treated everyone equally with kindness
Heechul saying why Baekhyun is his most favorite. Baekhyun talked to him and made him comfortable when things were new for Heechul after military.
Baekhyun's shirt has meaning of "Think of women again"
Baekhyun telling female fans to be careful while going home bc men can be... (basically trash) and this isn't the first time he implied something like this
Baekhyun joined a festival to fundraise for autistic children
Few months go during an event Baekhyun noticed some worried fans and heard someone wanted to leave so he quickly called guards to help them out but when he found out a fan fainted he got super worried and screamed until someone came to help
Baekhyun asking the fans standing at the moshpit if their waists were feeling alright or did it hurt because they have been standing for really long
Baekhyun left his seat and went tp sit on stairs so Kai and his idol friends can talk comfortably.. In this video he is also telling Taemin how his heart hurts seeing fans cry
On mbc gayo when Baekhyun ended his part he quickly moved back away from camera so the artists who will sing next have all spotlight instead of him
This is when Baekhyun was just a baby but still got super worried for a injured stray cat that he found 😭 he is honestly biggest animal lover
Baekhyun being caring towards the dancer who got injured in one of the concert
Baekhyun as always being supportive towards a junior underrated group spectrum treating them nicely smiling at them and telling them how he knows them.
Baekhyun being sweetest to one of juniors offering them cider and making them feel comfortable. Another example of how he treats everyone with equality and love
Jaehyun gave Baekhyun flowers during Tempo encore and it got famous how he likes him and next we knew Baekhyun met him and clicked a selfie bc he is always super supportive to everyone
These are just examples of how much supportive Baekhyun is always towards underrated junior groups. Before fame Bts V mentioned Baekhyun once in interview and next we have is Baekhyun holding their albums and clicking a selfie with him and showing his support.
When everyone clowns cute concepts but here is Baekhyun saying that he wants EXO to try to do a song and choreography like Twice Cheer up bc he likes and enjoys it a lot... He is the biggest gg stan and genuinely likes gg choreograhies a lot
EXO played some games and were super tired so Sehun was giving all members water bottle but when he gave to Baekhyun instead of drinking it himself he opened it and gave it back to Sehun so he can drink it first
Baekhyun wearing anti racism stuff
Baekhyun prepared pepero and handwritten letters for fans who attended his birthday
Baekhyun mopping the cafeteria floor of Hwangsimni-dong's child welfare facility care along with Jongin
Nct Jisung choosing Baekhyun as the person he wants to be and live like. He said that Baekhyun can easily make friends and he is easy to get along with. He wants Baekhyun's positive energy 🤧💕
Im 2017 fanwars were extreme and it was a big competition between EXO and Bts for gda daesang, EXO won that daesang and it was THEIR encore yet Baekhyun called Bts best and gave them a thumbs up. He also called EXOLs best trying to make peace btw fandoms.
Recently when at airport a child fans approached Baekhyun and just when guard was about to take action he turned around him and shook hands with him
Baekhyun taking stand for all kpop idols and their fans. He discussed how some people view idols and their fans also explained how fans are called disgusting names. He just wants people to treat everyone equally all hardworking idols and their fans deserve respect.
Baekhyun was asked about bts on his solo press conference (disrespectful btw) and instead of ignoring it he replied it by showing full support and praising them. His reply shows that how much he supports all artists nd genuinely gets happy on their success
It was Baekhyun's turn to drink water next and he was tired but he saw Chanyeol being breathless so he asked Kai to pass the water to Chanyeol first instead of him
When Lay sang a song and got sad that he didn't did well Baekhyun comforted him and encouraged him saying that he did really well and explaining him that how everyone liked it so much that they were looking at him with big eyes
Baekhyun asking a fan to wipe her sweat om him bc she was nervous
Kyungsoo (D.O) is one of member that doesn't really expresses much bc he is shy and has never said this about any member but for Baekhyun he gave him a surprise on his birthday party with fans and said all this without even anyone asking.
