1. Who is the #AlmatGroup and why are they involved in #BananaIsland 🍌🏝

Did you know that #Fuckerberg is involved in purchasing up the property here along w/ other #Rothschild owned sh*tbaggery❓
2. Let's take a look at these freaks 👇

🤔 #RockefellarGroup
🤔 #JPMorgan
🤔 #UnitedNations
🤔 #NavyShips
🤔 #MaritimeOperations

Nothing to see here folks...
Connect the dots.
4. Of course, #FakeNews C_A controlled CNN is promoting it
5. When I was working in enty, I heard talks about music and ent execs investing here. They told me that it would be the next stop for HW elite.... Now that doesn't sound suspicious at all now does it?
6. Let's see what country #BananaIsland is close to shall we?
7. How convenient: #SierraLeone

Read about the horrors that have taken place in this country here: https://www.nytimes.com/1999/02/14/magazine/sierra-leone-is-no-place-to-be-young.html

NO surprise that we find:

8. Photos of babies in Sierra Leone. No parents. Many children buried here. Decomposition leads to carbon based diamonds.

9. All going on while the #ElitePedophiles enjoy their "meals" on #BananaIsland
10. I wonder why they call it #BloodDiamonds ... 🤔 One of the poorest countries in the world, with all these diamonds.
How are diamonds made? There are a few processes.
12. Now watch this video (less than 15 min) in the tweet below. Thank you @Vitalintegrity for posting this (ignore part about Potus - the maker of the video is not up to speed. but the info is correct otherwise) 🤯

13. So the cabal is trafficking humans for sex, food and when they are done with the bodies, how are they disposing of them?

Simple solution: turn them into diamonds. Unreal. Video in #12 explains it all.

#Epstein is the #Keystone
14. All of these #Islands ... WHY ❓

Outside the jurisdiction of most countries.
WHY does #GiselleMaxwell related to all this?

Did you watch the video carefully in post #12 ❓
She has a #SubmarineLicense ❗️
WHY ❓❗️
15. I am convinced this is one of the reasons why Q says:


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