Tao saying how Baekhyun hoped him the most even tho he joined late and had language barriers too
Sehun has less lines in sing for you and he said once that he likes Baekhyun's line in sfy and next we know is Baekhyun gave Sehun his line for concert and even said that he wants Sehun to sing this line always now
When a reporter asked EXO about their collabs but didn't mentioned Xiumin so Baekhyun quickly took mic to remind them about him and also encouraged Xiumin to talk about it
During the show ending, BTOB Sungjae couldn't find his members so Baekhyun pulled him to stand with EXO for a while
He attended lotte sweet home charity house opening ceremony
Baekhyun has said this a lot of times on how negative comments also inspire him bc it makes him want to work even more hard until there is no negative comment. He just wants to spread love
A fan got prize and while leaving she suddenly hugged Baekhyun tho it was very sudden he still hugged her back smiling cutely and kept waving her until the end till she left with a biggest smile (EXO are usually not allowed to have hugs and all btw)
Everyone drags EXOLs bc EXO isn't that active but Baekhyun won't let anyone drag his babies. He knows everything going in fandom and he knows sm won't give them any schedule so he made a yt for us to share with us about his daily life.
I wanna add that Baekhyun's privacy was invaded a lot since rookie days till now so as much as he is super open and real with fans he is also protective about his private life but now with his yt he is showing many parts of his personal life which is HUGE
When Tao got injured and Baekhyun was continously beside him giving him chair, water and helping him walking throughout. There was a reason Tao said he misses Baekhyun most among members when he is China or among members he would choose him to marry
Baekhyun fell and was injured but as always kept a smile on his face and later went on ig to tell fans that they shouldn't worry as he is iron kyoong (his name taken cutely) 😭 he recently got injured badly again but still came on stage acting like he is fine and danced next day
Baekhyun asks fans this multiple times bc he cares a lot about their safety and knows how dangerous it can be at late night esp for women
EXO has sold millions of albums but when Jongdae was casually telling Baekhyun that they sold 300k album and are highest selling unit he gasped so loudly 🤧 he is so humble and precious, he was very thankful
A fan said that she won't be able to appear in the pic and Baekhyun quickly comforted her that she will be in it. He is always paying attention to others
baekhyun getting worried and upset because a fan was pulled hard in the standing area he kept telling fans to not push and step back for safety. He is always so caring he always does this
Stopping by in mid just to help fans pick their stuff
Recently a DJ from a radio show praised Baekhyun for being kind and friendly
Baekhyun went on a private vacation with his friends this year but ssngs leaked his flight tho he didn't said anything to fans who were around him and even asked them to stay safe from cars, he later came on twitter and called out the ssng selling infos
That ssng deactivated jsjs After this many fans blamed themselves, felt sad bc Baekhyun got stuck in that situation without any manager but he being the sweetest still comforted the fans saying it's not their fault. He always makes a clear difference between fans and ssngs
This just happened a day ago Baekhyun comforting a fan on how noone has any right to judge her or her looks
Adding Baekhyun taking care of environment. Baekhyun stopped using his favorite scrub but it wasn't good for environment, he always recycles and asks fans to do the same, he used reusable cups when he prepared drinks for fans and he has Earth as his wallpaper
He prepared 3 types of different drinks all days he promoted for fans who attended his pre-recordings
Baekhyun is one of most hardworking person ever he trained for just few months. He cried late nights in practice room bc he had to work double than rest bc of short trainee time, he still goes for vocal lessons 4 times a week bc he wanna do best
He didn't even knew what dance is but took extra trainings worked so hard and now is called as ACE and genius idol of kpop who is main vocalist, main dancer, sub rapper and one best performer while singing live amazingly. He is a super talented and angel
Lastly there is nothing Baekhyun can't do. He can sing, dance, rap, perform, design, model, act and do varieties and mcing too despite less training. He is one member who hasn't missed a single EXO schedule in 7 years despite injuries or illness. He is literally perfect tbh
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